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Peaked Riding Hats
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  1. Charles Owen Leather Look Ayr8 With Piping (Over 55cm)
  2. Charles Owen H2000 Velvet Riding Hat
  3. Charles Owen Wool Palermo Polo Helmet (Over 55cm)
  4. Charles Owen Wool Palermo Polo Helmet (Upto 55cm)
  5. Charles Owen Leather Look Ayr8 With Piping (Upto 55cm)
  6. Charles Owen Young Riders Polo Helmet
  7. Whicker Ultimate Riding Hat Liners
  8. One K Helmets Defender Glitter Riding Hat
  9. Charles Owen Ayr8 Classic Helmet
  10. Charles Owen eLumen8 Microsuede Riding Hat
  11. Charles Owen eLumen8 Leather Look Riding Hat
  12. Charles Owen Sparkly YR8 Riding Hat
  13. Charles Owen Young Rider's Hat
  14. Charles Owen Ayr8 Microsuede Riding Hat
  15. Charles Owen Ayr8 Leather Look Riding Hat
  16. Charles Owen Fian Show Hat
  17. Charles Owen V8 Riding Helmet
  18. Charles Owen Yr8 Riding Hat
  19. Charles Owen Rider 2000 Velvet Hat
  20. Charles Owen The Rider
  21. Charles Owen Showjumper XP
  22. Charles Owen Hampton Velvet Show Hat
  23. Charles Owen Gr8 Helmet
  24. Charles Owen Wellington Professional
  25. Charles Owen Wellington Classic
  26. Charles Owen Ayrbrush
  27. Champion Junior CPX3000 Horse Riding Hat
  28. Champion Grand Prix Velvet Hat
  29. Champion CPX3000 Deluxe Riding Hat
  30. Champion Junior Air-Tech Adjustable Riding Hat
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 58

Set Descending Direction

Peaked & Velvet Riding Hat

A velvet riding hat (or otherwise known as a peaked riding hat) is a beautifully simplistic look when it comes to headwear. The velvet finish provides a classic finish to your horse riding outfit, whilst keeping you safe from accidents. Our velvet riding hats are perfect for the casual rider, they are extremely protective and strong; helping to keep you injury free.

The range of velvet riding hats offered are especially favoured when it comes to competitions, we offer a specialist selection of show riding hats. The selection of peaked riding hats on offer have come from some the UK's leading equestrian brands and are the best velvet riding helmets available today; we also specialise in children's riding hats.

Champion riding hats, as well as headwear from Charles Owen, are particularly popular due to their inspired designs, comfort and levels of protection. At Online for Equine we only stock the very best peaked riding hats to ensure your riding experiences are as safe as possible. If you are looking for protection when racing, please see our jockey hat and helmet range.

Having the right hat for riding is extremely important for all riders, getting the wrong size, fit or style may cause problems later on. At Online for Equine we have a number of different collections of headwear in addition to velvet riding hats.