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Children's Riding Hats
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  1. Charles Owen Leather Look Ayr8 With Piping (Over 55cm)
  2. Charles Owen H2000 Velvet Riding Hat
  3. Charles Owen Wool Palermo Polo Helmet (Over 55cm)
  4. Charles Owen Wool Palermo Polo Helmet (Upto 55cm)
  5. Charles Owen Leather Look Ayr8 With Piping (Upto 55cm)
  6. Charles Owen Young Riders Polo Helmet
  7. Whicker Ultimate Riding Hat Liners
  8. One K Helmets Defender Glitter Riding Hat
  9. Shires Junior Skull Cap
  10. Harry Hall Legend Junior PAS015 Skull Hat
  11. Harry Hall Junior PAS015 Riding Hat
  12. Charles Owen Ayr8 Classic Helmet
  13. Charles Owen eLumen8 Leather Look Riding Hat
  14. Charles Owen Pro 2 Skull
  15. Charles Owen Sparkly YR8 Riding Hat
  16. Charles Owen Young Rider's Hat
  17. Charles Owen Ayr8 Microsuede Riding Hat
  18. Charles Owen Ayr8 Leather Look Riding Hat
  19. Charles Owen Fian Show Hat
  20. Charles Owen V8 Riding Helmet
  21. Charles Owen 4 Star
  22. Charles Owen Young Rider Jockey Skull
  23. Charles Owen Yr8 Riding Hat
  24. Charles Owen Ultralite Euro
  25. Charles Owen Competitor
  26. Charles Owen APM
  27. Charles Owen J3
  28. Charles Owen Rider 2000 Velvet Hat
  29. Charles Owen The Rider
  30. Charles Owen Showjumper XP
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 49

Set Descending Direction

Children's Riding Hats

Riding a horse is a joy for everyone to experience and more and more children are getting on the saddle. Although this is something they will undoubtedly love, it does come with some risks. Children's horse riding helmets are vital for any young riders. Horse riding can be dangerous for adults and those dangers and risks are even more present when a child is riding.

We offer a wide selection of different children's riding hats in various styles and designs so whether you are specifically looking for a boys or girls horse riding helmet, Online for Equine is the place to look; we offer many different styles of riding hat, including: velvet riding hats and skull riding hats.

Unlike an adult rider, a child may not have full control of their body's balance and strength so they even more prone to falling off or having a number of small incidents, getting a kid's horse riding helmet can lessen the impact and damage from a number of bumps and falls.

All of the helmets in our children's riding helmet collection are strong and protective, providing comfort to your child as they take their first steps on a horse. Our horse riding helmet range include both boys and girls riding hats from some of the UK's top equestrian brands, including Champion and Charles Owen.