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  1. Sprenger Ultra Fit Extra Grip
  2. Shires Children's Leather Spur Straps
  3. Shires Black Plaited Nylon Spur Straps
  4. Shires Elastic Jodhpur Clips
  5. Cottage Craft Spur Straps
  6. Sprenger 40mm Neck Spurs With Rowel
  7. Shires Spur/Strap Pack
  8. Shires Prince of Wales Spurs
  9. Cottage Craft Prince of Wales Spur & Strap Pack
  10. Sprenger Plaited Perlon Spur Strap
  11. Shires Adults Leather Spur Straps
  12. JHL Nylon Spur Straps
  13. JHL Leather Spur Straps
  14. Mark Todd Patent Leather Spur Straps With Diamante Buckles
  15. Mark Todd Leather Spur Straps with Contrast Stitching
  16. Sprenger Pony Spurs
  17. Sprenger Ultra Fit Horizontal Comfort Roller Spur
  18. Shires Childrens Ball End Spurs
  19. Shires Adults Ball End Spurs
  20. Shires Roller Ball Spurs
  21. Shires Plastic Roller Ball Spur
  22. Shires Comb Spurs
  23. Shires Rubber Covered Stainless Steel Spurs
  24. Mark Todd Roller Ball Spurs
  25. Mark Todd Stainless Steel Roller Ball Spurs
  26. Sprenger Mens Rounded Spurs
  27. Sprenger Ultra Fit Vertical Comfort Roller Spurs
  28. Sprenger Ultra Fit Spurs
  29. Sprenger Men's Blunt Spurs
  30. Sprenger Blunt End Spurs
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 36

Set Descending Direction

Horse Riding Spurs & Spur Straps

Horse spurs are a useful piece of equestrian equipment applied once the horse has become very familiar and obedient to their rider's leg aid. Often seen as an archaic, old device used by riders of the past, horse spurs serve a good purpose in the today's equestrian world. Attached to the boot with a horse spur strap, spurs are used to usually direct your horse in continuing forward or laterally when riding. They are considered (alongside bits, whips and crops) to be an artificial riding aid, refining the natural riding aids, the leg, hands, seat and voice (the leg in particular).

Spurs are not designed to be a form of punishment, despite any negative connotation spurs may have, they have been used by riders throughout history. Not all competitions or disciplines will allow the use of spurs, particularly rowel spurs. It is always best to check beforehand to ensure you are permitted to use spurs in your respective discipline.

If you have any questions about horse riding spurs or the horse spur straps that keep them on, please feel free to call a member of a sales team who will do their best to help and answer any concerns or queries you may have about equestrian spurs.