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Curvy Rider Clothing
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  1. Shires Wessex Four Pocket Ladies Jodhpurs
  2. Shires Ladies Sleeveless Tie Shirt
  3. Equetech Empire Breeches
  4. Equetech Cosy Pull-On Jodhpurs
  5. Equetech Prima Jodhpurs
  6. Equetech Grip Seat Breeches
  7. Equetech Ladies Foxhunter Shirt
  8. Equetech 3-In-1 Trilogy Jacket
  9. Equetech Chartridge Waterproof Parker Jacket
  10. Equetech Women's Hambleden Tweed Waistcoat
  11. Equetech Women's Marlow Tweed Lead-Rein Jacket
  12. Equetech Women's Marlow Deluxe Tweed Lapel Waistcoat
  13. Equetech Women's Marlow Deluxe Tweed Riding Jacket
  14. Equetech Women's Jersey Competition Jacket
  15. Equetech Claydon Tweed Riding Jacket
  16. Equetech Wheatley Tweed Lapel Waistcoat
  17. Equetech Wheatley Deluxe Tweed Riding Jacket
  18. Equetech Airflow Anti-Bounce Bra
  19. Equetech Flexion Stretch Show Shirt
  20. Equetech Hexatec Sleeveless Show Shirt
  21. Equetech Hexatec Capped Sleeve Show Shirt
  22. Equetech ComfyRumps
  23. Equetech Frilly Show Shirt
  24. Equetech Jacquard Classic Waistcoat
  25. Equetech Support Top
  26. Shires Ladies Sleeveless Stock Shirt
  27. Shires Ladies Thermal Hunting Shirt
  28. Shires Ladies Hunting Shirt
  29. Shires Ladies Long Sleeve Tie Shirt
  30. Shires Ladies Short Sleeve Tie Shirt
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 42

Set Descending Direction

We have a wide range of Curvy Rider Clothing available to you going from sizes UK 18 and above. Brands such as Equetech & Toggi are key suppliers for plus sized clothing, from show jackets and shirts, to your casual jodhpurs and breeches. We sre bound to have the size and style you are looking for. 

Any other questions or queries in regards to any of the products on offer here at Online for Equine, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.