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  1. Charles Owen Kontakt 5 Body Protector
  2. Racesafe Provent Shoulder Pads
  3. Just Togs Adult Maxi Flex Pro Body Protector
  4. Harry Hall Adults Zeus Body Protector
  5. Harry Hall Childs Zeus Body Protector
  6. Airowear Ladies AirMesh Body Protector
  7. Airowear Teen AirMesh Body Protector
  8. Airowear AyrVest  with Advanced UltraFlex Technology
  9. Airowear AyrVest  with Flexion Technology
  10. Airowear Reiver 010 Childs Body Protector
  11. Airowear Reiver 010 Adults Body Protector
  12. Airowear Outlyne Ladies Body Protector
  13. Airowear Hickstead Show Jumping Body Protector
  14. Airowear Junior Showjumping Outlyne Child's Body Protector
  15. Airowear Showjumping Outlyne Teen Girls Body Protector
  16. Airowear Ladies Showjumping Outlyne Body Protector
  17. Airowear Men's Outlyne Body Protector
  18. Airowear Outlyne Teen Girls Body Protector
  19. Airowear Junior Outlyne Child's Body Protector
  20. Airowear Body Base Pro Shoulder Protection Pads
  21. Airowear Body Base Pro Shoulder Protection System Shirt
  22. Airowear Body Base Sport
  23. Airowear Showjumping Outlyne Shoulder Protectors
  24. Airowear Outlyne Shoulder Protectors
  25. Airowear Medical Armband
  26. Airowear Airshell Inflatable Gilet
  27. Champion Titanium Adults Ti22 Body Protector
  28. Champion Titanium Childrens Ti22 Body Protector
  29. Racesafe Provent Adults 3.0 Body Protector
  30. Racesafe Provent Childs 3.0 Body Protector
Grid List

30 Items

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Horse Riding Body Protector

Horse riding body protectors are vital for all riders. Although we all love riding our horse, it does come with potential risk. A riding accident can occur at any point, it is because of this that riding is considered one of the most dangerous sports and leisurely activities. For this reason, it is important to remain as safe as possible at all times, an equestrian body protector is one of the best ways to provide protection. Online for Equine offer an extensive collection of body protectors for horse riding for people of all ages and sizes.

Why Horse Riding Body Protectors Are Important

Equestrian body protectors are extremely important for those who take riding seriously, unlike horse riding helmets, riding body protectors protect your physical body as oppose to just your head; obviously head protection is also extremely important. A body protector will cover your entire torso and back, protecting your ribs and internal organs from harm should you experience a fall.

A good body protector, like the ones on offer from Online for Equine, will absorb some of the impact in the case of an accident or fall, reducing the damage done to your body. Equestrian body protectors have become such an important item to riding that they are often considered a requirement when riding in with clubs, as these excursions are usually cross country – however we recommend wearing a riding body protector every time you go out with your horse as accidents and falls can happen at any time. We offer both adults body protectors and children's body protectors as riding horses is a thrill for people of all ages.

We offer body protectors for horse riding from the best equestrian brands, our Airowear body protectors are extremely popular, but we also stock favourites Charles Owen and Champion body protectors.