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  1. Kennelmate Slip Lead

    The Kennelmate Rope Slip Lead is ideal for those who like traditional design with ease of use. As the name suggests the lead is merely slipped on and off making it ideal for use on walks when the dog is released from the lead for short periods.

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  2. Digby & Fox Rolled Leather Training Lead

    The Digby & Fox Rolled Leather Training Lead is a multi-functional, double ended lead with two brass swivel trigger clips. Made from super soft leather with a padded handle, this lead is designed to be durable and comfortable, as well as matching the Rolled Leather Dog Collars. Brass fittings give this lead an elegant finish. It's ideal for either training or for using with two dogs. It comes complete with a die cast Digby & Fox tag.

    Available in range of colours; one size.

    180cm length.

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  3. Digby & Fox Reflective Training Lead

    The Digby & Fox Reflective Training Lead is versatile and ideal for training dogs. It features trigger swivel clips at either end which allows adjustable length, hands free use and the option the use with two dogs. This reflective training lead matches the Digby & Fox Reflective Collars, woven with reflective fibres for better visibility.

    180cm length

    Available in Black, Blue, Red, Orange and Purple; One Size

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Dogs love to play and its a great way to bond with your dog. Toys are also a good stimulus for your dog and keeps them entertained. It is important to remember that when purchasing dog toys that they are not too small so that they can't be swallowed and when buying chewable toys check for safety precautions. Also once a toy has been damaged or chewed it is important that it is replaced, to prevent injury to your dog. Here at Online for Equine we stock of training accessories and toys to keeep your dog amused and happy. These are all from the brands Ancol and Kennelmate.