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  1. Freestep K9 Calming Spray

    The Freestep K9 Calming Spray helps to maintain an even temperament and good behaviour for dogs which are excitable, easily distracted or anxious. 

    Mist heavily and gently rub into the neck area, the closer to the ears the better - wait for results in under 20 minutes.
    Freestep K9 Calming Spray is over 4 times faster acting than any other magnesium calmer on the market, with the closest comparison being 90 minutes. Transdermal application is the fastest way to deliver magnesium into the tissues/blood and on to the brain.

    Available in 300ml and 500ml.

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  2. WeatherBeeta Dry-Dog Bag

    RRP £36.99

    From: £26.09

    The WeatherBeeta Dry-Dog Bag is a towelling fleece dog bag, ideal for after a muddy walk; with a zip along the back seam, this Dry-Dog Bag is designed to leave your car or home free of muddy paw prints! 

    This Dry Bag will also help to dry your dog after a walk or a bath.

    Available in Navy, Hunter Green and Red; size 2XSmall - 3XLarge

    Please scroll through the image roll to find the size guide.

    Sizes are actual - for your dog's comfort, it may be best to choose one size bigger than the guide.

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It is important to keep your dogs coat healthy and knot free by regular grooming and clipping. Dogs with longer coats are prone to matting and regular grooming can help reduce the risk of causing damage to the skin associated with knot removal. Regular grooming of your dog not only helps you to keep his coat healthy but also helps you to develop a stronger bond with your four legged friend. Dog grooming is also the perfect opportunity to check your dogs coat for fleas, ticks and any dermatitis.