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  1. Digby & Fox Dog Towel Bag
    From: £15.99

    The Digby & Fox Dog Towel Bag is ideal after a wet and muddy walk or to dry off after a bath. This towel bag is made from highly absorbant material to dry your dog quickly - zip your dog in to quickly dry his coat and paws. This towel bag opens on two sides for easy use, with zip pull and touch close fastening.

    Available in Navy; size XX Small - XX Large

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  2. Digby & Fox Dog Towel

    The Digby & Fox Dog Towel is a highly absorbant towel to help dry your dog quickly after a bath or a wet walk. It's ideal for drying off paws and coats, as well as keeping your dog warm.

    Available in Navy; one size - 90 x 63cm

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  3. WeatherBeeta Dog Towel

    RRP £8.99

    From: £8.09

    The WeatherBeeta Dog Towel is a lightweight, highly-absorbent towel made from hydrophilic fleece material. This towel is perfect for rubbing your dog down after a walk or bath and is quick-drying. 

    Available in Small or Large in Blue.

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  4. Scotch Brite Lint Hair Roller

    The Scotch Brite Lint Hair Roller is ideal for removing hairs and dust from your competition wear.

    Supplied in 9.1m length.

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  5. CLIX Universal Seatbelt Restraint

    The CLIX Universal Seatbelt Restraint is the perfect solution when travelling with your dog, allowing you to secure your four-legged friend quickly and safely. This simple strap has a trigger clip on one end to attach to your dog's harness, with the other end plugging into the existing seatbelt socket. The strong material strap is fully adjustable to ensure a good fit for different breeds of dog - this strap can be lengthened from 50 - 75cm. If a longer length is required for particularly big dogs, the seatbelt can be threaded through the adjustment loop.

    These seatbelt restraints come with a free travel guide.

    This seatbelt restraint should only be used in conjuction with a correctly-fitting body harness and not with a regular neck collar.

    Please note that we cannot guarantee this item will fit every car.

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  6. Dog Advent Calendar

    Treat your best friend to his own doggy advent calendar this Christmas! This advent calendar contains delicious carob flavoured treats which are great for sharing as each treat is breakable into four smaller treats.

    Also available as a puppy version.

    Contains 24 treats.

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  7. WeatherBeeta Dry-Dog Bag

    RRP £36.99

    From: £29.69

    The WeatherBeeta Dry-Dog Bag is a towelling fleece dog bag, ideal for after a muddy walk; with a zip along the back seam, this Dry-Dog Bag is designed to leave your car or home free of muddy paw prints! 

    This Dry Bag will also help to dry your dog after a walk or a bath.

    Available in Navy, Hunter Green and Red; size 2XSmall - 3XLarge

    Please scroll through the image roll to find the size guide.

    Sizes are actual - for your dog's comfort, it may be best to choose one size bigger than the guide.

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Online for Equine offer those 'little' accessories from poo bags to a lint roller for dog owners to remove dog hairs from clothing! These products are from Ancol and are at affordable prices. These products are the useful ones, that everyone should keep especially now that every dog owner has a legal responsibility to remove dog faeces from pavements, parks, etc to avoid being fined, so doggy poo bags will come in handy!. Every dog owner will also know that dog hairs do get everywhere, so those handy lint roller will also come in handy!.