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10 products

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  1. Shires Tempest Original Stable Sheet

    RRP £38.99

    From: £32.29

    The Shires Tempest Original Stable Sheet is a versatile, breathable sheet with excellect wicking properties - use after exercise as a cooler, for keeping your horse clean in the stable, for travelling or in colder months as an additional layer. This durable close weave summer sheet with polyester lining also helps to shine the coat, making it a great choice for a show sheet. 

    The sheet is held in place with double front clips, adjustable cross surcingles and a fillet string.

    Machine washable



    Available in Navy, sizes 4'6 - 7'0; Blue Check and Navy Check, sizes 5'0 - 7'0

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  2. Mark Todd Cotton Sheet

    RRP £57.98

    From: £44.64

    The Mark Todd Cotton Sheet with no fill is a practical and adaptable addition to any horses wardrobe. This sheet can be used underneath rugs for extra warmth, for travelling or generally for keeping the horse clean when stabled. It's also smart enough to use as a show sheet. This cotton sheet is breathable and comfortable, featuring darts at the shoulder for an enhanced fit and fleece wither protection, The sheet fastens with adjustable low cross surcingles, single front buckle and filet string.

    Available in Navy/White; 5ft 6" - 7ft 0"

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  3. JHL Cotton Sheet

    The Jumpers Horse Line Cotton Sheet is a good-quality, smart and versatile sheet suitable for a wide variety of uses including travelling, as a show sheet or as a summer stable sheet. Made with a cotton outer/inner this sheet is comfortable and breathable. 

    Featuring adjustable cross surcingles, single buckle front and fillet string for ease of use; darts at the shoulders and hips, and fleece wither protection enhance comfort.

    Available Navy/Burgundy; 5ft 6" - 7ft

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  4. Horseware Rambo Ionic Stable Sheet

    RRP £119.95

    From: £107.68

    The Horseware Ireland Rambo Ionic® Stable Sheet is a durable and highly-wicking rug printed with Rambo Ionic® technology, ideal for use while travelling, in the stable and before/after exercise to promote preparation, recovery and well-being. The Rambo Ionic® Stable Sheet features double front closure, cross surcingles, a fillet string and leg arches for freedom of movement.

    Rambo Ionic® technology uses the power of tourmaline - a naturally occuring crystal which, when ground down to powder form, releases an electric charge which converts the surrounding air molecules to negative ions. These negative ions are absorbed by the body and impact the size of the water molecules in the body's blood stream. This allows the water molecules to flow faster through the body, therefore bringing increased oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. 

    Rambo Ionic® Technology has many benefits which include:

    - encouraging circulation

    - stimulating metabolism

    - increased oxygen delivery to cells and tissue

    - restores pH balance

    - restores blood pressure

    - promotes calmness and wellbeing

    Available Black/Black with Orange Stripe; sizes 3'9 - 7'3

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  5. WeatherBeeta Standard Neck Cotton Sheet

    RRP £52.99

    From: £47.69

    The WeatherBeeta Standard Neck Cotton Sheet is a durable and useful sheet which is ideal for keeping your horse clean while stabled in warmer temperatures. A cotton sheet is also useful in the winter as an easy-to-wash layer beneath your other rugs. This WeatherBeeta Cotton Sheet features nylon lined shoulders to prevent rubbing and stretching. It's secured with adjustable twin front buckles, low cross surcingles and a tail cord.

    Available in Navy/Red/White; sizes 5'0 - 7'0

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  6. Horseware Ireland Amigo Stable Sheet

    The Horseware Ireland Amigo Stable Sheet is an incredibly versatile rug which acts as a stable sheet, cooler or a travel rug. With moisture management technology to keep your horse dry, this rug has a stylish, classic cut design for a smart look. Secured with double front closures, cross surcingles and a fillet string. This rug is perfect for keeping your horse comfortable and clean when in the stable or travelling.

    Available in Navy/Silver, Atlantic Blue/Ivory, Excalibur/Orange or Red/White; 5ft 6" - 7ft 0"

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  7. Mark Todd Universal Sheet

    RRP £62.98

    From: £48.56

    The Mark Todd Universal Sheet is a 600D multi-use sheet with a cotton lining, ideal for travelling, shows and for keeping your horse clean during mild temperatures. This smart sheet features contrast binding and Mark Todd branding. The re-inforced, anti-rub shoulders keep your horse comfortable. This rug is suitable for use on horses with sensitive skin.

    This Universal Sheet is secured with adjustable double front buckles, ajustable low cross surcingles and a fillet string, preventing the rug from slipping and moving.


    Available in Navy/White; sizes 5'6 - 7'0


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  8. Masta Cotton Summer Sheet

    The Masta Summer Rug is the perfect rug for your horse this summer. This rug features 600 denier rip stop polyester outer, twin front fastenings, low cross surcingles, leg straps, tail flap with loop for secure fit, anti-rub at chest and neck and an ergonomic neck design which allows your horse to graze whilst the neck stays in place. This rug is great for keeping the horse clean and for stopping the sun from bleaching dark coats. The rug is white to reflect sunlight and keep darker coloured horses cool.

    Available in White Check; 4ft 6" - 7ft 6"

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  9. Bucas Shamrock Power Multi Functional Combo Neck Rug

    RRP £108.00

    From: £80.99

    The Shamrock Power is an ideal multi-functional rug. It performs superbly as a sweat rug, travel rug and light stable rug. It is manufactured using two layers of Bucas Stay-dry fabric. The unique Stay-dry functionality saves time and rug changes and ensures that the horse is always comfortable. The anti-bacterial lining helps to keep the rug fresh and in good condition.

    The Shamrock Power is available in two versions, classic cut and full neck and is machine washable.

    The full neck version is only available in Black/SIlver.

    • Dual-layer Stay-dry fabric for maximum strength and wicking capacity
    • Stay-dry lining wicks moisture away and ensures that the horse is always dry
    • Anti-bacterial lining to protect your horse and keep the rug fresh
    • Low friction outer finish minimises the amount of bedding material from sticking
    • Padded Front area provides additional comfort and protects from front strap and fasteners
    • Shoulder darts for extra shoulder room and a perfect fit
    • Internal Elastic surcingles to keep the rug in place
    • Fillet String included

    Available in Black/Silver; 5ft 0" - 7ft 0"

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Stable Sheets 

Stable sheets for horses are useful and versatile rugs which can be used for travelling, as a show rug or to dry off after exercise as well as for keeping your horse clean while stabled. They are also useful to use as an additional layer beneath winter rugs for added warmth and as an easy-clean layer against the horse’s skin.  

Look for a breathable stable sheet with wicking properties which will ensure your horse stays dry and comfortable. Many also have a shine-enhancing liner to help enhance your horse’s coat. Using a stable sheet to keep your horse clean will save time spent on grooming and bathing, allowing you to have more time to ride!