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  1. Shires Blenheim Leather Travel Headcollar

    RRP £45.99

    From: £37.00

    The Shires Blenheim Leather Travel Headcollar is a smart, cushioned leather headcollar featuring generous padding to the headpiece and noseband, making it an ideal choice for travelling and show wear. This leather headcollar is adjustable on both sides of the headpiece with a crank style noseband and clip-on throatlash. Features quality brass fittings.

    Available in Black and Havana; sizes Pony, Cob, Full and Extra Full

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  2. Acavallo Tail Bandages

    RRP £36.95

    From: £35.10

    This amazing new Gel bandage is really a cross between a tail bandage and a tail guard. The super strong gel offers the protection of a guard absorbing any pressure if the horse sits on or rubs tail during transit but at the same time the sticky nature of the gel ensures the bandage never slips keeping the tail in perfect shape. The bandage is available in black and comes with a strong velcro strap

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  3. Le Mieux Tail Bandages

    The Le Mieux Tail Bandage is a durable bandage ideal for protecting your horse's tail against rubbing while travelling or keeping the tail clean and tidy, encourage the hairs to lie flat after it's been washed. Even stretch retention eliminates any worry of you over-tightening the bandage. 

    Tie closure.

    Available in a range of colours; one size.

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  4. Le Mieux Tail Guard with Bag

    RRP £26.50

    From: £25.18

    The Le Mieux Tail Guard with Bag is a protective Airprene Tail Guard is shaped to fit comfortably and snugly beneath the dock to prevent rubbing or irritation. Three elasticated fastenings give a secure grip and prevent the tail guard from slipping down. This tail guard comes with a detachable waterproof tail bag to keep your horse's tail smart and clean - ideal when travelling to a competition.

    Available in Black or Brown; size Large. 

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  5. Woof Wear Travel Boots (Set of 4)

    RRP £66.00

    From: £59.00

    Woof Wear Travel Boots offer premium protection when your horse is on the horse box or trailer, combine high specification materials with a wrap-around system which gives increased protection to the entire lower leg, from the knee or hock joint down to the heel. Featuring a 600 denier ripstop outer, these travel boots are durable and will stand up to regular wear. Hard PP hoof guards protect the hoof capsule and heel from damage should the horse kick out or stand on himself. The high density foam inner cushions the boot during impact for superior protection. The comfortable wicking fleece liner is breathable to keep the horse's legs at a comfotale temperature. 

    Available in black or navy; sizes Pony, Cob, Full & Heavy Hunter - please see the size guide for further sizing information.

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  6. Woof Wear Tail Bag

    The Woof Wear Tail Bag is practical, water resistant tail bag designed to keep your horse's tail clean and tangle-free whilst travelling or for showing/competing. Quick to put on and easy to clean, this nylon tail bag will save you time and effort! An adjustable flap at the bottom allows the tail to either hang freely or be fully enclosed. 

    The Woof Wear Tail Bag must be attached to the Woof Wear Tail Guard.

    Available in black or navy.

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  7. Hy Foam Leg Pads

    Online for Equine offer Hy Leg Pads.

    Hy Leg Pads are used under bandages to give the extra protection your horses legs need and to prevent pressure points. The foam filling acts as a shock absorber to help prevent damage. They are also great for use when travelling.

    Sold in sets of 4.

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  8. Shires Arma Tail Guard with Detachable Tail Bag

    RRP £17.50

    From: £15.74

    This neoprene tail guard protects the dock from injury whilst travelling or stabled. The addition of a detachable pull-through tail bag helps keep the tail tidy and clean. The tail guard features a rubberised inner lining and touch close fastenings to help keep the guard in place.

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  9. Shires Arma Padded Tail Guard with Bag

    RRP £12.50

    From: £11.25

    The Shires Arma Padded Tail Guard with Bag protects your horse’s tail while keeping it clean and tidy. The guard features touch close straps for a secure and comfortable fit.

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  10. Shires Blenheim Cushioned Leather Headcollar

    RRP £39.99

    From: £35.99

    This luxuriously padded Shires Blenheim Cushioned Leather Headcollar is designed with wide, pressure-relieving padded sections across the poll and nose, in soft and supple leather for complete comfort. This headcollar is an ideal choice when travelling. It is fully adjustable on both sides of the head, a crank noseband to prevent pinching and a clip on rolled throatlash. Complete with brass fittings.

    Available in Black and Havana; sizes Cob, Full and Extra Full

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  11. Shires Arma Neoprene Travel Tail Guard

    RRP £13.99

    From: £12.59

    Online for Equine offer the Shires Neoprene Tail Guard.

    The Shires Neoprene Tail Guard is a practical water resistant guard manufactured from soft, flexible neoprene. Tail guards are designed to protect from above top of the tail right to the end of the dock helping to protect the coccygeal vertebrae and the tail hair.

    This tail guard from Shires is features a plush outer allowing for unlimited strap adjustment helping you to achieve the perfect, comfortable fit for your horse.

    The Shires Neoprene Tail Guard has 5 adjustable touch & close straps to ensure a snug fit.

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  12. Uvex Helmet Bag

    The Uvex Helmet Bag is a stylish and protective way of storing or transporting your helmet. This helmet bag is shaped to perfectly accommodate your Uvex Helmet Bag. The secure zip and two carry handles makes this helmet bag simple to transport.

    Available in Black or Black/Brown.

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  13. Mark Todd Travel Boots

    RRP £66.98

    From: £53.58

    The Mark Todd travel boots offer maximum protection for your horse's legs while travelling. Made from hard wearing cordura nylon outer with dirt repelling rip-stop nylon lining, the boots are quick and easy to use with three wide hook and loop straps. They also have built-in scuff plates around the base to prevent the fabric from fraying and also help prevent injury to the coronet band.

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  14. Mark Todd Tail Guard with Bag

    A cordura nylon tail guard with bag detaches with a hook and loop fastening. It also features a padded lining, 4 elasticated hook and loop straps and a shaped top to help protect the dock. The nylon bag is detachable so the tail guard can be used separately.

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  15. Mark Todd Tail Guard

    Made from hard wearing cordura nylon outer with a padded lining, these tail guards are quick and easy to use with several hook and loop straps running down the length of the guard, the top two being elasticated for a snug fit.

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Travelling in a small confined trailer or lorry drastically restricts the natural behaviour of the horse. As a prey animal, horses have evolved to avoid claustrophobic spaces which may result in them becoming injured or separated from the heard; this is why horses frequently injure themselves or their handlers whilst loading or during transit and why we hear so often that a horse is reluctant to load. Online for Equine offer a variety of travel protection for horses to ensure that they are well protected at all times whether it is whilst loading or during transport. We offer tail protection from Woof Wear to help protect the delicate dock from rubbing and to prevent tail hair from becoming caught on the trailer. We offer a wide range of horse travel boots which protect the legs from bruising and concussion. These horse travel boots also provide support and prevent the horse from developing grazes should he lose his footing during transit. Hock boots are also frequently employed for use underneath travel boots to ensure that the horse does not sustain concussive injury should he knock his hind legs on the side of the trailer. Here at Online for Equine we offer a wide range of horse wear and equipment from superb brands such as Woof Wear, Shires & Masta to ensure your horse is well protected at all times.