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  1. Le Mieux Bionic Stud Wrench

    RRP £24.50

    From: £23.28

    The Le Mieux Bionix Stud Wrench is easy to use. It adjusts easily to all shapes of stud by squeezing and turning and it distirubutes even force on all sides of the stud. This wrench will not slip, strip or round-off studs. It's also easy on your hands and knuckles, with a comfortable grip.

    The Bionic Stud Wrench is also corrosion resistant.

    Lifetimes warranty is offered with this product.

    Available in One Size (8") in Black only.

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  2. Lincoln Stud Kit

    The Lincoln Stud Kit is the ideal starter kit for anyone who competes using studs.

    The stud kit contains 8 x small studs, 8 x large studs, 8 x set screws, 1 x hexagon key bit, 1 x t-tap (3/8"), 1 x hoof cleaner and 10 x rubber stud hole stops.

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  3. Shires Spanner Tee Top

    RRP £5.25

    From: £4.73

    Makes easy work of cleaning out stud holes. 145mm long. Stainless steel.

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  4. Shires Stud Kit

    RRP £28.99

    From: £24.74

    Practical stud kit with a selection of studs, spanner, and other useful tools in a handy carrying box.

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  5. Le Mieux Safety Stud Tap

    RRP £16.96

    From: £16.11

    The Le Mieux Safety Stud Tap is a high quality stud tap with a specially designed, low profile moulded rubber top which gives a secure and easy-to-grip surface in wet and dry conditions. This efficient stud tap eliminates cross threading, refurbishes damaged threads and leaves a clean threaded stud hole. The short tap thread ensures safety if the horse was to suddenly put its foot down. This stud tap is a convenient size and is available in red and blue to ensure it can't be mislaid. An essential for your stud kit!

    Available in Black, Red and Blue.

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  6. Le Mieux Stud Plugz

    RRP £7.96

    From: £7.56

    The Le Mieux Stud Plugz are convenient and useful rubber plugs for keeping your stud holes and threads clean, protecting from stones and dirt. They also preserve threads between use. A small hole in the centre allows you to use a horseshoe nail for easy removal, while the bright colouring ensures they aren't misplaced.

    Available in Blue, Orange or Pink; pack of 60pcs.

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  7. Liveryman Studs Pointed (5 Pack)

    The Liveryman Pointed Studs are ideal for hard ground and come in a pack of 5. 

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  8. Liveryman Studs Domed (5 Pack)

    The Liveryman Domed Studs are ideal for very wet and loose ground. Comes in a pack of 5.

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  9. Liveryman Studs Road (5 Pack)

    The Liveryman Road Studs are ideal for road work, hacking and hunting; sold in packs of 5.

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  10. Liveryman Studs Large (5 Pack)

    The Liveryman Large Studs are ideal for use on loose ground; comes in packs of 5.

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  11. Liveryman Studs Standard (Pack of 5)

    The Liveryman Standard Studs give improved grip on good ground. Comes in packs of 5.

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  12. Liveryman Rubber Stud Plugs (20 Pack)

    Liveryman Rubber Stud Plugs are ideal for packing out stud holes when not in use to keep the treads clean and to save time when putting in studs when needed.

    Available in packs of 20.

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  13. Liveryman Stud Tap & Spanner

    The Liveryman Stud Tap & Spanner includes a 3/8" tap and a removable spanner which is suitable for use with all studs.

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  14. Liveryman Stud Cleaning Tap

    The Liveryman Stud Cleaning Tap is the ideal tool for cleaning out the threads before studding up.

    Available in 3/8" or 5/16"

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  15. Liveryman Cotton Stud Plugs (50 Pack)

    Liveryman Cotton Stud Plugs are ideal for packing out stud holes when not in use to keep the treads clean and to save time when putting in studs when needed.

    Available in packs of 50.

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  16. Shires Studs For Soft Deep, Wet, Boggy Ground (14mm)

    RRP £5.99

    From: £5.39

    Square metal studs for maximum grip, ideal for use on wet, deep, boggy ground. Carbon steel with tungsten carbides tip to improve traction and reduce wear. 14mm

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  17. Shires Studs For Road Work/Firm Ground (6mm)

    RRP £5.50

    From: £4.95

    Designed for road surfaces and firm, dry ground. Carbon steel with tungsten carbides tip to improve traction and reduce wear. 6mm

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  18. Shires Studs For Soft Ground (12mm)

    RRP £5.50

    From: £4.95

    Metal studs designed for soft ground such as well watered grass arenas or loose sand surfaces. Carbon steel with tungsten carbides tip to improve traction and reduce wear. 12mm

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  19. Shires Pointed Cross Country Studs

    RRP £5.99

    From: £5.39

    Studs designed with a point making them ideal for varying terrain, ie Cross country courses when the going is difficult to gauge. Pointed jumping studs provide grip when needed.

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  20. Shires Wire Stud Brush and Pick

    RRP £3.25

    From: £2.93

    This useful tool features a wire brush at one end and a pic at the other for easy cleaning of stud holes. Comfortable shaped wooden handle.

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Here at Online for Equine we offer a wide range of horse studs that can be used for all equestrian disciplines. Horse studs are designed to act as a slip preventative during high speed or frequent turning sports such as eventing and showjumping. Studs are fitted to horse's shoes and can offer a true competitive edge in high speed work. When it comes to selecting your horse studs you should always discuss your requirements with your farrier and should take into consideration the type of surface you will be riding on. Post competition, studs should be removed using a stud tap and stud holes should be cleaned and packed until the next competition. Online for Equine stock a full range of studs from brands such as Mark Todd, Lincoln and Shires. We also offer frog supports and pads for instant relief in laminitic horses.