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56 products

56 products

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  1. Le Mieux Tail Guard with Bag

    RRP £26.50

    From: £25.17

    The Le Mieux Tail Guard with Bag is a protective Airprene Tail Guard is shaped to fit comfortably and snugly beneath the dock to prevent rubbing or irritation. Three elasticated fastenings give a secure grip and prevent the tail guard from slipping down. This tail guard comes with a detachable waterproof tail bag to keep your horse's tail smart and clean - ideal when travelling to a competition.

    Available in Black or Brown; size Large. 

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  2. Le Mieux Bionic Stud Wrench

    RRP £24.50

    From: £23.28

    The Le Mieux Bionix Stud Wrench is easy to use. It adjusts easily to all shapes of stud by squeezing and turning and it distirubutes even force on all sides of the stud. This wrench will not slip, strip or round-off studs. It's also easy on your hands and knuckles, with a comfortable grip.

    The Bionic Stud Wrench is also corrosion resistant.

    Lifetimes warranty is offered with this product.

    Available in One Size (8") in Black only.

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  3. Woof Wear Poll Guard

    The Woof Wear Poll Guard protects the horse's head whilst in transit or when stabled. Ideal for taller horses, those likely to rear or uncertain travellers, this poll guard offers high levels of impact protection against injury to the delicate poll area. It's made from thermoformed EVA padding and has been ergonomically designed for a close, comfortable fit. It also attaches easily to the headcollar. 

    Easy to clean - wipe over with a damp cloth.

    Available in black; one size (Medium/Large)

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  4. Woof Wear Reflective Club Brushing Boot

    RRP £31.00

    From: £25.08

    The Woof Wear Reflective Club Brushing Boot provides superb protection from knocks and brushing injuries while the 3M reflective strips keep you visible. This hi-viz boot is ideal for use whilst riding on the roads, ensuring you and your horse are easily seen by drivers and other road users.

    The Woof Wear Reflective Club Brushing Boot features a hard wearing PVC strike pad with recessed stitching which helps to protect the leg from abrasions and lacerations. The high density single lock straps ensure that these brushing boots stay securely in place.

    Woof Wear's ergonomic design of these horse brushing boots ensures they fit perfectly around the leg. The 5.5mm breathable neoprene material does not retain water, making them lightweight and easy to care for. Woof Wear Club Brushing Boots are perfect to use in all weather conditions and will protect the legs whether you're hacking, schooling, low level jumping or lunging, as well as being ideal for turnout.

    Available in black with yellow reflective straps; sizes Small - X Large, including Medium X Wide.

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  5. Woof Wear Travel Boots (Set of 4)

    RRP £66.00

    From: £53.00

    Woof Wear Travel Boots offer premium protection when your horse is on the horse box or trailer, combine high specification materials with a wrap-around system which gives increased protection to the entire lower leg, from the knee or hock joint down to the heel. Featuring a 600 denier ripstop outer, these travel boots are durable and will stand up to regular wear. Hard PP hoof guards protect the hoof capsule and heel from damage should the horse kick out or stand on himself. The high density foam inner cushions the boot during impact for superior protection. The comfortable wicking fleece liner is breathable to keep the horse's legs at a comfotale temperature. 

    Available in black or navy; sizes Pony, Cob, Full & Heavy Hunter - please see the size guide for further sizing information.

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  6. Woof Wear Travel Tail Guard

    RRP £20.00

    From: £17.64

    The Woof Wear Tail Guard is a soft, flexible neoprene wrap which fits snugly around your horse's tail, offering protection against rubbing or injury during travel. The ergonomic shape of this tail guard ensures easy positioning and a good fit from the top of the tail to the end of the dock - it's comfortable for the horse without sagging or becoming loose. The plush outer fabric gives unlimited strap adjustment, helping you to achieve a secure fit. 

    Available in black or navy; one size fits most horses and ponies

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  7. Woof Wear Tail Bag

    The Woof Wear Tail Bag is practical, water resistant tail bag designed to keep your horse's tail clean and tangle-free whilst travelling or for showing/competing. Quick to put on and easy to clean, this nylon tail bag will save you time and effort! An adjustable flap at the bottom allows the tail to either hang freely or be fully enclosed. 

    The Woof Wear Tail Bag must be attached to the Woof Wear Tail Guard.

    Available in black or navy.

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  8. Shires Equi-Flector Flashing Tail Strap

    The Shires Equi-Flector Flashing Tail Strap is an effective high visibility piece of tack to ensure the horse and rider are safe in low light level conditions. Coming in two bright colours, this product ensures rear visibility to traffic. This must have Tail strap is held by a rubberised elasticated touch close fastening strap to keep it firmly, but comfortably in place. A high-quality flashing light made from I-Lume with LEDS ensures added protection in lower light conditions.

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  9. Shires Equi-Flector Mesh Exercise Sheet

    RRP £21.99

    From: £19.79

    Shires Equi-Flector Mesh Exercise Sheet. Features reflective strips either side at the rear and on the tail flap. Fits around the saddle and and is secured with a touch close fastening at the wither and girth. 100% polyester

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  10. Harry Hall Hi Viz Fly Veil

    The Harry Hall Hi Viz Fly Veil is the ideal choice for riding in poor light conditions.

    This fly veil is made from light weight woven mesh fabric with reflective tape and reflective printed branding.

    This hi viz fly veil is secured with a hook and loop fastening behind the ears for a secure and comfortable fit.

    Available in pony, cob or full in fluorescent yellow.

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  11. Harry Hall Hi Viz Overreach Boots

    RRP £18.00

    From: £10.00

    The Harry Hall Hi Viz Overreach boots are the ideal choice for riding in poor light conditions.

    These overreach boots are made from a strong and hard wearing neoprene fabric featuring a reflective outer for optimum visibilty.

    These hi viz overreach boots are easily secured with strong velcro hook and loop fastening helping to achieve a snug, comfortable fit.

    Available in pony, cob, full or extra full in fluorescent yellow.

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  12. Harry Hall Hi Viz Bib Martingale
    The Harry Hall Hi Viz Bib Martingale is the ideal choice for riding in poor light conditions. This reflective martingale is made from light weight material with reflective tape panels on the neck strap and a 25cm light with three settings for improved visibility. This hi viz martingale is easily fitted around the neck and between the front legs for a secure and comfortable fit. Available in pony, cob or full in fluorescent yellow. Learn More
  13. Equisafety Polite Winter Wrap Around Rug

    RRP £49.99

    From: £44.99

    The Equisafety Polite Winter Wrap Around Exercise Sheet is a sensible choice for keeping you safe when out on your horse through the winter months. This breathable exercise sheet is designed from tough performance fabric in hi-vis yellow to ensure 360º visibility to traffic and other road users. It's 100% waterproof and is lightweight so as not to overheat your horse. Thin padding offers winter warmth and this sheet is lined with wicking fabric to lift away any moisture, keeping your horse dry underneath. This Equisafety exercise sheet is designed to also wrap around the front of the horse's chest - this attaches up near the wither so as not to impede the horse's movement and is adjustable/detachable. Equisafety exercise sheets are a generous cut, with enough depth to fit the largest of horse's bottoms. Uniquely designed girth slits guarantee that this exercise sheet will not slip.

    This hi-vis exercise sheet can be used without the saddle - using a surcingle, it's great for leading or long-reining horses. 

    Please note, this exercise sheet is not supplied with a fillet string.


    Hi-vis and reflective
    100% waterproof
    Features the Polite safety design
    Generous cut
    Girth slits to ensure this sheet does not slip

    Available in XSmall, Pony, Cob, Horse and XFull

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  14. Lincoln Stud Kit

    The Lincoln Stud Kit is the ideal starter kit for anyone who competes using studs.

    The stud kit contains 8 x small studs, 8 x large studs, 8 x set screws, 1 x hexagon key bit, 1 x t-tap (3/8"), 1 x hoof cleaner and 10 x rubber stud hole stops.

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  15. Cottage Craft Neoprene Tail Guard with Bag

    Online for Equine offer the Cottage Craft Neoprene Tail Guard with, ideal for protecting your horse whilst travelling. I deal for keeping the tail clean when travelling to a show.

    Neoprene Tail guard with fully adjustable hook and loop straps and attached tail bag for complete tail protection.

    Available in One Size only in Black.

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  16. Equisafety Polite Reflective Neckband

    The Equisafety Polite Reflective Neckband matches the rest of the Polite range and helps to keep your horse more visible while out hacking. A reflective neck band is recommended if your horse has a high head carriage which may hide your hi vis jacket from on-coming traffic. It has encapsulated plastic tape and gives excellent front or side visibility. Fully adjustable beneath the chest and around the neck - this neckband can fit horses from 11hh - 18hh. 

    Wipe clean for easy maintenance.

    One size.

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  17. Shires Equi-Flector Reflective Bridle/Halter Bands

    These bright yellow reflective bands will fit on any strap, browbands, reins, etc. when fully fastened, and are ideal for autumn/winter use. Available in one size

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  18. Shires Equi-Flector Multi-Purpose Reflective Bands

    These bright arm or leg wraps feature relflective strips to help with visibility when out in low light conditions or road riding.They are fleece lined and ideal for use on horse or rider. Held in place by touch close fastening. Sold in pairs. Available in One size with a choice of Bright Yellow or Bright Pink colours.

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  19. Shires Arma Neoprene Travel Tail Guard

    Online for Equine offer the Shires Neoprene Tail Guard.

    The Shires Neoprene Tail Guard is a practical water resistant guard manufactured from soft, flexible neoprene. Tail guards are designed to protect from above top of the tail right to the end of the dock helping to protect the coccygeal vertebrae and the tail hair.

    This tail guard from Shires is features a plush outer allowing for unlimited strap adjustment helping you to achieve the perfect, comfortable fit for your horse.

    The Shires Neoprene Tail Guard has 5 adjustable touch & close straps to ensure a snug fit.

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  20. Shires Spanner Tee Top

    Makes easy work of cleaning out stud holes. 145mm long. Stainless steel.

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