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  1. Horseware Ireland Horsepal Sensor
    Horseware Ireland Horsepal Sensor
    From Special Price £32.68 RRP Regular Price £39.95
  2. Woof Wear Woofie Brush
  3. Bitz Elasticated Surcingle
  4. JHL Cord Fillet String
  5. Perry Equestrian Rug Rail
  6. Shires Hook and Loop Cleaner
  7. Shires D Ring
  8. Shires Rug Strap Buckle
  9. Shires Leg Strap Clip
  10. Shires Spare Rug Clip
  11. Shires Surcingle Set
  12. Shires Elastic Leg Straps
  13. Shires Fillet String
  14. Shires Spare Breast Strap
  15. Shires Spare Leg Straps
  16. Shires Spare Surcingle Rubber Rings
  17. Shires Chest Expander
  18. Stable Kit Single Rug Clip
  19. JHL Spare Leg Straps
  20. Shires Spare Surcingle Strap
  21. Shires Elastic Fillet Strap
  22. Shires Rug Storage Bag
Grid List

22 Items

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We all know that if we turn a horse out with a rug on, that they will at some point get damaged, ripped or a leg strap may get broken! That's why we at Online for Equine offer a range of rug accessories to help you repair your rugs each season. We offer spare leg straps and buckles as well as clips.We offer these accessories from brands Cottage Craft, Masta, Polly Products and Stormsure. All of these accessories are suitable for use on all different makes of rugs.