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  1. Shires Spare Surcingle Rubber Rings

    RRP £1.99

    From: £1.79

    Surcingle rubber rings help prevent surcingle clips coming undone. Fit over the hook part. Sold in pairs.

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  2. Shires Spare Leg Straps

    RRP £6.50

    From: £5.85

    These adjustable leg straps have hooks on each end for easy fitting. Sold in pairs.

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  3. Shires Spare Breast Strap

    RRP £2.99

    From: £2.69

    This breast strap has a full buckle and strap and will fit any rug in the Shires range.

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  4. Shires Fillet String

    RRP £1.99

    From: £1.79

    This fillet string comes in Black and will take the place of damaged fillet strings at the back of any rug.

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  5. Shires Elastic Leg Straps

    RRP £5.99

    From: £5.39

    Adjustable elastic leg straps for greater comfort. Loop one one end and clip on the other. Sold in pairs.

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  6. Shires Spare Rug Clip

    RRP £6.50

    From: £5.85

    A spare rug clip. Sold in singles. Size: 25mm (1")

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  7. Shires Leg Strap Clip

    RRP £1.50

    From: £1.35

    A spare leg strap clip. Die cast zinc. Size: 2.5cm (1")

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  8. Shires Rug Strap Buckle

    RRP £1.30

    From: £1.17

    A spare rug strap buckle. Made from die cast zinc. Size: 2.5cm (1") Learn More
  9. Le Mieux Wash Bag

    RRP £8.50

    From: £8.07

    The Le Mieux Wash Bag is ideal for all things equine. This wash bag ensures your washing machine stays clean and hair free while thoroughly cleaning your horse wear and equipment.

    The small size bag is ideal for items such as boots, girth covers, fly hoods, bandages etc.

    The large size wash bag is great for washing your saddle pads and bigger items.

    Available in small or large sizes.

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  10. JHL Cord Fillet String

    Online for Equine offer the Cord Fillet String.

    Perfect for spares or personalising your rugs.

    Available in One Size in Navy, Navy/Cambridge Blue, Navy/Red, Purple, Pink/Lilac or Black.

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  11. Shires D Ring

    RRP £0.40

    From: £0.36

    A spare D ring. Made from die cast zinc. Size: 2.5cm (1")

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  12. Shires Surcingle Set

    RRP £1.50

    From: £1.35

    The Shires Surcingle Set is a useful set when rug repairs are needed. 

    One strap set made from die cast zinc. Size 5cm/2".

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  13. Horseware Ireland Horsepal Sensor

    The Horseware Ireland Horsepal Sensor is a revolutionary tool to aid and improve horse management. This state-of-the-art sensor is designed to fit into a range of the horseware rugs and allows you to access real time date of your horses temperature and humidity from your mobile or desktop and the history is stored for you to monitor and review any changes.

    It is incredibly easy to use. The sensor is attached to your horses’ rug and this sensor will store updated for up to 3 days. Once you are within 30 feet of the sensor the information will automatically download to your device, so you can monitor your horse's comfort levels and ensure you're rugging your horse correctly.

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  14. Shires Chest Expander

    RRP £9.99

    From: £8.99

    Simple to use, adds inches around the breast of a rug, particularly useful for very broad horses.

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  15. Shires Hook and Loop Cleaner

    RRP £4.50

    From: £4.05

    Revitalise touch close straps on boots, rugs etc to make sure they stick securely with this handy tool that easily removes dirt, fluff and debris. Learn More
  16. Shires Rug Storage Bag

    RRP £19.99

    From: £16.99

    The Shires Rug Storage Bag is ideal for storing from two rugs (small sized) to five rugs (large sized), helping you to keep your rug room neat and tidy.

    These generously sized rug storage bags feature a sturdy zip along three sides of the lid making them extremely secure as well as sturdy carry handles and reinforced edges.

    The Shires Rug Storage Bag comes in a navy blue.

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  17. Shires Elastic Fillet Strap

    RRP £4.50

    From: £4.05

    Make dirty fillet strings a thing of the past! This hard wearing, clip on fillet strap features an elastic bungee encased in a bendy plastic tube; this is wipe clean and perfect for all rugs with fillet string loops. Available in different lengths to suit all rug sizes. Learn More
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We all know that if we turn a horse out with a rug on, that they will at some point get damaged, ripped or a leg strap may get broken! That's why we at Online for Equine offer a range of rug accessories to help you repair your rugs each season. We offer spare leg straps and buckles as well as clips.We offer these accessories from brands Cottage Craft, Masta, Polly Products and Stormsure. All of these accessories are suitable for use on all different makes of rugs.