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Equi-Thème 4
Equilibrium 2
Horseware Ireland 9
Jumpers Horse Line 2
Le Mieux 5
Mark Todd 6
Riding World 2
Shires Equestrian 14
Weatherbeeta 21
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Blue 28
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Grey 3
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Rug Design
Neck Cover 3
Standard Neck 12
Exercise Sheet / Walker Rug 7
Rug Size
3'0" (36") 1
4'0" (48") 6
4'3" (51") 6
4'6" (54") 6
4'9" (57") 6
5'0" (60") 9
5'3" (63") 9
5'6" (66") 17
5'9" (69") 20
6'0 (72") 8
6'3 (75") 10
6'6 (78") 10
6'9 (81") 8
7'0 (84") 9
7'3" (87") 7
Small 3
Medium 1
Large 1
Extra Large 1
Small Pony 2
Pony 11
Cob 10
Full 10
Extra Full 4
Warmblood 1
125cm (To fit approx 5'9) 1
Large 1
X Large 1
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No Fill 11
100g 1
200g 4
220g 1
300g 1
400g 1
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Tempest Original 7
Tempest Plus 1

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67 products

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  1. Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad

    RRP £325.00

    From: £283.93

    The Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad has been developed through clinical trials at Myerscough College, UK, and has been clinically proven to improve back flexibility and promote relaxation in horses. Its design is innovative, providing effective yet affordable equine massage therapy in a convenient pad which can be used at home, away at competitions and will fit a variety of horses. 

    The Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad is shaped to follow the contours of the horse's back, providing coverage from withers to quarters and fitting closely for the best possible results. Battery operated (features a high performance battery and universal charger), it offers 30 minute sessions with 3 intensity settings. Equilibrium's massage pad is easy to fit, clean and store and comes with a modern and practical sports holdall to keep it in.

    2 year product warranty

    Available in Large and X Large

    As of 2020 Equilibrium offer an X Large version of this therapy massage pad which has been designed to offer an improved fit for big horses and cob types with long or broad backs. It features a broader cut with an extra surcingle for a close and secure fit.


    When should I use the Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad?

    The Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad can be used for a variety of reasons, improving performance and helping to alleviate soreness or health issues. It's ideal to use for:

    • Horses on box rest to improve blood flow and circulation
    • Before exercise to warm up the back muscles prior to being ridden
    • After exercise to help with the removal of built-up toxins
    • On your horse's day off as part of a maintenance program
    • At a show to help the horse recover from travelling
    • To help alleviate back problems, including stiffness and discomfort
    • To encourage relaxation


    How does the Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad work?

    The Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad has three different settings - high, medium and low - which can be easily selected from the attached controller. This allows you to select the intensity of the program to best suit your horse. Each program has three types of massage to ensure all muscles are worked in different ways: pulsing, vibration and stroking. The sessions will last for 30 minutes but can be stopped manually at any time.

    The medium setting is ideal for warming up your horse's back muscles prior to work; the low setting can then be used to cool down your horse and aid recovery afterwards. The high setting helps to alleviate back problems when your horse requires a more intense massage.

    The Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad is the choice of many top riders, including Olympians and World Champions.

    What are the benefits of massage?

    We know ourselves that massage can make us feel relaxed and help to ease tension. Massage therapy in horses has been shown to help reduce tension too. Tension is one of the most common reasons for poor performance and can cause soreness and stiffness. By increasing relaxation and improving back flexibility, the negative effects of tension can be reduced. Relaxation is essential for improving flexibility and movement, especially for competition and performance horses performing complex dressage movements or jumping technical fences. Clinical trials of this massage pad also concluded that other significant benefits can be seen in various horses, including an increase in stride length and the treatment of chronic back pain and sensitivity. 

    Test methods can be seen on the Equilibrium Products website.


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  2. Le Mieux Lycra Hood

    RRP £44.95

    From: £42.70

    The Le Mieux Lycra Hood helps to keep your horse clean and comfortable while stabled or travelling. It's made from a four-way stretch, friction free fabric and is anatomically designed for ultimate fit and comfort. The anatomic cut is specifically designed to contour around the shoulder and chest area to prevent any rubbing or tightness. 

    Features include:

    - An elasticated nose with durable velcro fastening
    - A durable, robust YKK neck zip and an elasticated clip closure for ease of fitting
    - Eye holes are positioned so as not to ride up and interfere with the horse's vision
    - Elastic strap which passes between the front legs has a multi loop design allowing for different depths of chest
    - Belly strap design is adjustable in length with a robust clip closure for a secure fit

    Available in Black, Navy, Burgundy and Benetton Blue; sizes X Small - X Large

    Machine washable at 30ºC; allow to air dry naturally.

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  3. Le Mieux Thermo-Cool Rug

    RRP £84.95

    From: £80.70

    Le Mieux Thermo-Cool Rug Climate control for Horses! The unique Carbon nano fibre inner lining with a soft close-weave mesh, covering the shoulders, back and quarters is key for maintaining muscle temperature whilst cooling down. Featuring superb wicking properties, the Thermo-cool is ideal for those cooler days, post exercise, travelling and at competition. The Thermo-Cool has fully removable belly straps. A soft wool and acrylic blend outer fabric. Please note this rug is not designed as a outer stable rug. Horses should not be left for extended periods in the stable or over-night. The outer fabric is a breathable wicking material and not a rip-stop denier, therefore it can snag. However, this rug can be used as an under rug. Due to the technical nature of the fabrics in this rug, we recommend that these rugs should be machine washed in a large wash bag to protect the rug from any rough edges within the washing machine. Learn More
  4. Mark Todd Mediumweight Pony Turnout Neck Cover

    RRP £27.98

    From: £27.95

    The Mark Todd Mediumweight Pony Turnout Neck Cover features 150g of fill and is compatible with the Mark Todd Pony Turnout Rug.

    Available in small only; attaches to D-rings on the rug.

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  5. Mark Todd Cotton Sheet

    RRP £57.98

    From: £44.64

    The Mark Todd Cotton Sheet with no fill is a practical and adaptable addition to any horses wardrobe. This sheet can be used underneath rugs for extra warmth, for travelling or generally for keeping the horse clean when stabled. It's also smart enough to use as a show sheet. This cotton sheet is breathable and comfortable, featuring darts at the shoulder for an enhanced fit and fleece wither protection, The sheet fastens with adjustable low cross surcingles, single front buckle and filet string.

    Available in Navy/White; 5ft 6" - 7ft 0"

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  6. JHL Fleece Rug

    Online for Equine offer the Jumper Horse Line Fleece Rug.

    This quality breathable warm fleece rug is ideal for a wide variety of uses inlcuding travelling, cooling off after exercise or as a light stable sheet.

    Featuring adjustable cross surcingles, double front buckle and filet string. Fleece wither protection.

    Available in Sizes 5'6-7'0 in Navy/Burgundy/White.

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  7. Shires Tempest Original Waterproof Exercise Sheet

    RRP £39.99

    From: £35.99

    The Shires Tempest Original Waterproof Exercise Sheet is ideal for the autumn and winter seasons (but useful all year round) to help keep your horse dry and comfortable when you ride. It features a ShireTex® 600 denier ripstop, waterproof and breathable outer, as well as benefitting from a warm fleece lining. This exercise sheet has a wrap-around design and can be worn around the saddle for easy removal and over the legs to keep the rider warm and dry. This waterproof exercise sheet also features girth straps and a fillet string for added security.

    Available in Navy; sizes 48", 51", 54", 57" and 60"


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  8. Shires Stretch Lycra Rug with Full Face

    RRP £74.99

    From: £53.20

    The lycra stretch rug, with full face, neck and bell coverage is for use in the stable. Easy to fit as well as helping to keep the horse clean, dust free and keep plaits in place. Improves coat shine and can also be used as an extra layer of warmth. May help wityh sweet itch. The four way stretch fabric comfortably fits all the contours of the horse.

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  9. Shires Tempest Original Newmarket Fleece Rug

    RRP £33.99

    From: £28.74

    The Shires Tempest Original Newmarket Fleece Rug is a classic, timeless design in an easy-care fleece. This versatile rug is perfect for shows, for cooling after exercise and when travelling, as well as providing an additional layer of warmth beneath other rugs. This Newmarket fleece is high quality, offering great thermal and wicking properties to provide comfort for your horse.

    This rug is secured with twin blanket set chest straps, adjustable cross surcingles and a fillet string.

    Machine washable


    Available in Newmarket Stripe and Purple; sizes 5'6 - 7'0

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  10. Shires Tempest Foal Rug

    RRP £37.99

    From: £33.29

    This Shires Tempest Foal Rug is waterproof and breathable with a 600D ShireTex ripstop outer with a quilted 200g polyfill and is fully lined. This rug has no breast fastenings, the rug is pulled over the head to avoid unnecessary risk of legs getting caught in straps and the generous adjustable belly flap with fastenings to one side keeps the belly warm.

    Available in Navy/Turquoise; sizes 2'9 (33"), 3'0 (36"), 3'3 (39"), 3'6 (42" and 3'9 (45")

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  11. Shires Stretch Lyrca Hood with Full Face

    RRP £51.50

    From: £34.79

    The Shires Stretch Lyrca Hood has many uses. This versatile lycra hood can be used to ensure plaits lay neatly during show preparation, to keep horses clean after bathing, to provide extra warmth during winter periods and on some levels, the Shires Stretch Lyrca Hood may help sweet-itch sufferers.

    The Shires Stretch Lyrca Hood is easy care machine washable and features zips and a loop girth strap for security.

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  12. Shires Satin Anti-Rub Bib

    RRP £11.50

    From: £10.35

    The Shires Satin Anti-Rub Bib is an essential for any horses or ponies that suffer from rug rubs; manufactured from lightweight satin, this anti rub bib allows the rug to glide over vulnerable areas such as shoulders, the chest or withers minimising hair loss and sores.

    This satin anti-rub bib can be used under any rug to prevent extended rug wear and friction rubs; features a front loop for security.

    Available in navy and a range of sizes.

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  13. Shires Anti-Rub Lycra Stretch Vest

    RRP £32.99

    From: £25.29

    This anti-rub Lycra vest works to create a second skin for your horse or pony and is ideal for preventing rub injuries under rugs. It is fitted over the horses head and secured using an elastic surcingle which fastens round the girth area.

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  14. Shires Tempest Original Fleece/Mesh Cooler Rug

    RRP £38.99

    From: £22.00

    The Shires Tempest Original Fleece/Mesh Cooler Rug is ideal for use after exercise, this mesh rug is designed to allow air to circulate, cooling the horse, whilst the top fleece section wicks moisture away to help regulate the horse's temperature to prevent chilling. 

    This fleece/mesh cooler rug features blanket set chest straps, adjustable cross surcingles and a fillet string.


    Available in Royal; sizes 5'0 - 7'0 

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  15. Shires Tempest Original Tech Cooler Rug

    RRP £61.99

    From: £55.79

    Ideal for fast, chill-free drying and lighter-weight stable warmth, the Shires Tempest Original Tech Cooler Rug offers excellent thermal properties without being too thick. This versatile rug wicks moisture away quickly, resulting in the horse staying warm, dry and comfortable, and dries quickly to maintain comfort.

    The Shires Tempest Original Tech Cooler is ideal for use after exercise, in the stable and for travelling.

    This waffle cooler rug is secured with blanket set chest straps, adjustable cross surcingles and a fillet string.

    Machine washable.


    Available in Navy; sizes 5'0 - 7'0

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  16. Shires Tempest Original Stable Sheet

    RRP £38.99

    From: £32.29

    The Shires Tempest Original Stable Sheet is a versatile, breathable sheet with excellect wicking properties - use after exercise as a cooler, for keeping your horse clean in the stable, for travelling or in colder months as an additional layer. This durable close weave summer sheet with polyester lining also helps to shine the coat, making it a great choice for a show sheet. 

    The sheet is held in place with double front clips, adjustable cross surcingles and a fillet string.

    Machine washable



    Available in Navy, sizes 4'6 - 7'0; Blue Check and Navy Check, sizes 5'0 - 7'0

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  17. Shires Tempest Original Waffle Rug

    RRP £40.99

    From: £33.79

    The Shires Tempest Original Waffle Rug is a fast acting, effective cooler, providing excellent moisture management post exercise or washing. This versatile rug has excellent wick away properties whilst being breathable and comfortable. A great cooling rug, it traps air which helps prevent the horse from chilling; additionally the high-quality polyester fabric allows the horse to stay dry and warm thanks to its ability to wick away moisture form the coat whilst drying quickly and keeping its shape.

    This rug is secured with blanket set chest straps, adjustable cross surcingle's and a fillet string to keep the rug firmly, but comfortably in place.

    Machine washable


    Available in Royal; sizes 4'6 - 7'0

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  18. Weatherbeeta Stretch Shoulder Guard

    RRP £32.99

    From: £29.69

    This Weatherbeeta Stretch Shoulder Guard is perfect throughout the year all year round. 

    This shoulder guard fits perfectly underneath your stable or turnout Weatherbeeta rug comfortably to help stop the rug from irritating your horse. This guard is made from a stretchy material to help give your horse the perfect fit to offer supreme comfort. This is perfect throughout all year with it's breathable material proving a fresh feel for your horse perfect for multiple uses. 

    Available in a range of colours & sizes.

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  19. Weatherbeeta Stretch Hood

    RRP £21.99

    From: £19.79

    This Weatherbeeta Stretch Hood is ideal for keeping your horse's coat clean and shiny in the stable. 

    This hood is perfect for getting prepared for a show by keeping plaits in place keeping them neat and tidy. This hood features a stretch material that offers a comfortable close contact fit for your horse, this hood also offers great protection for your horse through the summer season acting as protection against flies and insects. 

    Available in a range of colours & sizes.

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  20. Weatherbeeta Satin Shoulder Guard

    RRP £9.99

    From: £8.99

    This Weatherbeeta Satin Shoulder Guard is perfect protection from rug rubbing throughout the year. 

    This close fitted shoulder guard fits perfectly under your weatherbeeta turnout or stable rug. This guard helps to stop any irritation form the rug from occurring keeping your horse comfortable and well protected throughout the whole year. This is perfect for winter or summer with it's breathable well insulated material. 

    Available in a range of colours & sizes.

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