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Therapy Boots & Poultice Boots

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  1. Veredus Magnetik Hock Boot

    The Veredus Magnetik Hock Boot is a therapeutic device with 16 neodymium magnets that produce a power of 2400Gauss each, distributed to both sides of the hock. Made with breathable Aerox material, this boot will keep the leg at an optimal temperature without causing it to overheat. Lycra lining and trims will reduce the risk of rubbing and keep the horse comfortable. 

    Use the Veredus Magnetik Hock Boot to reduce pain and swelling, stimulate blood flow, speed up elimination of toxins, speed up regenerative processes and prepare muscles and tendons for work.

    Please consult your vet before beginning any magnetic therapy treatments.

    Available in Black; sizes Medium - Large

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Horse Therapy Boots & Poultice Boots

Horse’s legs and feet are fragile and more prone to injury than other areas of the body. Treating injuries correctly and efficiently will vastly improve the recovery and healing rates, getting your horse sound and back into work.

Poultice boots are useful to keep in your first aid kit to assist in the recovery of hoof conditions such as abscesses. They help to keep wounds and dressings clean through the healing process without compromise. The Woof Wear Medical Hoof Poultice Boot is particularly useful as the horse can wear it in the stable, and – if sensible – during turnout. They have a grooved sole for grip and an asymmetrical zip for close fit.

A variety of therapy boots are available to treat various injuries and ailments. Ice/cool boots are useful after hard work (such as cross country and hunting) to promote recovery and healing of the tendons. Ceramic therapy boots reflect the horse’s own body heat to warm the legs which can be beneficial to help ease stiffness and arthritic symptoms. Magnetic boots will help too – they increase blood circulation which can also easy stiffness.