Absorbine 2
Acavallo 3
Back on Track 2
Bucas 2
Cottage Craft 2
Ekkia 2
Equi-Thème 15
Equilibrium 23
Equisafety 1
Gel Eze 1
Gold Label 5
Harry Hall 1
Hippo-Tonic 1
Horseware Ireland 51
Hy 9
Hy Performance 11
Jumpers Horse Line 14
Le Mieux 48
Lincoln 1
Liveryman 9
Mark Todd 24
Masta 3
Nikwax 5
No Brand 1
Noble Outfitters 1
Norton 16
Riding World 6
Shires Equestrian 123
Uvex 1
Veredus 57
Weatherbeeta 92
Woof Wear 33
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Silver 4
Beige / Natural 8
Black 196
Natural / Beige 1
Blue 146
Brown 65
Gold 1
Green 22
Grey 41
Orange 11
Pattern / Print 9
Pink 18
Purple 33
Red 37
Rose Gold 1
White 50
Yellow 5
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£0.00 - £409.00
Rug Design
Neck Cover 3
Standard Neck 37
High Neck 1
Fixed Neck Combo 32
Detachable Neck 21
Exercise Sheet / Walker Rug 8
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Rug Size
3'0" (36") 1
3'9" (45") 2
4'0" (48") 31
4'3" (51") 36
4'6" (54") 46
4'9" (57") 31
5'0" (60") 45
5'3" (63") 52
5'6" (66") 102
5'9" (69") 97
6'0 (72") 80
6'3 (75") 58
6'6 (78") 60
6'9 (81") 67
7'0 (84") 73
7'3" (87") 57
7'6" (90") 1
Pony (To fit 6'0"ft) 1
X Small 1
Small 5
Medium 1
Large 2
Extra Large 1
Small Pony 2
Pony 10
Cob 10
Full 11
Extra Full 4
Warmblood 1
125cm (To fit approx 5'9) 1
140cm (To fit approx 6'3) 1
Large 1
X Large 1
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Rug Weight
No Fill 28
50g 5
100g 10
110g 2
150g 3
200g 15
220g 15
250g 3
300g 12
350g 5
360g 7
400g 2
450g 2
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Shires Rug Brand
Tempest Original 26
Highlander Original 10
Stormcheeta Original 1
Tempest Plus 5
Highlander Plus 4
Wessex 1
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571 products

571 products

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  1. Gold Label Rugwash

    Online for Equine offer the Gold Label RugWash.

    Non detergent cleaner for all types of horse rugs. Gentle action lifts out dirt and revitilizes water-repellent finishes.

    Suitable for hand or machine washing.

    Available in 1ltr.

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  2. Gold Label Spray Wax

    Online for Equine offer the Gold Label Spray Wax.

    Liquid spray wax for re-proofing lighty worn garments.

    Available in 250ml.

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  3. Nikwax TX Direct

    Online for Equine offer the Nikwax TX Direct.

    Restores the durable water repellent finish to all waterproof/breathable lamintes, coatings and microfibre.

    Available in 300ml or 300ml Spray.

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  4. JHL Spare Leg Straps

    The JHL Spare Leg Straps are perfect spare leg straps for rugs.

    Steel fittings.

    Supplied in pairs in black.

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  5. Equilibrium Therapy Massage Mitt

    RRP £99.00

    From: £86.00

    The Equilibrium Therapy Massage Mitt offers quick, effective and easy to use massage therapy treatment to promote relaxation and improve flexibility for your horse. This massage mitt stimulates the muscles with pulsing, vibrating or stroking sensations, all of which work the muscles in different ways, and should be used on the main muscle groups of the back, neck, quarters and hamstrings. Battery operated, the Equilibrium Massage Mitt offers 10 minute sessions and 3 intensity settings - low, medium or high - which can be selected easily on the mitt itself. 

    The Equilibrium Therapy Massage Mitt is perfect to use before exercise as part of the warm-up, or can be used any time as a rewarding and relaxing treatment. Use the Massage Mitt in conjunction with the Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad to treat areas around the back pad, offering full relaxation for your horse. 

    This Therapy Massage Mitt is lightweight and portable, making it perfect for use around the yard and away at shows. It's simple to use, easy to keep clean and comes with a storage bag to keep it safe. 

    2 year product warranty.

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  6. Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad / Mitt Spare Battery

    RRP £39.15

    From: £32.94

    The Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad / Mitt Spare Battery is designed to be used together with new interchangeable charger for the Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad and new style (2016 onwards) Equilibrium Therapy Massage Mitt.

    It is recommended that the new silver battery should only be charged with the new universal multi-plug charger. Full charge of the battery can take up to 12 hours. The charger indicator light will be red when the battery is charging and green when the battery is fully charged.

    Equilibrium Therapy Battery (7.4V 2200mAh)

    For use with Equilibrium Therapy Battery Charger (Worldwide : Input 100-240V 50-60Hz 0.2A, Output DC 8.4V/400mA )

    Important:Now with a 2 year warranty when used with the new universal multi-plug charger. The new Equilibrium Therapy silver battery should not be used with the old style Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad charger. The new universal multi-plug charger should not be used to charge an old style black battery. The new Silver Battery will work with the older style Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad (black or navy in colour), however it can only be charged using the NEW Equilibrium Therapy International Charger.

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  7. Lincoln Stud Kit

    The Lincoln Stud Kit is the ideal starter kit for anyone who competes using studs.

    The stud kit contains 8 x small studs, 8 x large studs, 8 x set screws, 1 x hexagon key bit, 1 x t-tap (3/8"), 1 x hoof cleaner and 10 x rubber stud hole stops.

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  8. Shires Equi-Flector Reflective Bridle/Halter Bands

    RRP £9.50

    From: £8.55

    These bright yellow reflective bands will fit on any strap, browbands, reins, etc. when fully fastened, and are ideal for autumn/winter use. Available in one size

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  9. Shires Arma Neoprene Travel Tail Guard

    RRP £13.99

    From: £12.59

    Online for Equine offer the Shires Neoprene Tail Guard.

    The Shires Neoprene Tail Guard is a practical water resistant guard manufactured from soft, flexible neoprene. Tail guards are designed to protect from above top of the tail right to the end of the dock helping to protect the coccygeal vertebrae and the tail hair.

    This tail guard from Shires is features a plush outer allowing for unlimited strap adjustment helping you to achieve the perfect, comfortable fit for your horse.

    The Shires Neoprene Tail Guard has 5 adjustable touch & close straps to ensure a snug fit.

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  10. Shires Exercise/Tail Bandage

    RRP £5.75

    From: £4.95

    Durable cotton bandage with tie tape fastening. Suitable for legs or tail. Size: 10cm (4") wide.

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  11. Shires Spanner Tee Top

    RRP £5.25

    From: £4.73

    Makes easy work of cleaning out stud holes. 145mm long. Stainless steel.

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  12. Shires Stud Kit

    RRP £28.99

    From: £24.74

    Practical stud kit with a selection of studs, spanner, and other useful tools in a handy carrying box.

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  13. Shires Nylon Crib Biter

    RRP £12.50

    From: £11.25

    Nylon Crib biter collar with nut cracker action.

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  14. Shires Rug Chest Expander With Buckles

    RRP £10.50

    From: £9.45

    The Shires Rug Chest Expander With Buckles is simple to use, adding inches around the chest of a horse. This is particulary useful for very broad horses, giving a little more room. This chest expander is made from waterproof, ripstop fabric and is lightly padded for comfort. It's compatible with rugs with buckle front closures.

    One size.

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  15. Shires Spare Surcingle Rubber Rings

    RRP £0.99

    From: £0.89

    The Shires Spare Surcingle Rubber Rings help to prevent surcingle clips from coming undone. They fit neatly over the hook part, helping to keep your horse's rug secure.

    Sold in pairs.

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  16. Shires Spare Leg Straps

    RRP £6.50

    From: £5.85

    The Shires Spare Leg Straps are ideal to replacement leg straps. They are adjustable and feature a loop at one end and swivel clip at the other for easy attachment to your rug. Please note: these are not elasticated.

    Sold in pairs; navy.

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  17. Shires Elastic Leg Straps

    RRP £5.99

    From: £5.39

    The Shires Elastic Leg Straps are adjustable spare leg straps with a loop at one end and a clip at the other for easy attachment to the rug. These are elasticated for your horse's comfort.

    Sold in pairs. Available in black.

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  18. Shires Surcingle Set

    RRP £1.75

    From: £1.58

    The Shires Surcingle Set is a useful set when rug repairs are needed. 

    One strap set made from die cast zinc. Size 5cm/2".

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  19. Shires Spare Rug Clip

    A useful spare rug clip ideal as a replacement.

    Sold in singles. Size: 25mm (1")

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  20. Shires Rug Strap Buckle

    RRP £1.50

    From: £1.35

    A spare rug strap buckle. Made from die cast zinc.


    Size: 2.5cm (1")

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