Shires 147
Equilibrium 24
Back on Track 3
Hippo-Tonic 1
Norton 17
Bucas 4
Noble Outfitters 2
Gel Eze 1
Equisafety 3
Cavallino Marino 1
Masta 5
Liveryman 9
Euro-Star 1
Hy Performance 12
Horseware Ireland 75
Lincoln 1
Uvex 1
Jumpers Horse Line 17
Absorbine 2
Acavallo 4
Le Mieux 53
Cottage Craft 3
Harry Hall 4
No Brand 1
Equi-Thème 15
Weatherbeeta 105
Veredus 57
Nikwax 6
Gold Label 5
Mark Todd 24
Ekkia 2
Hy 8
Woof Wear 35
Riding World 6
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Silver 3
Beige / Natural 8
Black 193
Natural / Beige 2
Blue 174
Brown 60
Gold 3
Green 21
Grey 48
Orange 10
Pattern / Print 8
Pink 15
Purple 36
Red 37
Reflective 1
Rose Gold 1
White 47
Yellow 6
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Rug Design
Neck Cover 4
Standard Neck 45
High Neck 1
Fixed Neck Combo 33
Detachable Neck 28
Exercise Sheet / Walker Rug 9
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Rug Size
48" (5'3" - 5'6") 1
57" (6'3") 1
2'9" (33") 1
3'0" (36") 1
3'3" (39") 1
3'6" (42") 2
3'9" (45") 3
4'0" (48") 44
4'3" (51") 49
4'6" (54") 64
4'9" (57") 58
5'0" (60") 79
5'3" (63") 87
5'6" (66") 163
5'9" (69") 153
6'0 (72") 145
6'3 (75") 104
6'6 (78") 104
6'9 (81") 128
7'0 (84") 138
7'3" (87") 70
7'6" (90") 2
Pony (To fit 6'0"ft) 1
X Small 1
Small 7
Medium 10
Large 11
Extra Large 7
Small Pony 2
Pony 12
Cob 12
Full 12
Extra Full 4
Warmblood 2
Small 5’6 -5’9 (115-125cm) 1
Medium 6’0-6’3 (130-140cm) 1
Large 6’6-6’9 (145-155cm) 1
Extra Large (7'0 - 7’3 (160-165cm) 1
140cm x 160cm 1
125cm (To fit approx 5'9) 1
140cm (To fit approx 6'3) 1
150cm (To fit approx 6'6) 1
Small 1
Medium 1
Large 1
X Large 2
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Rug Weight
No Fill 33
50g 4
100g 11
110g 2
150g 2
200g 23
220g 18
250g 6
300g 15
350g 8
360g 10
400g 2
450g 2
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Shires Rug Brand
Tempest Original 44
Highlander Original 14
Stormcheeta Original 3
Tempest Plus 7
Highlander Plus 5

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655 products

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  1. Shires Arma Neoprene Brushing Boots

    RRP £18.99

    From: £15.44

    Shires everyday value brushing boots are made from neoprene and feature padded, contoured strike pads. For ease of fitting they have touch close fastenings. Brushing boots are used for schooling as well as other equestrian activities and will protect the horses legs if they brush together. Fit around the horses leg below the knee or hock to around the fetlock joint for all round leg protection.

    These brushing boots are sold in pairs and are available in a variety of colours and sizes

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  2. Shires Mud Socks

    RRP £21.99

    From: £19.95

    Online for Equine offer these Mud Socks from Shires. Made from neoprene Shires Mud socks are used to keep horses legs cleaner and drier during the winter months when turned out in the field. They will protect against the causes of mud fever and other skin irritations whilst in the field. For a secure fit they have touch close fastenings and are shaped to fit the horses legs. Can be used for either front or back legs.

    Available in Black.

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  3. Equilibrium Field Relief Muzzle Protector

    The Equilibrium Field Relief Muzzle Protector is designed to fit easily to the noseband of a field safe headcollar and will protect pink or sensitive noses from sunburn, screening out 80% of UV rays. This muzzle protector has soft padding at the noseband which prevents rubbing.

    Available in Grey/Yellow; sizes Small, Medium and Large


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  4. Equilibrium Net Relief Muzzle Net

    RRP £29.95

    From: £28.72

    The Equilibrium Net Relief Muzzle Net is highly effective, designed to help relieve the symptoms of head-shaking. This nose net has a contoured, shaped design which covers only the top half of the muzzle unlike more traditional designs, reducing further irritation. It attaches easily to a cavesson noseband and, once in place, is unobtrusive, allows saliva to escape from the mouth freely and does not interfere with the horse's breathing.

    During clinical trials at De Montfort University, the Equilibrium Net Relief Muzzle Net improved the symptoms of 79% of headshaking sufferers. 

    Permitted in competition by British Dressage and British Eventing (see rule applying to the use of nose nets for each organisation). 

    1 year product guarantee

    Available in Pony, Cob/Horse and X Large in black, brown and white. 

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  5. Equilibrium Net Relief Riding Mask

    RRP £29.95

    From: £22.99

    Give your horse relief from flies as you ride with the Equilibrium Net Relief Riding Mask. This unobtrusive, UV protective fly mask attaches quickly and easily to the bridle, helping to protect the horse's face, eyes and ears from flies and strong sunlight, while relieving symptoms of head-shaking. This riding mask is designed to give excellent clearance over the eyes and eyelashes for a comfortable fit and excellent visibility. The UPF rating of 15+ offers great protection from harmful UV rays. 

    The Equilibrium Net Relief Riding Mask can be left on the bridle when tacking up and un-tacking. It can be worn together with the Equilibrium Net Relief Muzzle Net to further relieve head-shaking symptoms.

    1 year product guarantee

    Available in black; sizes X Small, Small, Medium, Large and X Large


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  6. Absorbine Ultrashield Fly Mask - Without Ears
    From: £24.25

    The Absorbine Ultrashield fly mask without ears is designed to provide maximum protection for your horse's face and eyes from flies and biting insects as well as the sun's harmful rays.. These masks are constructed with tear-resistant Rip-Shield material and made to last.

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  7. Absorbine Ultrashield Fly Mask With Ears
    From: £26.13

    The Absorbine Ultrashield fly mask with ears is designed to provide maximum protection for your horse's face, eyes and ears from flies and biting insects as well as the sun's harmful rays.. These masks are constructed with tear-resistant Rip-Shield material and made to last.

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  8. Equilibrium Tri-Zone Overreach Boot

    RRP £29.95

    From: £28.95

    Tested to be tough, the Equilibrium Tri-Zone Overreach Boots are extremely hard wearing and offer secure, reliable protection from overreach injuries.

    By using hard wearing materials known for their advanced technical properties, Equilibrium ensure these overreach boots are robust and highly protective. The EVA material used is tough, waterproof and rot proof for long-lasting performance. These Tri-Zone Overreach Boots have been carefully designed, with features which make them a market leader and a tack room essential. They are innovatively shaped to achieve not only the perfect fit, but also minimize the risk of an accident resulting from the horse treading on the boot. These overreach boots feature an anti-spin heel button to keep them in place and prevent any rotation. A supremely tough strike guard protects the heel.

    Tri-Zone Overreach Boots are suitable for a wide range of uses, including schooling, show jumping, cross country, hacking and turnout. 

    These boots are easy to wash/care for and wear.

    Sold in pairs.

    Available in two adjustable sizes to suit most horses and ponies - S/M, L/XL

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  9. Equilibrium Equi-Chaps Hardy Chaps

    RRP £39.95

    From: £39.35

    The Equilibrium Equi-Chaps Hardy Chaps are the ideal turnout boot for boisterous or accident-prone horses. These tough and durable turnout chaps are designed to help prevent leg injuries in the field, made from tough 7mm neoprene with an abrasion-resistant outer material. The inner nylon material ensures these turnout boots are comfortable against your horse's leg. They help to keep the legs warm and dry in cold, wet and/or muddy conditions in the winter; the fast-drying material is great for ensuring these boots can be washed and dried ready for wear the following day.

    Equilibrium Equi-Chaps Hardy Chaps are secured with touch-close straps to keep them secure around the horse's leg.

    Available in Small, Medium, Large or X Large


    Please note: Hardy Chaps are made from heavyweight, non-breathable neoprene to offer complete protection against injury. Please take care to limit the time that Hardy Chaps are worn in warm weather. Horse owners are advised to regularly check that the horse's leg is not over-heating.

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  10. Equilibrium Equi-Chaps Close Contact Chaps

    The only way to beat mud fever is prevention. The Equilibrium Equi-Chaps Close Contact Chaps are breathable neoprene turnout boots designed to keep horse's legs dry and free of mud while in the field. 

    Made from 4-way stretch, perforated neoprene these turnout chaps have been designed to fit like a second skin, covering the lower leg from just below the knee/hock down to the hoof to fully protect against mud. These turnout boots are ergonomically shaped to fit around the fetlock and pastern, offering optimum protection.

    New features of the Equilibrium Equi-Chaps Close Contact Chaps include handy grip tabs for fast and easy removal as well as a yellow contrast front seam to give improved visibility and ensure correct fit on the legs. 

    Easy to wash and quick to dry - ideal for daily use. Supplied in pairs.

    Available in six sizes, helping you to provide the perfect fit for your horse: sizes X Small - X Large including Medium X Wide for cob types. Can be worn on both front and hind legs as required.

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  11. Equilibrium Equi-Chaps Stable Chaps

    The Equilibrium Equi-Chaps Stable Chaps are soft, protective stable boots which have been designed to keep your horse's legs warm, dry and protected from knocks or injury when stabled. These stable boots especially benefit horses suffering with arthritis or prone to their legs filling, helping to relieve symptoms by keeping the joints warm and maintaining circulation. The soft inner lining is comfortable and helps to dry legs quickly after bathing. 

    Stable chaps are a great alternative to bandaging - they save time while ensuring even pressure around the leg which can be a concern when bandaging. They also have excellent lower leg coverage, extending down over the hoof.

    Supplied in pairs; sizes Small, Medium, Large or X Large

    Machine washable.

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  12. Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Training Wraps

    RRP £59.95

    From: £37.46

    The Equilibrium Stretch & Flex Training Wraps are breathable and flexible exercise wraps which allow the horse to move freely while still benefitting from effective support and protection. Extra thick, soft yet flexible padding supports and protects the tendons, inside of the cannon bone and the fetlock joint from knocks.

    These innovative support wraps are soft and comfortable for the horse, made from actively breathing, unique Stormatex® material. This material replicates the way plant leaves "breathe" to effectively wick away moisture and keep the leg and tendons cool. 

    These Stretch & Flex Training Wraps are easy to fit, remove and wash. They can be worn on front or hind legs as required. These support boots are ideal for dressage and schooling, but can also be used for hacking, lunging, endurance, carriage driving and low-level jumping. 

    Available in black, navy and white; sizes Small, Medium, Medium-Narrow, Large, X Large

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  13. Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Stable Chaps

    RRP £79.95

    From: £69.50

    The Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Stable Chaps are soft, comfortable stable boots which contain 4 moveable, clinical grade VITAflex® magnets which work to promote circulation and increase cellular activity in the body. These stable chaps are an idea choice for:

    • Horses who suffer with arthritis
    • Horses prone to fluid filled legs when stabled
    • Horses on box rest or stabled for long periods of time
    • Horses in high levels of work, helping to encourage repair
    • Horses recovering from tendon problems, splints, navicular, bone chips or general knocks and bumps

    These stable chaps are sold in pairs and are secured with four velcro straps to fully contour around the leg. 

    Available in Small, Medium, Large or X Large

    Warning: do not apply VITAflex® magnets on open wounds, bruises, areas of inflammation or for the first 5 days follow steroid injections; magnetic fields dialate blood vessels and therefore increase the flow of blood which can be detrimental to the healing of injuries or inflammation.

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  14. Acavallo Tail Bandages

    RRP £32.50

    From: £30.87

    This amazing new Gel bandage is really a cross between a tail bandage and a tail guard. The super strong gel offers the protection of a guard absorbing any pressure if the horse sits on or rubs tail during transit but at the same time the sticky nature of the gel ensures the bandage never slips keeping the tail in perfect shape. The bandage is available in black and comes with a strong velcro strap

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  15. Acavallo Gel Elastic Bandages

    RRP £49.96

    From: £47.46

    Provide support and shock absorption to tendons and joints without the risk of slipping. Can also be chilled before applying to give cold therapy. Ideal for reducing swellings, like wind galls and will not mark legs.

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  16. Acavallo Gel Fleece Bandages

    RRP £49.96

    From: £47.46

    Provide support and shock absorption to tendons and joints without the risk of slipping. Can also be chilled before applying to give cold therapy. Ideal for reducing swellings, like wind galls and will not mark legs.

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  17. Acavallo Gel Hoof Boots

    RRP £32.50

    From: £30.87

    A new innovation from Acavallo in Italy that anatomically moulds to the entire hoof, but especially around the bulb of the heels. Giving close protection to a very vunerable area. They can also come low enough to cover the back heel of the shoe if required and can be helpful with horses with collapsed heels. Shock absorbent, tough, no turn and waterproof with no velcro closures. Ideal for schooling, lunging, short periods of turn-out and hacking.

    Please note these boots are not suitable for cross country, hunting or other work in deep going / mud.  The sole unit of this boot is open, allowing the boot to be trimmed to size. 

    Sold in pairs.


    Size Guide:

    Medium (Cob - Small Horse)

    Large (TB - Light Warmblood)

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  18. Le Mieux ProSport Support Boots

    RRP £38.95

    From: £37.00

    The Le Mieux ProSport Support Boots are high quality, all-round boots ideal for schooling, warming up or for turnout. These support boots are lightweight and protective while allowing complete flexibility and range of movement. These boots wrap around the fetlock with adjustable velcro, offering a fantastic level of support. They are made from a perforated Airprene lining which allows a high level of ventilation, preventing rubbing and sweat build up while keeping the tendons cool. With suede straps, these ProSport Support Boots match and compliment the Le Mieux range of pads.

    These support boots are suitable for use on the front and hind legs.

    Available in Benetton Blue, Black, Navy, Plum, White and Peacock; sizes X Small - X Large

    Machine wash at 30ºC; a washing tablet/capsule can be used. Air dry near a heat source; never tumble dry.

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  19. Le Mieux Leather Wrapround Over Reach Boots

    RRP £22.50

    From: £21.38

    The Le Mieux Leather Wrapround Over Reach Boots are smart, professional boots made from new style PU faux leather, with a wrapround closure which offers full adjustability for a close and protective fit. This closure also makes them quick and easy to remove - ideal for when warming up at shows. The double lock feature further helps to keep these boots secure. These over reach boots are ideal for schooling and for warming up.

    Available in Black or White; sizes Medium, Large, X Large and XX Large.

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  20. Le Mieux Luxury Polo Bandages

    RRP £24.95

    From: £23.70

    The beautiful Le Mieux Luxury Polo Bandages are made from the highest quality fleece to avoid pilling. Ideal for protecting horse's legs from injury during flatwork and training, these polo bandages can be used on their own or with bandage pads for extra protection and to avoid pressure points. These bandages have been designed to co-ordinate with the full Le Mieux saddle pad range.

    The Le Mieux Luxury Polo Bandages are 3.8 metres long and are sold in a set of 4 in a zipped carry case to keep them clean and tidy. 

    Available in a range of colours; in Full or Pony

    Machine washable up to 30 degrees; a washing tablet/capsule can be used

    Ensure all velcro is fastened together prior to washing. Air dry near a heat source, never tumble dry.

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