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  1. Shires Arma Hot/Cold Joint Relief Boots

    RRP £35.99

    From: £30.34

    These therapeutic boots can be used hot or cold to treat injury and speed up recovery after strenuous exercise, minimize swelling and inflammation, relieve pain, relax tight muscles, encourage blood flow to speed up healing and help with arthritic conditions. Gel packs can be heated in hot water or the microwave or cooled in water or the freezer. The boot is ergonomically designed for comfort and specifically shaped to be used on joints as flexible neoprene and cut outs allow movement. Suitable for use on the knees, hocks or fetlocks .Inner pockets keep gel packs secure.

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  2. Le Mieux ProIce Freeze Boots

    RRP £79.96

    From: £75.96

    The Le Mieux ProIce Freeze Boots provide targeted and effective cooling therapy directly to tendons and joints. The foil lining insulates and prolongs the ice cold effect, while the soft mesh lining fully protects the skin from freeze burn and allows for maximum transfer of cold treatment around the entire leg. These ProIce Freeze Boots contain unique Hypo-Freeze Gel which remains soft and pliable, contouring around the lower limb to ensure maximum surface contact with the tendons and joints. This gel eliminates any messy melting ice and wet legs while full contact with the leg ensures the best possible recovery.

    The regular use of Le Mieux ProIce Freeze Boots for short periods (20 - 30mins) can prevent the onset of localised swelling and heat after intense exercise. This ice cold therapy ensures ligaments, tendons and joints remain tight. The earlier temperature of tendons can be reduced after exercise the better - the purpose of using cold is to break the cycle of inflammatory response before it causes cell damage.

    Place ProIce Freeze Boots in the freezer for a minimum of four to six hours, or overnight prior to application. It's recommended that the boots are used in short 20 - 30min sessions / multiple times daily in severe cases. Press these boots securely around the leg to mould the gel and ensure the straps are firmly closed but not over-tight.

    Available in Medium or Large.

    Sold as a pair.

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  3. Woof Wear Hot & Cold Gel Pack

    The Woof Wear Hot & Cold Pack is a reusable flexible gel pack designed to be used in conjunction with the Woof Wear Ice Therapy Boot or seperately to offer therapeutic relief. These gel packs are designed to be used either hot or cold and are completely flexible, even down to -18°C which ensures they stay flexible and will contour comfortably around the horse's leg.

    Each box contains 2 gel packs.

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  4. Equilibrium Therapy Reusable Hot & Cold Packs

    The Equilibrium Therapy Reusable Hot & Cold Packs are designed to easily attach to the lining of the Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Range including the Magnetic Chaps, Hind & Hock Magnetic Chaps and the Magnetic Pad & Quarters Pad. These gel packs can either be heated or frozen and come with velcro pouches to attach the packs to the therapy range. 

    Cold Therapy
    Use cold therapy for strains, sprains, bumps, bruises and post-exercise. Freeze the gel pack in its pouch for a minimum of 60 minutes - the pack can be stored in the freezer until its needed. The pack will quickly become flexible after being taken out of the freezer. Apply the gel pack where required for a minimum of 10 minutes.

    Hot Therapy
    Use hot therapy for relaxation, muscle spasm, joint stiffness and to warm up prior to exercise. Place the gel pack inside the pouch provided and lay flat in the microwave on a high setting for 15-20 seconds only. If the desired temperature is not met, increase the time by 5 second increments. If the gel pack is frozen the heating time may need to be increased. Leave to stand for a minute and ensure the temperature is comfortable before use. Make sure the pouch is never overheated. Apply the gel pack where required for at least 20 mins.

    Combined Therapy
    Alternate between cold and hot packs for 10 minutes each for 3 cycles for muscle tension or discomfort.

    Each box contains 2 x hot/cold gel packs and pouches

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  5. Shires Arma Hot/Cold Relief Boots

    RRP £39.99

    From: £31.79

    Versatile therapeutic boot for the lower leg to treat ligaments and tendons. Use hot or cold to assist with speeding up recovery after strenuous exercise or injury, reduce swelling, encourage blood flow to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, relax tight muscles and encourage blood flow. Gel packs can be heated in hot water or the microwave or cooled in water or the freezer. Comfortable neoprene, bound edges and touch close straps allow for a secure, supportive fit. Gel packs secure with touch close fastenings. See product packaging for instructions. Suitable for use on front or back legs.

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  6. Le Mieux ProCool Cold Water Boot

    RRP £44.50

    From: £42.27

    The Le Mieuc ProCool Cold Water Boot is a simple and convenient method of cooling the legs following exertion, whether cross country, hunting, other strenuous work or following an injury. These boots are designed with unique water reactive crystals inside which swell and retain cold when soaked in water. Their contoured shape supports the fetlock and tendon for effective results and also helps to prevent the boot from slipping.

    Available in Small, Medium or Large - please see the size guide.

    Soak these ProCool Cold Water Boots for 2 - 4 hours prior to first use or after long periods of dry storage. Some residue may appear on the surface of the boot - this is not harmful and can enhance the cooling effect.

    Soak in cold water for 1hr+ prior to use (out of sunlight); add ice to the water when available - the colder the water, the better the effect. These boots can be refridgerated when wet but NEVER frozen. 

    The best theraputic effect is gained after multiple 20 - 30min sessions; re-soak for 2 - 3 hours after long periods of inactivity. 

    For best application, tighten the velcro straps firmly, starting at the top, then readjust once in position. 

    Let the boots dry out thoroughly prior to storage.

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Equine Cold & Heat Therapy

Temperature therapy has a wealth of benefits for the horse’s wellbeing, comfort and recovery. Both cold and heat therapy for horses are time-tested remedies for aiding the healing of injuries in horses, as well as helping the muscles and tendons to recover from hard work.

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy works by cooling the horse’s tissue temperature down, which in turn reduces pain, swelling and bleeding and slows down the inflammatory responses. Cold therapy is used following intensive work (e.g. ice boots after cross country), or for recent injuries – it’s particularly effective during the first 24 – 48hrs after surgery or for injuries such as sprains or strains, bruises, cellulitis and lymphangitis.

Cold relief boots and ice boots for horses offer consistent cold therapy to the leg once applied, keeping the temperature more even than cold hosing and being easier to undertake than immersing the legs in buckets. The material of ice/cold boots ensure there is a barrier between the ice and the horse’s leg – ice packs or ice gel packs should not be directly applied to the horse’s legs.

Heat Therapy

Warming the body’s tissue will decrease any localised pain while increasing the blood circulation to the area which accelerates healing. This is particularly beneficial for wound healing or joint issues. Horses that are experiencing any discomfort or strain through the back muscles will find relief through heat therapy as it reduced muscle spasms. Heat therapy will also help to prepare, warm up and soften the back muscles prior to exercise, helping to reduce the risk of injury, particularly for horses that are in hard work.

Ceramic therapy can also benefit your horse – shop our selection of ceramic therapy equipment here.