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41 products

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  1. NAF Devils Relief
    From: £13.99

    NAF Devil's Relief works to ease joint stiffness, soothe joint pain and promote freer movement. The powerful combination of herbal tinctures combined with Devil's Claw will help to benefit horses by directly targeting the area of limited flexibility. The bitter action of this formulation can also help to stimulate the digestive system, benefitting older horses in particular who often have issues with poor digestion and absorption.

    Devil's Claw is a herb native to Africa which has been used traditionally to help with joint stiffness, so is a natural alternative to medication. 

    Devil's Relief can be fed to all horses and ponies, with the exception of pregnant mares.

    Please note that this product contains Devil's Claw which is an FEI prohibited substance.

    Supplied in 500ml, 1ltr, 2ltr and 5ltr

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  2. NAF in the Pink Senior

    RRP £24.99

    From: £23.12

    NAF in the Pink Senior is a complete supplement tailored to meet the nutritional requirements of older horses, giving all the nutritional support required to keep them active, healthy and in good condition. Pink Senior helps to balance the diet and the digestuve system which enables the horse to maximise the value of his feed intake. Pre and probiotics give optimum support of the gut, and the inclusion of all vitamins and minerals needed by older horses ensures this supplement offers all round health. 

    In the Pink Senior also supplies a unique combination of naturally sourced antioxidant ingredients to flush excess free radicals from the system, alongside providing nutrients to support joint health. In the Pink Senior is recommended for all older horses and ponies, whether signs of age are obvious or not.

    Available in 900g, 1.8kg, 3.6kg and 10kg

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  3. Gold Label Glucosamine & Devils Claw

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Glucosamine & Devils Claw.

    Contains garlic, high quality filtered honey and liquid glucose.

    Ideal for feeding routinely to working or debilitated horses for a fast source of digestible energy. Includes the well documented non chemically extracted herb, Devils Claw.

    Soothing for the digestion and provides full strength supplement to assist in creating building blocks for healthy tendons, cartilage & joints.

    Not suitable for pregnant mares.

    Supplied in 900g.

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  4. Gold Label Seavitmin
    From: £7.50

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Seavitmin.

    A natural, good value feed supplement for geneal health and maintenance.

    Provides a range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Contains seaweed combined with added benefits of Cod liver oil making it useful for the older horse.

    Supplied in 1.5kg or 5kg tubs.

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  5. NAF Five Star Superflex Liquid

    RRP £20.99

    From: £19.74

    NAF Five Star Superflex is a scientifically balanced ratio of ingredients exclusively designed to address excess free radical build up around the joint. Readily absorbed Glucosamine and Chondroitin as well as high-quality MSM and a powerful anti-oxidant formula are combined to support joint health. 

    Horses' joints have to cope with extreme forces and it is commonly the cartilage that is the first part to show wear and tear. The key ingredients in Superflex support the health of both cartilage and the thick synovial fluid that oils the joints. Scientific research recommends that feeding a combination of the key nutrients allows them to work together more effectively than one nutrient alone.

    Available in 500ml, 1ltr, 2ltr, 5ltr and 25ltr

    Feed as per the direction on the container.

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  6. SP Equine Nobute Premium

    Online for Equine stock SP Equine Nobute Premium.

    Attain and maintain healthy joints. With added MSM, Glucosamine Sulphate and Vitamin C.

    Can safely be given to horses whilst racing, competing, jumping or showing.

    Does not contain Phenylbutazone.

    Available in 1ltr.

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  7. Freestep SupaStride
    From: £26.00

    Freestep SupaStride is formulated to support joint care and is especially useful for older horses and ponies. This new generation of joint supplements is good for all horses involved in training, jumping and intense exercise, working to support and protect hard-working parts of the body. 

    SupaStride can be given one scoop twice a day gor one week, followed by one scoop a day as a maintenance rate. It can be fed prior to competitions - use one scoop morning and one scoop evening for the two days prior and during competition.

    Available in 250g, 500g, 1kg and 3kg

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  8. Day Son & Hewitt Synoflex

    RRP £69.00

    From: £62.10

    Online for Equine offer the Day Son & Hewitt Synoflex.

    A horses natural athletic ability can benefit from additional musculoskeletal support, particularly horses in older age, in higher levels of work and after injury. The accelerated wear and tear performance horses endure over many years requires specific support if they are to maintain their natural mobility.

    In addition, extra support may be required to nurse horses back to health after an injury. Synoflex contains high concentrations of active ingredients including Glucosamine hydrochloride and Chondroitin sulphate: two acknowledged joint support ingredients which are used in equine mobility supplements and have been proven to deliver a marked benefit in maintaining healthy joints and cartilage. Further research has demonstrated that these two components are more effective in combination than either ingredient on their own.

    Synoflex should be fed long term to supplement a balanced diet:If the horse is already receiving a balanced diet, feed Synoflex long-term to help support and maintain healthy joints. Synoflex is of particular benefit to horses in older age, in higher levels of work or those recovering from an injury.?

    Supplied in a Tin containing 30 sachets.

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  9. NAF Veteran Supplement

    RRP £40.99

    From: £22.33

    NAF Veteran Supplement is a comprehensive formula containing MSM and probiotics, specifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of older horses. From around his mid teens your horse will begin to show signs of ageing. His nutritional requirements for increased energy, bone and joint integrity as well as for maintaining his condition, will change. These specific nutritional needs of the older horse have all been addressed in the formulation of Veteran Supplement. Key ingredients include probiotics and yeasts to help replace the bacteria lost from the gut, to support healthy digestion and help reduce the risk of digestive upset, lysine, a vital amino acid for the formation of high quality protein, organic Sulphur in the form of MSM, which is important for bone, circulation and connective tissue and is included to provide valuable nutritional support for maintaining joint integrity. Di-calcium phosphate ensures calcium, and phosphorous are available in the optimum ratio for efficient absorption. Veteran Supplement also contains a broad base of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to help maintain general health. Lastly, Veteran includes ginkgo and ginseng, well known for their herbal support of a youthful outlook.

    NAF Veteran Supplement is recommended for all older horses whether still in regular work or enjoying retirement.

    Supplied in 1.5kg, 3kg or 10kg

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  10. Gold Label Aloe Vera Juice

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Aloe Vera Juice.

    Aloe Vera is widely used to promote a healthy digestive tract, kidneys, and bladder.

    Can be used as a general 'pick me up' tonic to aid well being, energy and joint suppleness.

    Supplied in 1ltr bottles.

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  11. Gold Label Cider Vinegar
    From: £3.78

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Cider Vinegar.

    Maintains correct pH balance in the intestinal tract and stimulates the appetite.

    Ideal for older horses or fussy eaters.

    Supplied in 1ltr, 5ltr or 25ltr bottles.

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  12. Gold Label Glucosamine Liquid

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Glucosamine Liquid.

    All the benefits of glucoasmine powder with added benefits of MSM and Devils Claw in a palatable liquid form. Ideal for fussy eaters.

    Supplied in 1ltr.

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  13. Gold Label MSM Plus

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label MSM Plus.

    Helps preserve the natural regeneration of tissue.

    Supplied in 250g or 500g tubs.

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  14. Gold Label Seaweed

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Seaweed.

    With over 50 trace elements seaweed provides a complete mineral balance.

    Supplied in 2kg, 5kg or 10kg tubs.

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  15. NAF MSM

    RRP £47.99

    From: £17.64

    NAF MSM is a daily supplement, designed to offer the horse the correct nutritional support to promote the health of the connective tissues surrounding the joints. MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane) is sulphur in its natural form as found in the horse's natural diet (including grass and trees). However, it's a nutrient that is lost when forage is preserved or during the processing of hard feed. Therefore the diet of the stabled horse is likely to be deficient in this most important of nutrients.

    MSM is found in every connective tissue in the body and is Important for joint flexibility and to help maintain soundness in competition and older horses. It is essential for the health and elasticity of the connective tissues surrounding the joints. Sulphur is an essential part of all living cells, including amino acids, vitamins and cartilage. However many sources of sulphur are not efficiently absorbed and used by the horse.  MSM is rich in bio-available sulphur, vital for the health of soft tissue, tendons, ligaments and muscle. Feeding MSM at the recommended rates ensures the correct levels of sulphur are donated to the areas where it's most needed, such as the soft tissue elements of the joint. NAF only use premium quality MSM, provided by UFAS accredited suppliers to ensure a high quality, safe product.

    Available in 300g, 1kg or 2.5kg.

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  16. SP Equine NaviLam O

    Online for Equine stock SP Equine NaviLam O.

    Help maintain the condition of the lower leg and hoof including the Pedal bone, Laminae and Navicular bones.

    Available in 1ltr or 2.5ltr.

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  17. MaxaFlex

    Online for Equine stock the MaxaFlex is a double action supplement which is beneficial for both short and long-term use.

    Results can be seen from this product in as little as 7-10 days due to the unique combination of SuPerna, Glucosamine, HA and MSM.

    One month supply when using one level scoop per day.

    Supplied in 900g tubs.

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  18. NAF Glucosamine 10,000 Plus with MSM
    From: £15.50

    Glucosamine 10,000 Plus with MSM provides the recognised level of glucosamine sulphate (10,000mg at loading rate, 5,000 at maintenance rate) together with additional support from MSM. It is the ideal economic commodity choice for those looking to provide support for their horse's joints.

    Available in 900g or 4.5kg

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  19. NAF Go Sound

    RRP £29.99

    From: £27.98

    NAF Go Sound gives your horse total comfort when he really needs it. It's the natural way to maintain comfort in older horses or those needing any additional support. Go Sound is formulated using natural ingredients known for their comforting qualities and is safe to compete on under FEI rules.

    NAF Go Sound can be fed to all horses and ponies, including pregnant mares.

    NAF Go Sound does not contain Bute.

    Available in 1ltr bottles

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  20. Horse First My Joints

    RRP £115.20

    From: £26.25

    Horse First My Joints contains a unique formulation of high levels of glucosamine, Vitamin C and sepiolite. Glucosamine supports your horses mobility while Vitamin C provides antioxidant properties. Horse First have included ingredients which are proven to be effective, while not including ingredients which under placebo tests have no proven value. My Joints contains the best nutrients delivered through the most efficient pathways for the most effective results, whether your horse in competing at international level or is an veteran family pet.

    Available in 750g, 2kg and 5kg.

    Mix into damp feed. 

    Loading: add one 25g scoop to the morning and evening feed for seven days.
    Maintenance: add one 25g scoop daily to morning feed.



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Joint Supplements for Horses

The joints of any animals are subject to wear and this would have a disastrous effect on the life of that animal. Unfortunately for all riders, a horse's joints are particularly susceptible to wearing. Horses are naturally grazing animals who do not move continuously, occasionally having to run fast from predators, however in today's world horses are moving a lot more regularly and are put under considerably more strain than they are naturally prepared for. Between jumping events and dressage competitions, a horse's joints face a lot. Treating and protecting your horse's joints is the key to longevity and a heathier horse for longer, the way to do that is by getting joint supplements for horses.

Horse joint supplements are perfect for managing the changes to your horse's joints, inflammation can actually lead to important tissue inside the joint breaking apart. There have been studies that show a young horse that has been feed equine joint supplements as a preventative is actually very beneficial for the joints long term wellbeing.

There is not one single area on a horse's body that has been studied and benefited from scientific development than the joints. We all love our horses, but every horse (no matter whether it is a performance or leisure horse) is in risk of developing joint issues. Online for Equine fully understand that us riders will do whatever it takes to avoid this, that is why we have a great range of joint supplements for horses of all ages and disciplines, if you would like to know more please feel free to contact our sales team.