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  1. Day Son & Hewitt Relaxin

    RRP £42.00

    From: £37.80

    Online for Equine offer the Day Son & Hewitt Relaxin.

    Some horses are susceptible to anxiety and can become stressed during competition or travelling, while receiving veterinary treatments or entering new environments and early or intense training.

    In situations such as these Relaxin is particularly useful in keeping the horse as calm and stress-free as possible.
    Relaxin is a blend of nutrients that help to reduce anxiety and promote calmness, relaxation and concentration.
    Relaxin is not a substitute for appropriate management, training and skilled handling and riding, which are all contributing factors in maintaining a calm horse.

    Relaxin should be fed long term to supplement a balanced diet:If the horse is already receiving a balanced diet, feed Relaxin long-term to promote calmness, relaxation and concentration and to help reduce the stress and anxiety caused by competition, travelling, veterinary treatments or new environments.If feeding less than the manufacturers recommended amount of concentrate feed or if doubtful of the quality of forage, the diet should be balanced in the first instance using Foundation.??

    Supplied in Tins of 30 Sachets??

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  2. Gold Label Magnesium Plus

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Magnesium Plus.

    Liquid calmer and mood modifier. Contains high levels of magnesium to maintain integrity of the nervous system and natural b group vitamins from brewers yeast to enhance the effect.

    Suitable for use under all competition rules.

    Supplied in 1ltr bottles.

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  3. James Hart Solutions Harmony

    Harmony supports the hormonal balance of your mare.

    This supplement supports the seasonal and behavioral variation that may affect some mares and therefore adversely affect their temperament and performance.

    Harmony is a fast absorbing, fast acting liquid extract. It contains only rich concentrated plant extracts, with no added fillers such as cider vinegar or honey.

    Available in 3 sizes.

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  4. Nettex Calmer Maintenance Powder

    Nettex Calmer Maintenance Powder delivers high levels of bioavailable Chelated Magnesium to maintain magnesium levels in the horse's body, giving a long-lasting effect. This calmer is ideal to feed on a regular basis. Feed to horses and ponies to help reduce symptoms related to stress such as nervousness, apprehension, excitability and irritability - Nettex Calmer Maintenance Powder encourages wellbeing and concentration without compromising the horse's personality or performance. 

    Available in 1kg

    Made in the UK

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  5. Nettex V.I.P.® Keep Kalm

    Nettex V.I.P.® Keep Kalm is the next generation of calmer supplement, formulated to give complete stress relief, supporting calmness, wellbeing and concentration. It's a vet approved, highly bioavailable supplement for fast absorption and a rapid effect. It features a unique blend of natural Casein and Chelated Magnesium which fully supports concentration and wellbeing. Casein is a natural milk protein which promotes relaxation to help calm young milk-fed animals, such as foals. It gives beneficial effects to both adult and young horses who are exposed to stressful situations. Chelated magnesium is an essential nutrient which has many roles within the horse's body, including the regulation of the nervous system. 

    Nettex V.I.P.® Keep Kalm can assist in helping horses to cope with the stresses of modern lifestyles. It's an ideal supplement to feed on a regular basis for horses showing signs of stress such as nervousness, excitability, irritability and apprehension, helping to maintain calmess, wellbeing and concentration. This is a fast acting calmer, showing visible results from 5 days.

    Available in 2kg

    Made in the UK

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  6. Pomms Ear Plugs

    Pomms Ear Plugs are the No1 selling ear plugs for horses in the USA. This innovative design is proven to improve focus and encourage relaxation by allowing horses to hear normal tones while greatly reducing distracting or loud noises. Pomms Ear Plugs create an "acupuncture effect" on the horse's inner ear, inducing a relaxing feeling for the horse. They are made from soft, comfortable and non-irritating material which will protect horse's sensitive ears from wind, water and debris. Discrete and durable, these ear plugs are easy to roll into the ear canal for a comfortable and snug fit to ensure they won't fall out.

    Sold in pairs; available in Horse or Pony

    Wipe clean only; store in a clean, dry place.

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  7. Feedmark Steady Up Advance

    RRP £48.69

    From: £44.99

    Online for Equine stock the Feedmark Steady Up Advance Supplement.

    Helps maintain calmness without reducing performance.

    Supplied in 2kg or 4kg.

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  8. SP Equine Hormonise
    From: £18.00

    Online for Equine stock SP Equine Hormonise.

    Excellent for attitude problems and moody mares. Helps maintain and balance hormone problems.

    Available in 1ltr or 5ltr.

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  9. MaxaCalm

    Online for Equine stock MaxaCalm is a supplement which helps you achieve a calm and content horse.

    With daily use, the magnesium and L-Trytophan help to keep your horse focused on the job at hand.

    One month supply when feeding one level scoop a day.

    Supplied in a 900g tub.

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  10. Freestep Steady

    Freestep Steady is a magnesium-based calmer which has been formulated to help horses to perform to their potential and to balance the horse's temperament. It's the ideal supplement for horses showing nervous, anxious and stressful behaviour, particularly when induced by travel, competition or illness. Steady can also be helpful for "moody mares", colts and rigs.

    Freestep Steady combines ingredients to aid concentration, temperament and focus and absorbs rapidly into the body. 

    Formulated to comply with the rules and regulations of the FEI, 24 hour withdrawal recommended for racing.


    Give between half and one scoop morning and evening; give double before events if necessary.

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  11. Gold Label New Formula Tranquil

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Tranquil.

    Balanced blend of herbs, magnesium and passion flower selected for calming properties. Does not impede performance.

    Ideal for nervy, fretful or excitable horses.

    FEI legal.

    Supplied in 1kg tubs.

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  12. Gold Label Oestraban

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Oestraban.

    Contains mimicking herb which can be fed to stallions or rigs to assist with handling problems. Can be used to maintain hormone balance for working mares prone to mare-ish tendancies and behaviour.

    May be beneficial to lactating mares - must be discontinued 4 weeks prior to the breeding season.

    Supplied in 800g tubs.

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  13. NAF Five Star Liquid Magic

    RRP £31.99

    From: £27.50

    NAF Five Star Magic Liquid is formulated from magnesium, the same unique herbal combination as used in Magic Powder. It has the advantage of extracting the active ingredients from the herbs, making them more readily available for absorption by the horse. The calming effects can be seen fast. Magnesium is an essential nutrient to the horse's wellbeing and among its many roles is the regulation of nervous tension. As magnesium also acts on muscle tension, a horse low in magnesium may appear tight in his way of going and express anxiety, excitability and a lack of confidence. Low magnesium may be caused by a grazing deficiency or simply a horse or pony's individual metabolism. Magnesium levels can also be reduced by regular travel and competition. Magic is more than just magnesium; it also contains a blend of herbs chosen for their traditional use in supporting confidence and concentration. The unique blend of magnesium and herbal support of Magic enables the horse to tackle all that is asked of it calmly and confidently.

    Available in 1ltr and 5ltr

    Learn more about NAF Magic here.

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  14. Freestep Re-Laxed

    Freestep Re-Laxed is formulated from 100% natural ingredients and is ideal for nervous or difficult to handle horses. Administered in a liquid form, Re-Laxed absorbs in minutes and lasts for hours, making it useful for situations horses find stressful such as before shoeing, travelling or in times where there is a busy atmosphere. 

    Re-Laxed contains a blend of plant compounds that are known to assist in proving help in stressful situations.

    Formulated to comply with FEI regulations; 24 hour withdrawal recommended before training.

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  15. James Hart Solutions Mellow
    From: £27.99

    Mellow is a unique natural formula that is designed to take the edge off sharp, aggressive, anxious or uncooperative horses in training or those strugging to cope with box rest.

    Unique to equine supplements, Mellow contains human-grade liquid extract of the herb Hypericum (Hypericum perforatum) in an ethanol base at the highest (1:2) concentration available.

     Mellow does not contain any ingredients recognised to contravene the Jockey Club, FEI or BSJA rules regarding prohibited substances.

    Not recommended for use in pregnant mares, Mellow should also not be suddenly removed from the diet as withdrawal symptoms such as an exacerbation of original behaviours may be seen.

    Available in 2 sizes.

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  16. Freestep Calming Spray

    RRP £15.00

    From: £10.00

    Freestep Calming Spray is ideal for easily spooked, excitable horses and those lacking in concentration.

    To use, mist heavily and gently rub into the neck area, the closer to the ears the better.

    Available in 300ml or 500ml spray bottles

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  17. SP Equine Tranquil E
    From: £17.00

    Online for Equine stock SP Equine Tranquil E.

    Herbal supplement prepared from the root of the Valerian plant. Acts as a natural calmer.

    Available in 1ltr or 2.5ltr.

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  18. James Hart Solutions V-Calm
    From: £27.99

    V-Calm is the ideal supplement to use on a variety of horses who are fractious, over anxious or nervous. 

    This supplement can be extremely useful during training and working and it is widely recognised as a classic calming herb. It is particularly helpful in the education of young horses. It helps settle during their exposure to different situations such as travelling, showing, the dentist, vet etc. 

    Valerian Calm (V-Calm) does not impair a horse's ability to learn or its judgement. It is not a sedative will not show a strong sedating action and unlike most sedation agents, V-Calm is safe to give horses already excited and it's quick acting. 

    You should see the effects of V-Calm in 30 minutes, although it may take up to an hour to show its full effects. This will vary between horses.

    V-Calm is available in 3 different sizes.

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  19. Battles Epsom Salt
    From: £3.68

    The Battles Epsom Salt is a magnesium sulphate solution that is for general veterinary use. Can be used as a feed for your horse to be able to cam them down if they are very excitable, very useful and effective calmer.

    Available in 1kg, 3kg and 25kg.

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  20. Dodson & Horrell Placid

    RRP £20.28

    From: £14.99

    This Dodson & Horrell Placid is perfect for excitable or stressed ponies. 

    This Dodson & Horrell Placid contains, Contains chamomile, lemon balm and vervain all renowned for their calming properties. Also contains magnesium to encourage an even temperament.

    Available in a range of sizes.

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Horses behaviour can change throughout the year; commonly mares can become difficult around spring time and it is around this time that our sales of equine calming products peak! When it comes to assessing if your horse requires a calmer, we always recommend you firstly assess your horse's level of training, fit of tack and we also suggest getting his back and teeth checked. Reduction in your horse's food ration or increasing exercise can help to reduce excitability (when excitability is a result of excess energy levels) but if you still find he is to sharp, a calmer or calming supplement may be a wise investment. The supplementation of magnesium into the horse's diet can have a marked effect on temperament, which is why we stock a full range of calming supplements from brands such as Dodson & Horrell, Maxavita and Feel Good 30. If you are experiencing continual behaviour problems, it may be worth discussing them with your vet and trainer.