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  1. Equilibrium FREE Munch Net with 3 Munch Blocks
  2. Pomms Ear Plugs
  3. James Hart Solutions Harmony
  4. Le Mieux Cro-Mag
  5. Equilibrium Calmmunch
  6. Gold Label Magnesium Plus
  7. Day Son & Hewitt Relaxin
  8. Dodson & Horrell Placid
  9. Battles Epsom Salt
  10. NAF 5 Star Magic Powder
  11. James Hart Solutions Mellow
  12. James Hart Solutions Equicalm
  13. Clop Liquid Calmer
  14. NAF 5 Star Magic Liquid
  15. SP Equine Tranquil E
  16. NAF 5 Star Oestress Liquid
  17. Gold Label Oestraban
  18. Horse First Relax Me
  19. James Hart Solutions V-Calm
  20. MaxaCalm
  21. NAF 5 Star Oestress Powder
  22. SP Equine Hormonise
  23. Gold Label Equikalm
  24. Feedmark Steady Up Advance
Grid List

24 Items

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Horses behaviour can change throughout the year; commonly mares can become difficult around spring time and it is around this time that our sales of equine calming products peak! When it comes to assessing if your horse requires a calmer, we always recommend you firstly assess your horse's level of training, fit of tack and we also suggest getting his back and teeth checked. Reduction in your horse's food ration or increasing exercise can help to reduce excitability (when excitability is a result of excess energy levels) but if you still find he is to sharp, a calmer or calming supplement may be a wise investment. The supplementation of magnesium into the horse's diet can have a marked effect on temperament, which is why we stock a full range of calming supplements from brands such as Dodson & Horrell, Maxavita and Feel Good 30. If you are experiencing continual behaviour problems, it may be worth discussing them with your vet and trainer.