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  1. Cavalor Horse Treats

    RRP £5.85

    From: £4.20

    Cavalor Horse Treats are a healthy, tasty snacks for your horse. Molasses free and in resealable packaging, these treats are rich in fibre and come in three different flavours. 

    Fruities and Sweeties are available in handy 750g pouches while the Crunchies are in a 1.5kg bucket.

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  2. Paddock Likit

    Now even tastier! The Paddock Likit is the easy way to ensure your horse receives essential vitamins and minerals. A top quality, high specifications mineral lick with Garlic, Yeast and 'the Happy Hooves Formula'. Not only will it assist in the delivery of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, it will also help keep hooves strong and healthy, which is particularly important during the dry summer months. The Paddock Likit can be used in the stable or field to complement a forage diet and it comes with a convenient carry handle, which can be easily removed before use.

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  3. Likit Christmas Stud Muffins

    These Likit Christmas Stud Muffins are limited edition Christmas Pudding flavoured stud muffins. 

    These are only available through the Christmas period so gets yours quickly before they go! 

    Available in a range of sizes.

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  4. Global Herbs Fennel Seeds

    Global Herbs Fennel Seeds are a great choice for fussy eaters or horses prone to gas. 

    Fennel offers natural and effective comfort while supporting normal digestion, and is known to help with horses who are susceptible to gas and bloating. 

    Global Herbs Fennel Seeds can be fed either as required or for maintenance and can be offered as part of the diet all year round.


    Available in 1kg

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  5. Equilibrium Simply Scoop

    The Equilibrium Simply Scoop is designed to measure out portions of the Simply Irresistible feed topper to ensure that measurements are accurate and even.

    1 scoop measures 50g of the topper, which is the perfect amount to add to your horses hard feed to encourage them to eat.

    The Scoop is easy to keep hold off, with it's easy clip feature to clip it to the Simply Irresistible bags. This clip feature also means that it's easy to reseal the bags, ensuring the topper lasts longer.

    This handy scoop is available in one size only, and comes in Pink or Orange.

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  6. Likit Tongue Twister

    Online for Equine are pleased to offer the Likit Tongue Twister.

    Likits Tongue Twister is particularly useful if you have a smaller stable and need to keep your horse occupied and bad behaviour to a minimum. The Tongue Twister fixes directly onto the wall of the stable so that it does not intrude on the space available.

    It is known that horses become bored whilst stabled, which can result in bad behaviours such as pacing, weaving, cribbing and kicking. Studies have proved that your horses behaviour will improve if it is occupied. The Tongue Twister works by spinning round when the horse licks the treat inside, thus making it harder for the horse to obtain a treat and less likely to become bored quickly.

    Newly improved the Tongue Twister has a deeper recess, into which up to two Little Likits should be placed, and smooth edges. This will make the Little Likit last longer. Little Likits are available in a range of flavours so you are sure to find one that your horse or pony will enjoy. It is recommended that your horse has no more than one Little Likit per day. Likits are free from artificial colours and flavourings.

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  7. Day Son & Hewitt Foundation

    RRP £45.00

    From: £40.50

    Online for Equine offer the Day Son & Hewitt Foundation.

    A broad spectrum multi- vitamin and mineral supplement designed to balance the diet of all classes of horses and ponies.Fed alongside good quality forage, Foundation will eliminate the requirement for compound feed for horses at rest, in light work or those that hold weight easily.?

    A balanced diet is essential for health and performance and the basis of this diet should be good quality fibrous forage, as this is what a horses digestive system has evolved to deal with. However, in many areas of the UK, forageis deficient in essential minerals and nutrients and even in non-deficient areas, its quality can vary tremendously. In addition to deficiencies suffered as a result of poor quality forage, horses which are fed less than the full recommended amount of compound feed are also likely to be short of essential nutrients. Therefore, in both these situations, it is essential to supplement the horses diet with a high-quality forage balancer such as Foundation. If a horse is receiving a balanced diet, they will be healthy and maintain condition.

    Provided in handy sachets to ensure the supplement stays fresh and takes out the guess work of feeding supplements to your horse or pony.

    Supplied in Tins of 30 Sachets.

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  8. Day Son & Hewitt Respyt

    RRP £49.50

    From: £44.55

    Online for Equine offer the Day Son & Hewitt Respyt.

    Respyt is a blend of nutrients, nutraceuticals, oils and herbs which help support a healthy respiratory system. All stabled horses will benefit from extra respiratory support. In this artificially created environment, the dust, mould and urea are a serious challenge to the horses respiratory system.

    Respyt is also of particular benefit to horses that suffer from specific respiratory conditions such as recurrent airway disease (RAO) a condition previously known as COPD. For optimum results, Respyt should be fed long-term in addition to a balanced diet.

    In the prevention and management of respiratory problems it is also important to keep bedding and forage dust free. Haylage is therefore the best forage option, or alternatively feed soaked hay.

    All stabled horses will benefit from extra respiratory support:If the horse is already receiving a balanced diet, feed Respyt long-term to help support airways and lungs challenged by the dust, mould and urea present in a stabled environment. If feeding less than the manufacturers recommended amount of concentrate feed or if they are doubtful of the nutritional quality of forage, the diet should be balanced in the first instance using Foundation.??

    Supplied in Tins of 30 Sachets??.?

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  9. NAF Biotin Plus

    RRP £29.99

    From: £15.99

    NAF Biotin Plus contains methionine, MSM, zinc and calcium to maintain healthy hooves. Research shows that supplementary biotin is recommended for supporting hoof health. Biotin provides 15mg biotin daily, ideal for everyday maintenance of healthy hooves. Biotin Plus is ideal for everyday maintenance of healthy hooves

    For horses and ponies with compromised hoof quality see the NAF ProFeet products.

    Available in 1.5kg, 3 kg, 8kg or 18kg tubs, or 2kg refill pack.

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  10. NAF Devils Relief
    From: £13.99

    NAF Devil's Relief works to ease joint stiffness, soothe joint pain and promote freer movement. The powerful combination of herbal tinctures combined with Devil's Claw will help to benefit horses by directly targeting the area of limited flexibility. The bitter action of this formulation can also help to stimulate the digestive system, benefitting older horses in particular who often have issues with poor digestion and absorption.

    Devil's Claw is a herb native to Africa which has been used traditionally to help with joint stiffness, so is a natural alternative to medication. 

    Devil's Relief can be fed to all horses and ponies, with the exception of pregnant mares.

    Please note that this product contains Devil's Claw which is an FEI prohibited substance.

    Supplied in 500ml, 1ltr, 2ltr and 5ltr

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  11. NAF Garlic Granules
    From: £6.99

    NAF Garlic Granules contain 100% pure garlic. Garlic is reknowned for its ability to aid with breathing and general health and well-being, as well as its ability to repel flies during the summer months.

    Available in 1kg and 3kg refill bags

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  12. NAF Haylage Balancer

    RRP £45.00

    From: £23.12

    NAF Haylage Balancer is a totally natural, nutritional supportive formula that will help your horse maximise his roughage intake, while helping to maintain a healthy, comfortable gut. Haylage Balancer helps to maximise the digestion of roughage by slowing down the rate of passage of partially digested food through the hind gut. 

    Feeding NAF Haylage Balancer may also mean you can cut back on concentrate feed. Maximising the digestion enables the horse to gain the most nutritional value from his forage, and the vitamins and minerals supplied in Haylage Balancer means the horse is receiving all of the nutrients required.

    Available in 1.8kg, 3.6kg and 9kg

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  13. NAF in the Pink Senior

    RRP £24.99

    From: £23.12

    NAF in the Pink Senior is a complete supplement tailored to meet the nutritional requirements of older horses, giving all the nutritional support required to keep them active, healthy and in good condition. Pink Senior helps to balance the diet and the digestuve system which enables the horse to maximise the value of his feed intake. Pre and probiotics give optimum support of the gut, and the inclusion of all vitamins and minerals needed by older horses ensures this supplement offers all round health. 

    In the Pink Senior also supplies a unique combination of naturally sourced antioxidant ingredients to flush excess free radicals from the system, alongside providing nutrients to support joint health. In the Pink Senior is recommended for all older horses and ponies, whether signs of age are obvious or not.

    Available in 900g, 1.8kg, 3.6kg and 10kg

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  14. Equivite Original

    RRP £79.74

    From: £19.25

    Online for Equine stock Equivite Original.

    A highly palatable recipe containing chelated minerals for improved absorbtion rates.

    Broad spectrum equine supplement containing multi vitamin and minerals for active health.

    Supplied in or 15kg tubs.

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  15. Feedmark Steady Up Advance

    RRP £48.69

    From: £45.73

    Online for Equine stock the Feedmark Steady Up Advance Supplement.

    Helps maintain calmness without reducing performance.

    Supplied in 2kg or 4kg.

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  16. Gold Label Allergeze Plus

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Allergeze Plus.

    Formulated to help maintain a healthy respiratory system in the presence of dust and pollen.

    Aids general health and coat condition.

    Do not feed to pregnant mares.

    Supplied in 600g.

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  17. Gold Label Cod Liver Oil
    From: £6.00

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Cod Liver Oil.

    A blend of Cod Liver Oil, Marine oil and pure vegetable oil. Provides an excellent source of vitamins for health and condition.

    Ideal for youngstock, show stock or pregnant mares.

    Supplied in 1ltr, 2ltr or 5ltr bottles.

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  18. Gold Label B12 Oral

    RRP £15.60

    From: £11.50

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label B12 Oral.

    Highly concentrated source of vitamin B12 in an oral syringe.

    Ideal for use before or after exertion or as a general pick me up.

    Supplied in 3 x 20ml syringes or 500ml refill.

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  19. Gold Label Equikalm

    RRP £26.70

    From: £12.00

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Equikalm.

    Help settle and calm nervous horses without impairing performance. Ideal for horses who stress or are hyperactive when ridden or stabled.

    Contains Valerian. Not suitable for horses competing under rules.

    Supplied in 750g or 2kg.

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  20. Gold Label Glucosamine & Devils Claw

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Glucosamine & Devils Claw.

    Contains garlic, high quality filtered honey and liquid glucose.

    Ideal for feeding routinely to working or debilitated horses for a fast source of digestible energy. Includes the well documented non chemically extracted herb, Devils Claw.

    Soothing for the digestion and provides full strength supplement to assist in creating building blocks for healthy tendons, cartilage & joints.

    Not suitable for pregnant mares.

    Supplied in 900g.

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Horse Supplements

Some horses will require additional support alongside a balanced diet in order to maintain health and condition. There is a vast variety of horse supplements on the market to cater for all needs and shortfalls in health, from everyday vitamin and mineral balancers to targeted support for hoof health, joint maintenance or hormonal imbalances. Make an informed choice and shop supplements from trusted brands for support you can trust to really make a difference.