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  1. Equilibrium Simply Scoop

    The Equilibrium Simply Scoop is designed to measure out portions of the Simply Irresistible feed topper to ensure that measurements are accurate and even.

    1 scoop measures 50g of the topper, which is the perfect amount to add to your horses hard feed to encourage them to eat.

    The Scoop is easy to keep hold off, with it's easy clip feature to clip it to the Simply Irresistible bags. This clip feature also means that it's easy to reseal the bags, ensuring the topper lasts longer.

    This handy scoop is available in one size only, and comes in Pink or Orange.

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  2. Likit Christmas Stud Muffins

    These Likit Christmas Stud Muffins are limited edition Christmas Pudding flavoured stud muffins. 

    These are only available through the Christmas period so gets yours quickly before they go! 

    Available in a range of sizes.

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  3. Cavalor Horse Treats

    RRP £5.85

    From: £4.20

    Cavalor Horse Treats are a healthy, tasty snacks for your horse. Molasses free and in resealable packaging, these treats are rich in fibre and come in three different flavours. 

    Fruities and Sweeties are available in handy 750g pouches while the Crunchies are in a 1.5kg bucket.

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  4. NAF Five Star Respirator Boost

    RRP £19.99

    From: £19.73

    NAF Five Star Respirator Boost provides valuable nutritional support to the respiratory mucosal immune system and the delicate capillary blood vessels that surrounds the lungs. As naturally athletic animals, the horse's lungs have evolved for maximum efficiency in flight from predators. Pressure on the respiratory system from modern equine lifestyles such as stable bedding, dried forage and enclosed areas can be acutely detrimental to these large, delicate organs. Use of Respirator products is recommended where close contact with other horses showing respiratory stress may be a concern. Respirator Boost contains a concentrated solution of natural antioxidants alongside herbs such as ginger, rosehip and blueberries chosen for their targeted support of healthy lung function. Echinacea is also included for immune system support. Added essential oils help to maintain clear airways. 

    Available in 500ml, 1ltr, 2ltr and 5ltr

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  5. Day Son & Hewitt Platform

    Online for Equine offer the Day Son & Hewitt Platform.

    Platform is a hoof supplement of superior formulation that supplies the nutrients needed to support strong, resilient, hoof growth. It contains super-optimum daily levels of Biotin, a nutrient well known for improving hoof quality, supported by high quality ingredients including Zinc, Copper and Magnesium.

    Biotin has been proven in research to strengthen a horses hooves. Levels of 3mg per 100kg of bodyweight are required long-term, purely to maintain a hoof which is already in good condition. In order to actually improve poor quality hooves, levels which are in excess of this are required. Platform contains 25mg of Biotin per daily feed for a 500kg horse, which is substantially more than the 15mg recommended.

    For optimum results, Platform should be fed to supplement a balanced diet:If the horse is already receiving a balanced diet, feed Platform long-term (at least 9-12 months) to improve the quality of new horn growth. If the horse is being fed less than the manufacturers recommended amount of concentrate feed or if there is doubt regarding the quality of their forage, the diet should be balanced in the first instance using Foundation.??

    Supplied in Tins of 30 Sachets?

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  6. NAF Apple Cider Vinegar

    RRP £14.99

    From: £10.50

    NAF Apple Cider Vinegar is used to support general health and vitality. This Apple Cider Vinegar is unpasteurised, meaning it retains all of its natural goodness which is stripped by the pasteurisation process of mass produced alternatives. This Cider Vinegar can also be used to increase the palatability of feeds and is helpful when feeding fussy horses.

    Available in 2.5ltr, 5ltr and 25ltr

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  7. NAF Cushinaze

    RRP £42.99

    From: £41.04

    NAF Cushinaze has been developed to provide nutritional support of the pituitary gland and to optimise gut function, while supplementing the horse's overall health. Certain herbs, such as Chasteberry, have been used to support the pituitary gland. Gut health is optimised by providing live probiotic yeasts, ensuring efficient metabolism and optimal condition. Healthy hooves are supplemented with MSM and anti-oxidants give additional support to the liver. Ginkgo and ginsent are included to herbally support a bright, active mind in older animals. NAF Cushinaze also provides essential immune support for the horse's general health and vitality.

    Available in 1kg or 2kg

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  8. NAF Electro Salts

    RRP £18.99

    From: £6.99

    NAF Electro Salts are formulated to replace the essential nutrients and water lost during sweating and exercise, and to replenish the natural reserves his body needs to remain fit, healthy and able to perform.

    When horses work, or during hot weather, they regulate their body temperature by sweating. Sweating not only loses fluid as it evaporates, but also essential body salts, particularly sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Failure to replace these body salts (known as electrolytes) can result in fatigue. Electro Salts is a concentrated combination of the essential plasma salts in combination with dextrose to aid efficient absorption of the salts. They should be fed following exertion, after heavy sweating or during periods of very hot weather. Simply add to feed or dissolve in drinking water. 

    Available in 150g traveller tubs, 1kg, 4kg and 10kg

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  9. NAF Gastrivet Pellets

    RRP £75.00

    From: £67.25

    NAF GastriVet is a totally natural, nutritional formula developed by world-leading veterinary scientists and nutritionists, and is recommended by vets. This clinically proven formula promotes a healthy gastric environment, supports the natural anti-inflammatory processes, soothes the stomach walls and balances the guts' PH levels. Ideal for performance and competition horses, GastriVet can also support the benefits of veterinary treatment when used as part of an aftercare plan.

    Supplied in palatable pellet form for easy feeding.

    Available in 2kg or 4kg 

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  10. NAF Mare, Foal & Youngstock

    RRP £150.00

    From: £24.99

    NAF Mare, Foal & Youngstock helps to provide a constant, balanced diet to ensure the healthy development of the foal. Nutrition is one of the most important aspects when raising youngstock, and a consistent diet will maintain a smooth, even growth pattern for the foal avoiding growth spurts. NAF Mare, Foal & Youngstock is a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement which is tailored for growth, providing calcium and phosporus in the correct ratio for bone development. Zinc and iron are present to ensure absorption of the nutrients into the bone. Copper is added for the healthy formation of cartilage, along with Vitamin E which supports healthy muscle development. 

    Feeding NAF Mare, Foal & Youngstock as directed to both the mare and foal with ensure the correct nutrient levels are provided for optimum development of the foal. NAF recommends feeding this supplement daily to the mare from three months before foaling through to weaning, and then to the foal up to four years of age.

    Supplied in 1.8kg, 3.6kg and 15kg 

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  11. NAF Seaweed

    RRP £12.99

    From: £9.99

    NAF Seaweed is an excellent source of broad spectrum natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements to support health and vitality in all horses, helping to promote a shiny coat and strong hooves. Seaweed is an ideal supplement for wheat intolerant horses, and is particularly recommended when feeding lower than advised rates of hard feed which may leave the diet vitamin and mineral deficient. 

    NAF Seaweed is naturally sourced off the coast of Scotland.

    Seaweed is not recommended for mares in the later stages of pregnancy.

    Supplied in 2kg or 10kg tubs; 2kg refill bags

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  12. NAF Vitamin E, Selenium & Lysine
    From: £17.99

    NAF Vitamin E, Selenium & Lysine helps to support muscle function in the performance horse. It's a particularly useful supplement in those geographical areas where the soil is likely to be selenium deficient. Contains selenium yeast, safer to use than inorganic forms. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that has the ability to stabilise cell membranes, thus helping to protect the cell from the detrimental effects of excess free radicals. Studies have also indicated the beneficial effects this vitamin can have on the horse’s performance, due to its support of oxygen delivery to the lungs Vitamin E and Selenium are both of vital importance to natural growth, fertility and optimum muscle function. Lysine, an essential amino acid, is necessary for optimum growth and development. Low in feeds of non-meat origin, Lysine can be deficient in many equine diets. Soil in some geographical areas around the UK is naturally low in selenium, which is when supplementing with Vitamin E, Selenium Lysine is particularly useful to improve the diet.

    Supplied in 1kg, 2.5kg  and 10kg

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  13. Feedmark Settlex

    RRP £48.69

    From: £41.99

    Online for Equine stock the Feedmark Settlex.

    Contains acid-neutralising ingredients that help reduce the horse's motivation to perform oral stereotypies by gently soothing the digestive system.?

    Ideal for horses prone to gastric ulcers or those that display stressed behaviour.

    Supplied in 1.8kg.

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  14. Gold Label Brewers Yeast
    From: £12.75

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Brewers Yeast.

    Brewers Yeast is a natural source of B vitamins and is ideal for feeding to show stock providing conditioning elements for skin and coat bloom.

    Pure pharmaceutical grade Brewers Yeast.

    Contains Thiamine which is believed to be beneficial to nervous horses.

    Supplied in 1.5kg or 3kg.

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  15. Gold Label Bute Free Liquid
    From: £14.18

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Bute Free Liquid.

    A concentrated combination of Devils Claw, Yucca, Filamentosa and MSM, reknowned natural ingredients to maintain healthy joints and muscles.

    Help maintain recovery from stiffness without the risk of side effects.

    Does not contain Phenylbutazone. Do not feed to pregnant mares.

    Supplied in 1ltr or 5ltr bottles.

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  16. Gold Label Creatine Plus

    RRP £26.22

    From: £23.77

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Creatine Plus.

    High energy muscle food to help optimise stamina naturally.

    Supplied in 1kg.

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  17. Gold Label Electrolyte Liquid

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Electrolyte Liquid.

    Fortified with liquid Seaweed, major mineral salts and liquid glucose for rapid absorbtion.

    Can be added directly to feed or diluted in water. Clean drinking water should be available at all times.

    Supplied in 1ltr bottle.

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  18. Gold Label Liquid Garlic.

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Liquid Garlic.

    Finest pure garlic oil blended with natural linseed oil. For respiratory, digestive and circulatory health.

    Supplied in 1ltr bottles.

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  19. Gold Label Garlic Granules

    RRP £9.99

    From: £9.59

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Garlic Granules.

    Pure garlic in an easy to feed form. Ideal to aid digestion, respiration or as a fly repellent.

    Supplied in 3kg tubs.

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  20. Gold Label Glucosamine Plus 5000

    RRP £33.00

    From: £13.95

    Online for Equine stock the Gold Label Glucosamine Plus 5000.

    Potent formulation to provide building blocks for healthy tendons, cartilage and joints, Suitable for horses of all ages.

    Feed at a higher introductary rate for 3 weeks to aid repair, then continue at a reduced rate for ongoing maintenance.

    Natural non bovine product, free from side effects

    Supplied in 900g or 2.7kg.

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Some horses will require additional support alongside a balanced diet in order to maintain health and condition. There is a vast variety of horse supplements on the market to cater for all needs and shortfalls in health, from everyday vitamin and mineral balancers to targeted support for hoof health, joint maintenance or hormonal imbalances. Make an informed choice and shop supplements from trusted brands for support you can trust to really make a difference.