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  1. Nettex Whitening Shampoo
  2. Nettex Lavender No Rinse Wash
  3. Nettex Peppermint No Rinse Wash
  4. Nettex Everyday Conditioning Shampoo
  5. Wahl Tea Tree Oil Shampoo
  6. Wahl Showman Easy Groom Conditioner
  7. Shapley's Medi Care Shampoo
  8. Shapley’s Easy Out No Rinse Shampoo
  9. Supreme Products Professional Collection Colour Enhancing Shampoo
  10. NAF Teatree & Mint Shampoo
  11. Veredus Easy White Dry Shampoo
  12. Veredus Shampoo Sheen
  13. Veredus Blue Snow Shampoo
  14. Dermoline Sweet Itch Lotion
  15. NAF Warming Wash
  16. Le Mieux Brite Whites Shampoo
  17. Le Mieux Muscle Slosh Body Wash
  18. Chalk Powder
  19. NAF Shine On Grooming Spray
  20. Supreme Products Blue Shampoo
Grid List

Items 1-20 of 69

Set Descending Direction

Horse Shampoo

Every rider knows how difficult it is to find shampoo for ourselves, with all the different options available we are all spoilt for choice; this also is an issue we face with our horses. Getting our horse's squeaky clean can be a difficult at the best of times, dust, stains and mud can ruin the mood of any rider when they are faced with cleaning and washing their horse.

Online for Equine understand that horse shampoos come in all types from hundreds of brands, which can get confusing. That is why we have created this amazing horse shampoo range with products from the best names in the horse riding world.

On this page you can find all sorts of shampoos and horse wash products including cooling washes as well as many anti-itch, stain removal and medicated horse shampoos. Each different products uses different extracts and contains unique elements, all of which will make your horse's coat and skin look, smell and feel as clean as they can be.

If you would like to know more about the different horse shampoos we offer please feel free to get in touch with a member of our sales team who would be more than happy to help answer any queries you may have. If you are looking for something to add the final touch, please see our mane and tail finishing touches selection.