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  1. Veredus Phlo Gel
  2. Veredus Ice Gel
  3. Veredus Event Gel
  4. Veredus Cool clay
  5. Carr & Day & Martin Ice Blue Leg Cooler
  6. NAF Ice Cool Gel
  7. Le Mieux Cooling Gel
  8. Gold Label Witch Hazel and Arnica Gel
  9. Gold Label Leg Guard
  10. Gold Label Leg Clay
  11. Gold Label Bute Free Gel
  12. NAF Ice Cool
  13. Barrier Animal Healthcare Lavender Wash
  14. Freestep Gastro GM
    Freestep Gastro GM
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  15. Gold Label Muscle and Tendon Gel
  16. Gold Label Leg Ice
  17. Carr & Day & Martin Liniment
  18. Barrier Animal Healthcare Embrocation Spray
  19. Keratex Leg & Tendon Cooling Gel
Grid List

19 Items

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Electrolytes are responsible for the correct function of nerves and muscles and are found in small amounts in the fluid surrounding cells; the main electrolytes are calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium. During exercise horses lose water and electrolytes are dissolved in this water and are therefore lost through the process of sweating. It is important to ensure that horses are given electrolyte supplements before and after hard competition to ensure their nerve and muscle function is at its optimum. Online for Equine stock a range of electrolyte supplements to aid your horse through competition and to help him recover quickly after exercise. Electrolyte supplements should only be fed when water is available to the horse.