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  1. Tigers Tongue Grooming Sponge

    The Tigers Tongue Grooming Sponge is an effective grooming aid which works as a sponge, curry comb and brillo pad all in one. The Tigers Tongue Sponge can be used dry or wet to groom your horse efficiently and effectively as well as offering a massaging effect. It quickly and efficiently removes dirt, dry mud and loose hair; it's also superb at removing sweat marks and stains. Use with shampoo to clean up white legs and lift scurf and dirt from the coat.

    The Tigers Tongue Grooming Sponge is flexible to clean easily around joints and awkward areas including ears, armpits and under the head. The open, brillo pad construction allows the sponge to be cleaned easily.

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  2. Carr & Day & Martin Tack Cleaning Sponge

    Online for Equine offer theCarr & Day & Martin Tack Cleaning Sponge.

    High density, high quality sponge. Handy size for cleaning tack or applying conditioners.

    Available in One Size (10cm x 7cm).

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  3. Carr & Day & Martin Horse Care Sponge

    Online for Equine offer theCarr & Day & Martin Horse Care Sponge.

    Large, high quality sponge ideal for cleaning all areas of the horse. Ergonomically shaped for ease of use.

    Ideal for bathing or application of coat care products.

    Available in One Size (18cm x 10cm).

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  4. Lincoln Large Economy Sponge

    Lincoln largegeneral purpose sponge which is ideal for everyday use around the stable yard. Size: 6" x 4" x 2".

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  5. Lincoln Tack Sponge

    This Lincoln Tack Sponge is specifically designed to thoroughly clean through leather tack effectively without scratching or damaging the leather. 

    Available in one size (5" x 2.5" x 1.5")

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  6. Le Mieux Hippo Mitt

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    From: £9.45

    The Le Mieux Hippo Mitt is a fantastic addition to anyone's grooming kit.

    The Hippo Mitt is a soft, flexible & double-sided textured mitt and is made from a premium rubber compound.

    This mitt can be used either wet or dry to shed loose hair or dirt and release sutbborn stains, sweat & mud.

    Available in One Size in either Blue or Pink.

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Sponges are an essential piece of equipment on any yard for every horse owner! Whether its for bathing your horse or for cleaning out a bucket, everyone needs a sponge!. However it is important to use a different sponge for different purposes, for example you would use a different sponge to clean your horse's eyes and dock. Online for Equine offer a selection of sponges in different sizes and colours. We offer sponges from the following brands, Lincoln, Polly Products, Carr & Day & Martin and Shires.