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  1. Shires Grooming Razors

    RRP £1.99

    From: £1.79

    A must for every grooming kit- safety razors for that final finish.

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  2. Mane & Tail Thinning Scissors

    Online for Equine offer the these Mane & Tail Thinning Scissors.

    Thinning scissors are made from steel and are 6" long.

    They are ideal to use for trimming your horses mane or fetlocks.

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  3. Smart Grooming Tails Rake

    RRP £26.81

    From: £24.99

    The Smart Grooming Tails Rake is the number one choice of tool for thinning thick tails in record time!

    This mane and tail thinner is the only product on the market that actually thins thick manes and tails, providing a neat, pulled look without any discomfort to the horse. Supplied with an easy grip handle to make light work of thick tails!

    A full, bushy tail can be transformed to a neat, pulled tail ready for the show ring in minutes. This tail rake is guaranteed to effectively thin out tails even on the most sensitive of animals.

    The Smart Grooming Tails Rake is made from high quality Scandinavian steel and manufactured in Germany. Spare blades are available and can easily be replaced by loosening the nut on the rake.

    This rake is available in various head designs, helping you make the ideal selection for your horse type.

    The Superfine are used mostly for finishing small show ponies or animals with small docks and very fine hair, as it will get close to the fine top hairs. Also used on all types where final presentation is critical as it will pick up the top fine hairs which are sometimes more difficult with the other grades are equally good for using on dogs and other small animals to de-matt and thin out thick hair.

    Fine blades are mostly used on hair which have already been tidied or is quite fine. It is also useful to finish really thick tails when a show or close finish is needed, and the bulk of it has already been shaped with a coarser blade.

    Medium blades are good for the average type of mane, tail or coat. This will cope with medium to soft hair and is ideal on manes and tails.

    Coarse blades are good for thick full tails, manes and think coats, which haven't been tidied before or are very coarse. This will process a large amount of thick hair easily and efficiently leaving a tidy looking finish.  The coarse is also very good on natives that are being shown, and the end result needs to look tidy but still untouched.

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  4. Le Mieux Close Shave Disposable Equine Razor

    RRP £1.80

    From: £1.71

    The Le Mieux Close Shave Disposable Equine Razor is a safe and efficient way to remove unwanted hair, quickly trimming the face, ears, bridle paths, feathers etc, and are especially good for difficult or sensitive horses as there's no risk of cutting them. It's a non-clogging stainless steel razor protected by a comb. They are great at shows or on the yard and can be reused many times; ideal for last-minute touch-ups.

    Sold individually.

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  5. Solocomb Thinning Rake

    The Solocomb Thinning Rake is a humane groomer that is used for thinning and tidying the mane and tail of your horse. Available in Black & Red.


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