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129 products

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  1. Stable Kit Grooming Box

    Online for Equine offer the Stable Kit Grooming Box.

    This grooming box is manufactured from shatterproof plastic and features contrast catch fasteners to help keep the box securely closed.

    This grooming box is modern in design and is not only well suited for storing grooming brushes, but it is equally useful to use as a step up whilst pulling or plaiting manes as it features a strong, textured lid. This sturdy grooming box features a divider and a removable tack tray to help keep your brushes organised and tidy.

    The Stable Kit Grooming Box is available in a wide range of colours.

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  2. Le Mieux Tangle Tidy Plus

    The Le Mieux Tangle Tidy plus is the perfect brush for battling the toughest of manes and tails! The wavy toggles help to remove knots from manes and tails. The ergonomically designed handle offers comfort and grip when you are using it.

    Available in Blue and Pink

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  3. Le Mieux Heritage Gleam Goats Hair Brush

    Le Mieux Heritage Gleam Goats Hair Brush is made of naturally soft goats hair, making it perfect for sensitive horses or to bring out the ultimate show ring shine in the coat. A solid grain wood and real leather handle complete this brush. 

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  4. Shires Ezi-Groom Body Wash Brush

    RRP £4.25

    From: £3.83

    Soft hold grip back, web hand strap, 2.5cm soft bristles with raised sponge for washing down sweaty horses and removing stains.

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  5. Shires Ezi-Groom Large Dandy Brush

    RRP £4.75

    From: £4.28

    Soft hold grip back, stiff synthetic bristles. Removes mud and sweat from unclipped horses and ponies without removing the essentials oils from the coat. 210mm long, 45mm bristles

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  6. Le Mieux Flexi Curry Comb

    The Le Mieux Flexi Curry Comb is the perfect comb for getting out dirt, dust and loose hair. Its flexible design allows for easy reach to almost all the horse’s body and provides a deep clean that not only feels great for the horse but will have your horse looking beautiful in no time. The ergonomic shape fits perfectly into the hand which reduces wrist strain and gripping effort on the brush. Featuring an adjustable strap to create the perfect fit.

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  7. Shires Metal Sweat Scraper/Shedding Blade

    RRP £5.25

    From: £4.73

    Removes excess water from the horse's coat. Helps remove winter coats at the end of the season.

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  8. Shires Ezi-Groom Large Plastic Mane Comb

    The Shires Ezi-Groom Large Plastic Mane Comb is a large plastic mane comb ideal for plaiting or grooming.

    105mm long. Available in Black, Blue, Red, Purple and Pink.

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  9. Shires Ezi-Groom Contour Mane & Tail Brush

    The Shires Ezi-Groom Contour Mane & Tail Brush is tough and durable, perfect for brushing out manes and tails. This brush has a rubberised coating, with a contoured shape for comfort in the hand. It has a useful and convenient hanging loop.


    Available in dark green, navy and plum.

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  10. Shires Ezi-Groom Contour Long Bristle Dandy Brush

    The Shires Ezi-Groom Contour Long Bristle Dandy Brush is designed for removing dirt and dust, giving a quick brush off prior to riding. This brush has a rubberised coating, with a contoured shape for comfort in the hand. It has a useful and convenient hanging loop.


    Available in dark green, navy and plum.

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  11. Shires Plastic Hoof Oil Brush

    RRP £1.65

    From: £1.49

    Hoof oil brush with lid for drip free storage.

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  12. Clipperman Fortress Clipper

    RRP £275.00

    From: £254.99

    The Clipperman Fortress Clipper is a heavy duty 380W clipper perfect for clipping down horses or cattle. 

    This is an easy to use clipper as well as very productive, it cuts at a speed of 2500rpm and cuts through hair with ease. With this clipper also only weighing 1.4kg it is also easy to move around without any added weight. It's 6m cable also allows great maneuverability when clipping. Comes supplied with A2 blades with a 3mm cut length, also available are attachments for other cut lengths. Quick & simple blade tension adjustment allows you to swap the blades over quickly and easily. 

    Included with this clipper are, A2 blades, blade guard, clipper oil, cleaning brush, screwdriver and instruction manual.

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  13. Shires Reversible Metal Curry Comb

    RRP £3.99

    From: £3.59

    Makes quick work of brush cleaning. Not for animal use.

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  14. Shires Mane Plaiting Bands

    RRP £1.99

    From: £1.79

    Supplied in packs of approximately 500 bands

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  15. Lincoln Ultimate Brush with Plaiting Kit

    This handy little set is perfect to keep in your grooming kit. The ultimate brush can be used when shampooing for effectively removing those stubborn stains; the plaiting kit includes a Lincoln Plait Aid to help divide sections of the mane, and plaiting bands. Ideal for that winning look.

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  16. Le Mieux ProKit Lite Grooming Bag

    The Le Mieux Prokit Lite Grooming Bag is a convenient, lightweight and smart grooming bag ideal for storing and transporting all of your grooming essentials. It features a choice of grab handle or shoulder strap, making it ideal for travelling and competitions. The numerous zip up compartments help you to keep your kit tidy and organised.


    Available in Sage/Black and Musk/Black

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  17. Carr & Day & Martin Horse Care Sponge

    Online for Equine offer theCarr & Day & Martin Horse Care Sponge.

    Large, high quality sponge ideal for cleaning all areas of the horse. Ergonomically shaped for ease of use.

    Ideal for bathing or application of coat care products.

    Available in One Size (18cm x 10cm).

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  18. Shires Plastic Sweat Scraper

    Sweat scraper with plastic body and rubber one side to remove excess water from the horse's coat.

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  19. Hippo-Tonic Grooming Box

    The Hippo-Tonic Grooming Box is a heavy duty storage box with a reinforced lid. This multi-purpose box can also be used as a mounting block or as a stool for plaiting, carrying up to 100KG. This grooming box features a removable central compartment for storage of smaller items, as well as a removable brush holder. 

    This grooming box is sold without accessories. 

    L 40cm x W 27.5cm x H 24.5cm

    Available in a range of colours.  Brushes not included.

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  20. Shires Ezi-Groom Large Body Brush

    RRP £4.25

    From: £3.83

    Soft hold grip back, web hand strap, soft bristles. For clipped horses or fine coats. 200mm long, 25mm bristles

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