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Grooming Brushes
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  1. Hippo-Tonic Comfort Grip Mane and Tail Brush
  2. Le Mieux Heritage Combi Body Brush
  3. Le Mieux Heritage Flick Brush
  4. Le Mieux Heritage Gleam Goats Hair Brush
  5. Le Mieux Heritage Soft Finishing Brush
  6. Le Mieux Heritage Deep Clean Dandy Brush
  7. Le Mieux Heritage Dapple Body Brush
  8. Le Mieux Tangle Tidy Plus
  9. Cottage Craft Small Aluminium Pulling Comb
  10. Cottage Craft Designer Quarter Marker
  11. Smart Grooming Tails Rake
  12. Shires Ezi-Groom Mane & Tail Brush
  13. Woof Wear Woofie Brush
  14. Le Mieux Grooming Mitts
  15. Cottage Craft Plain Bristle Body Brush
  16. Cottage Craft Mixed Bristle Flick Brush
  17. Cottage Craft Mixed Bristle Dandy Brush
  18. Cottage Craft Mixed Bristle Body Brush
  19. Cottage Craft Extra Small Body Brush
  20. Bentley Equestrian Wooden Hoof Oil Brush
  21. Bentley Equestrian 21cm Wooden Dandy Brush
  22. Bentley Equestrian 21cm Wooden Water Brush
  23. Ekkia Hoof Pick With Horse Head
  24. Cottage Craft Plastic Mane Comb
  25. Cottage Craft Gel Curry Comb
  26. Cottage Craft Small Rubber Curry Comb
  27. Cottage Craft DM Mane and Tail Brush
  28. Cottage Craft DM Hoof Pick
  29. Cottage Craft DM Face Brush
  30. Cottage Craft DM Large Body Brush
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 93

Set Descending Direction

Horse Grooming Brushes

Online for Equine have a wide selection of horse brushes for you to use on your horse. Horse brushes are essential for all horse riders as grooming your horse regularly is a must. They are many different types of horse brushes and combs for you horse that you need. Two popular brushes that are used by nearly all riders are the curry combs and dandy brushes for horses.

Curry Comb

A curry comb is a type of comb that is usually made from a plastic, it will probably will be the first tool that all riders use when they groom their horse. When the comb is used in a circular motion it can help loosen hair, dirt and other debris you may find on your horse's body. It is traditionally it is a body only comb as it is a little too rough to be used on the head or legs of the horse. They also can stimulate the horse's skin to produce natural oils. You can even get a tough metal curry comb for the thicker coats when mud is layered and very difficult to remove.

Dandy Brush for Horses

A dandy brush for a horse is useful to riders as it allows you to remove all of the dirt that was previously released by the curry comb; a simple, stiff-bristled brush that can clean your horse. A dandy brush is usually used in short strokes, starting at the front going backwards, unlike a curry comb a dandy brush can be used on the legs.

Shedding Blades, Hoof Picks & More

As well as the two horse grooming brushes mentioned above you may find that you are in need of more grooming tools. At Online for Equine we have got a great range of different bits and pieces you may need when it comes to grooming. Shedding blades is a tool that used dull metal blades to remove excess or loose hair in the winter. They can also be used to removed mud that has been caked-on or layered. If they are used carelessly they can cause irritation to your horse, always use them with consideration. Horse hoof picks are smaller metal tools with a hook that is primarily used to clean out the hooves, horse's hooves need to be cleaned with a hoof pick fairly regularly as they can collect mud and dirt throughout the day.