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  1. Clipperman CLA2 German Steel Blade Set
  2. Clipperman Clipper Oil
  3. Wahl Pocket Pro Trimmer
  4. Clipperman Crest Trimmer
    Clipperman Crest Trimmer
    From Special Price £77.40 RRP Regular Price £86.00
  5. Clipperman Agri Sheep Shearer
    Clipperman Agri Sheep Shearer
    From Special Price £247.50 RRP Regular Price £275.00
  6. Clipperman Dragon Clipper
    Clipperman Dragon Clipper
    From Special Price £256.50 RRP Regular Price £285.00
  7. Clipperman Baroness Clipper
    Clipperman Baroness Clipper
    From Special Price £202.50 RRP Regular Price £225.00
  8. Clipperman Fortress Clipper
    Clipperman Fortress Clipper
    From Special Price £247.50 RRP Regular Price £275.00
  9. Lister Star Clipper
    Lister Star Clipper
    From Special Price £300.66 RRP Regular Price £334.06
  10. Wahl Multi-cut Coloured Pet Trimmer
  11. Lister Clipper Carry Holdall
  12. Liveryman A22 Fine Clipper Blades
  13. Lister Pico Trimmer
  14. Lister Legend Clipper
    Lister Legend Clipper
    From Special Price £369.64 RRP Regular Price £410.71
  15. Lister Laser II Clipper
  16. Wahl Pro Series Horse Clipper
  17. Wahl Adelar Rechargeable Trimmer
  18. Wahl Hair Clipper Oil
  19. Liveryman Clipper Oil Aerosol
  20. Gold Label Clipper Oil Aerosol
  21. Wahl Hygienic Clipper Spray
  22. Clipperman Clipper Blade Wash
  23. Gold Label Clipper Oil
  24. Lister A2 Clipper Blades
    Lister A2 Clipper Blades
    From Special Price £46.79 RRP Regular Price £51.98
Grid List

24 Items

Set Descending Direction

Buy Horse Clippers

Here at Online for Equine we understand that when you are clipping you need a great pair of horse clippers. That is why we have created this wide range of superb different horse clippers.

In our collection of horse trimmers and clipping tools you will find some of the finest quality products from the very best brands of horse clippers, including: Wahl and Lister clippers.

Horse Clipping – Why do we do it?

As the Autumn settles with Winter over the horizon our beloved horses will quickly become big and woolly, which may not seem like a bad thing. If a horse is out in the freezing weather with a heavyweight turnout rug or something to keep them warm, then their big coats are perfect in shielding them from the chilly temperatures.

There are many reasons why a rider will prepare for a horse clipping, there are not many better sights that a neat and smart horse. If your works regularly and is always doing something, a winter coat can actually be a hassle as it causes them to sweat excessively. When this happens cooling and drying can be a problem, the absolutely last thing any horse owner or rider wants is for their horse to catch a cold or chill from not being able to dry off and control their body temperature.

Horse clipping will become a more regular occurrence in the Autumn and Winter months, as you will be doing it every few weeks you need to get horse clippers which are not only of a good quality when it comes to the trimming, but are extremely durable.

If you would like to buy a pair of horse clippers from one of the best brands out there (like Wahl or Lister clippers) please feel free to browse this page. If you have any questions about horse trimmers or horse clipping in general, please feel free to contact our horse loving sales team who would be more than happy to help you.