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149 products

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  1. Clipperman Clipper Oil
    Clipperman Clipper Oil is a specially designed formulation designed for use with your clippers. This clipper oil spray is designed to lubricate clippers and trimmers helping to maximise performance and prolong the life of your clipper blades. Perfectly designed for use with Clipperman clippers. Available in a spray or simply the oil. Learn More
  2. Smart Grooming Tails Rake
    From: £26.81

    The Smart Grooming Tails Rake is the number one choice of tool for thinning thick tails in record time!

    This mane and tail thinner is the only product on the market that actually thins thick manes and tails, providing a neat, pulled look without any discomfort to the horse. Supplied with an easy grip handle to make light work of thick tails!

    A full, bushy tail can be transformed to a neat, pulled tail ready for the show ring in minutes. This tail rake is guaranteed to effectively thin out tails even on the most sensitive of animals.

    The Smart Grooming Tails Rake is made from high quality Scandinavian steel and manufactured in Germany. Spare blades are available and can easily be replaced by loosening the nut on the rake.

    This rake is available in various head designs, helping you make the ideal selection for your horse type.

    The Superfine are used mostly for finishing small show ponies or animals with small docks and very fine hair, as it will get close to the fine top hairs. Also used on all types where final presentation is critical as it will pick up the top fine hairs which are sometimes more difficult with the other grades are equally good for using on dogs and other small animals to de-matt and thin out thick hair.

    Fine blades are mostly used on hair which have already been tidied or is quite fine. It is also useful to finish really thick tails when a show or close finish is needed, and the bulk of it has already been shaped with a coarser blade.

    Medium blades are good for the average type of mane, tail or coat. This will cope with medium to soft hair and is ideal on manes and tails.

    Coarse blades are good for thick full tails, manes and think coats, which haven't been tidied before or are very coarse. This will process a large amount of thick hair easily and efficiently leaving a tidy looking finish.  The coarse is also very good on natives that are being shown, and the end result needs to look tidy but still untouched.

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  3. Cottage Craft Extra Small Body Brush

    Online for Equine offer the Cottage Craft Extra Small Body Brush.

    This extra small body brush with mixed bristles is an ideal addition to any childs grooming kit, specially designed to allow little hands to grip the brush easily these body brushes are perfect for making sure ponies are clean and shiny before riding!

    Ideal gift for a horsey mad child! Wooden backed with handle.

    Available in Black/White, Brown/Beige, Navy/Purple or Purple/Pink.

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  4. Cottage Craft Plain Bristle Body Brush

    Online for Equine offer the Cottage Craft Plain Bristle Body Brush.

    This plain bristle body brush is an ideal addition to any grooming kit, these body brushes are perfect for making sure your horse is groomed to perfection.

    Wooden backed with handle.

    Available in Sizes Small, Medium or Large in Navy

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  5. Le Mieux Lambskin Grooming Mitt

    RRP £9.95

    From: £9.45

    The Le Mieux Lambskin Grooming Mitt is a beautifully made, luxuriously soft wash or grooming mitt which gives a lovely finishing touch when shampooing or grooming. This grooming mitt is made from the same high quality Australian Merino lambskin fleece as the lining of the Le Mieux saddle cloths.

    Available in Black or Natural.

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  6. Le Mieux Close Shave Disposable Equine Razor

    RRP £1.80

    From: £1.71

    The Le Mieux Close Shave Disposable Equine Razor is a safe and efficient way to remove unwanted hair, quickly trimming the face, ears, bridle paths, feathers etc, and are especially good for difficult or sensitive horses as there's no risk of cutting them. It's a non-clogging stainless steel razor protected by a comb. They are great at shows or on the yard and can be reused many times; ideal for last-minute touch-ups.

    Sold individually.

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  7. Le Mieux Hippo Mitt

    RRP £9.95

    From: £9.45

    The Le Mieux Hippo Mitt is a fantastic addition to anyone's grooming kit.

    The Hippo Mitt is a soft, flexible & double-sided textured mitt and is made from a premium rubber compound.

    This mitt can be used either wet or dry to shed loose hair or dirt and release sutbborn stains, sweat & mud.

    Available in One Size in either Blue or Pink.

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  8. Stable Kit Grooming Box

    Online for Equine offer the Stable Kit Grooming Box.

    This grooming box is manufactured from shatterproof plastic and features contrast catch fasteners to help keep the box securely closed.

    This grooming box is modern in design and is not only well suited for storing grooming brushes, but it is equally useful to use as a step up whilst pulling or plaiting manes as it features a strong, textured lid. This sturdy grooming box features a divider and a removable tack tray to help keep your brushes organised and tidy.

    The Stable Kit Grooming Box is available in a wide range of colours.

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  9. Lister Clipper Oil

    Online for Equine offer the Listers Clipper Oil.

    Designed especially for Lister clipper and trimmers, this oil should be used frequently during and after clipping to prevent your tool from overheating and to keep the blades lubricated, to prevent injury occurring.

    Supplied in a narrow tipped bottle to allow for easy application and available in 250ml.

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  10. Carr & Day & Martin Belvoir Tack Cleaner

    Online for Equine offer theCarr & Day & Martin Belvoir Tack Cleaner?

    Step 1 tack cleaner - leaves a perfect surface for application of a conditioning soap or oil. Effectively removes dirt, grease and sweat with ease.

    Anti-fungal formula helps prevent mould & mildew. pH neutral formula will not rot stitching or dry out the leather.

    Designed to be used before applying Belvoir Tack Conditioner Soap or Spray.

    Available in 500ml spray bottle.

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  11. Gold Label Clipper Oil

    RRP £10.80

    From: £5.76

    Online for Equine offer the Gold Label Clipper Oil.

    Economical clipper lubricant with antibacterial properties. A must have for anyone clipping to keep blades running smoothly, prevent catching the horses skin or overheating the clippers.

    Oiling clipper blades helps prolong blade sharpness.

    Available in 500ml or 1ltr.

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  12. Clipperman Clipper Blade Wash
    Clipperman Clipper Blade Wash is a specially designed formulation designed for use with your clippers. This blade wash removes hair and factory preservatives from your blades helping to prolong their lifespan. Perfectly designed for use with Clipperman clippers. Learn More
  13. Wahl Hygienic Clipper Spray

    Online for Equine offer the Wahl Hygienic Clipper Spray.

    Ideal for all clippers and trimmers to keep blades clean and fresh. Helps resist bacteria and fungi.

    Supplied in an easy to use pump bottle. 250ml.

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  14. Le Mieux Wizard Brush

    RRP £9.95

    From: £9.45

    The Le Mieux Wizard Brush is a brilliant little multipurpose brush that cleans like "magic" whether wet or dry, especially in more hard-to-reach or sensitive places. It quickly and effectively removes mud, sweat and lose hair with ease, with the reverse ideal to use as a sweat scraper. The shape of these brushes is comfortable for your hand and these are ideal for smaller hands.

    Available in packs of 3.

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  15. Wahl Adelar Rechargeable Trimmer

    Online for Equine offer the WhalAdelar Rechargeable Trimmer?.

    Powerful cordless rechargeable trimmer. 2.4v Rotary Motor.Offering 120 mins of cordless horse clipping.

    With adjustable blade clipping length 1.0mm - 3.0mm and snap on blade system - no alignment required for ease of use.

    Ultra quiet. Suitable for trimming horseslegs, head, bridle path, face and all difficult to reach areas.

    Kit includes 2 x batteries, charging unit, 200ml clipper oil, cleaning brush, instructions, all packed in a hard case.

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  16. Wahl Competition Clipper Blades

    RRP £42.12

    From: £37.91

    Online for Equine offer the Wahl Comeptition Replacement Clipper Blades.

    Full tooth competition blade set to fit Avalon and Switchblade clippers.

    Cutting length 1.8mm

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  17. Lincoln Large Economy Sponge

    Lincoln largegeneral purpose sponge which is ideal for everyday use around the stable yard. Size: 6" x 4" x 2".

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  18. Lincoln Bot Knife

    The Lincoln Bot Knife is the ideal piece of equipment to remove bot fly eggs from your horse and pony. The knife comes with a plastic handle.

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  19. Lincoln Tail Comb with Wooden Handle

    For a good quality tail comb which is durable the Lincoln Tail comb is the perfect choice. Made from aluminiumit hasa wooden handle.

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  20. Lincoln Grooming Block

    Online for Equine are pleased to offer the LincolnGrooming Block.

    The Lincoln Grooming Block is an old favorite with everyone! Available in one size it is ideal for the easy removal of loose horse hair, dried mud and bot eggs. Available in one size 4.5" x 3.5" x 1"

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