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62 products

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  1. Gold Label Dermawash

    Online for Equine offer the Gold Label Dermawash.

    Sheath cleaner and skin wash, non toxic and low foaming with anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. Ideal for large yards.

    Dilute to use.

    Available in 1ltr.

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  2. Gold Label Skin Hardener Gel

    Gold Label Skin Hardener Gel is an astringent gel for equine use which can be applied to areas of thin or tender skin that are prone to sores or chaffing. This gel is useful for horses which have been out of work or are particularly thin skinned/sensitive; apply to areas which are chafed by the saddle, girth or by rugs.

    Apply twice daily for effective results.

    For animal external use only.

    Available in 250g

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  3. Gold Label Tea Tree Mist Plus MSM

    Online for Equine offer the Gold Label Tea Tree Mist Plus MSM.

    Antibacterial and antifungal spray. Contains tea tree with MSM to aid the healing process in a wide range of skin conditions.

    Available in 250ml.

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  4. Gold Label Udder Grease

    RRP £18.00

    From: £5.40

    Online for Equine offer the Gold Label Udder Grease.

    Traditional red udder grease with antibacterial and fly repellent qualities, ideal for use before turnout.

    Available in 450 g or 2 kg.

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  5. Hydrophane Protocon Ointment
    From: £8.15

    Online for Equine offer the Hydrophane Protocon Ointment.

    Soothing and disinfectant heel and skin ointment. Creates a water resistant barrier against bacteria found in muddy conditions helping to prevent mud fever.

    Available in 250g or 500g.

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  6. Keratex Mud Shield Powder

    Online for Equine offer the Keratex Mud Shield Powder.

    Disinfecting powder that repels mud and water, keeping it away from the skin making it ideal if your horse suffers from mud fever.

    Coats horses legs repelling water, mud and germs.

    Available in 450g.

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  7. Gold Label Comfrey Oil

    Online for Equine offer the Gold Label Comfrey Oil.

    Natural rubbing oil to help maintain healthy joint and tissue.

    Apply twice daily to the effected area.

    Available in 250g.

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  8. Gold Label Leg Guard Cream

    Online for Equine offer the Gold Label Leg Guard Cream.

    Protects the legs and stomach from mud. Facilitates cleaning after exposure to muddy conditions.

    Contains anti bacterial ingredients to help treat and prevent mud fever.

    Available in 450g.

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  9. Gold Label Bute Free Gel

    Online for Equine offer the Gold Label Bute Free Gel.

    Soothing gel for all sporting animals, contains wintergreen to maintain circulation plus devils claw, salix, betula and wild yam.

    Ideal for use after competition or hard work.

    Massage into the affected area. Does not contain Phenylbutazone.

    Available in 500ml.

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  10. Gold Label Iodine Spray
    From: £4.05

    Online for Equine offer the Gold Label Iodine Spray.

    Non toxic Povidone Iodine. Ideal for all minor wounds, cuts or grazes or for treating thrush.

    Available in 250ml or 500ml.

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  11. Gold Label Tri Scrub

    RRP £27.00

    From: £5.04

    Online for Equine offer the Gold Label Tri Scrub.

    Contains a triple combination of mild surfactants, essential oil and Chlorhexidine. Antibacterial skin cleanser and surgical scrub.

    Available in 500ml or 5ltr.

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  12. Keratex Medicated Hoof & Leg Scrub

    Online for Equine offer the Keratex Medicated Hoof & Leg Scrub.

    Revolutionary new product which foams on contact and can be applied to hooves, frogs, soles, pasterns, heels & legs.

    Can be sponged or scrubbed onto leg abrasions to thoroughly cleanse & disinfect scabs or damaged skin making it ideal for the treatment, prevention or relief of mud fever, cracked heels or minor injuries to the hooves or legs.

    Available in 300ml.

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  13. Battles Veterinary Wound Powder
    From: £4.94

    The Battles Veterinary Wound Powder is used for minor wounds, cuts, bites and scratches. 

    This is a medicinal product that is an easy to apply, absorbent antibacterial powder that helps create an ideal environment in the healing process for any wounds, cuts, bites or scratches. 

    Contains 2% Tosylchloramide Sodium Ph.Eur. 

    Available in 20g or 125g.

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  14. Freestep 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser
    From: £5.99

    Available in 150ml and 500ml sizes.  At the moment, customers may not order more than a total of five bottles. We apologise for the delivery charges but we are only able to send by courier at this time.

    World Health Organisation recommended handrub formulation.

    For EXTERNAL use only.

    Avoid contact with eyes.

    Keep out of the reach of children.

    Directions: Apply a palmful of Freestep Sanitiser and cover all surfaces of the hands. Rub hands until dry.

    Composition: Isopropanol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Glycerol and Tea Tree Oil.

    Flammable: Keep away from flame and heat.


    This hand sanitizer is NOT a substitute for proper handwashing as recommended by the World Health Organisation.

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  15. Woof Wear Hot & Cold Gel Pack

    The Woof Wear Hot & Cold Pack is a reusable flexible gel pack designed to be used in conjunction with the Woof Wear Ice Therapy Boot or seperately to offer therapeutic relief. These gel packs are designed to be used either hot or cold and are completely flexible, even down to -18°C which ensures they stay flexible and will contour comfortably around the horse's leg.

    Each box contains 2 gel packs.

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  16. Gold Label Comfrey Paste

    Online for Equine offer the Gold Label Comfrey Paste.

    Traditional drawing agent, heat and apply to the affected area secured with bandages. Can be microwaved.

    Available in 250g.

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  17. Lincoln Witch Hazel & Arnica Gel

    Lincoln Witch Hazel & Arnica Gel is a pleasantly fragranced soothing gel for application to your horsestired muscles and bruised skin. The Witch Hazel will act as an effective astringent whilst the Arnica will optimise the natural healing process.

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  18. NAF Love the SKIN he's in Mud Gard Barrier Cream

    RRP £22.99

    From: £22.47

    NAF Love the SKIN he's in Mud Gard Barrier Cream is a unique new ointment containing sulphur, rosemary and tea tree oil which works to create a water and mud repellent barrier.

    Apply to clean and dry heels and legs and other susceptible areas prior to turning out in wet or muddy condition to help minimise the risk of mud fever and related conditions.

    Available in 1.25kg tubs.

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  19. Bit Butter

    RRP £14.99

    From: £9.95

    Bit Butter will be an essential in your grooming kit from the moment you try it! The special formulation replenishes moisture and restores feeling in dry, callused, unresponsive areas of the horse's mouth. Bit Butter is enriched with a "Mouth Softening Complex" that includes mango & shea butter, peppermint & soybean oil, Vitamin E, bees wax & jojoba. It encourages acceptance and improves focus on the bit - also prevents rubbing of the mouth and helps heal where skin is already broken.

    Available in either travel size 57g tubs or larger 117g tubs.

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  20. Barrier Animal Healthcare Aloe Vera Gel

    RRP £102.33

    From: £8.01

    Online for Equine offer the Barrier Animal Healthcare Aloe Vera Gel.

    Aids natural healing, a wonderful natural product that can be applied directly to raw, sore, irritated areas including small cuts, grazes, insect bites or sunburn.

    Available in 250ml.

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Here at Online for Equine we offer a range of first aid equipment to help you effectively treat minor horse injuries from brands including include Funnel, NAF, Absorbine, Carr & Day & Martin, Lincoln, Gold Label, Dermoline, Robinson, Keratex & Cottage Craft. Basic horse first aid is second nature to many horse owners; horses commonly come in from the field with grazes, cuts and wounds which are minor enough to be treated in the stable by their owner however we do advise contacting your vet if you are unsure how to treat a wound, cut or graze, if a joint is involved, the wound looks deep or bleeding cannot be control.