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  1. Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot

    RRP £33.00

    From: £29.65

    The best-selling Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot is a unique, close fitting hoof boot designed to keep wounds, poultices and dressings clean. This horse poultice boot is suitable for use in the stable and can be used on sensible horses during turnout onto a dry paddock. The boot is designed using flexible and light materials to enable easy fitting and is a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to adhesive bandage and tape. 

    Featuring a grooved sole for extra grip and a Kevlar® interior for durability, the Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot also has an asymmetric zip to give the boot a really close fit (and prevent it opening), stopping bedding and other debris from getting inside. It can assist in a number of ailments to the foot such as abscesses, punctured sole or bruised sole. This hoof boot is suitable for use with or without a shoe. 

    The Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot is available in 10 different sizes based on shoe size - please see the size guide to ensure the best possible fit.

    We expect the boot to last 2-3 weeks under normal circumstances with many customers finding they last much longer. The boot is not indestructible and so is not guaranteed against breakage, due to the horse standing on the boot.

    This hoof boot is NOT suitable for riding.


    • Close fitting medical hoof boot
    • Keeps wounds, poultices and dressings clean
    • Reduces the amount of bandage needed
    • Can be used for stable or turnout
    • Durable - suitable for repeated use
    • Grooved sole for improved grip
    • Kevlar® interior for durability
    • Asymmetric zip to prevent the zip opening
    • Machine washable
    • Not suitable for riding
    • Not to be used instead of an overreach boot

    Washing Instructions: Close all straps prior to washing Machine wash max 30°C, gentle spin Do not tumble dry or leave boots in strong sunlight

    To get the best out of your Medical Hoof Boot:

    1. Overreaching

    Do not use the Medical Hoof Boot (MHB) in place of an overreach boot to prevent shoe loss. The MHB is not designed for this application and will not protect against overreaching. We recommend always using a generous sized overreach boot over the top of MHB to protect it should your horse stand on himself or overreach. We recommend this on both front and hind hooves

    2. Measure, Measure, Measure…

    The MHB is designed to be a snug fit so it doesn’t fall off. If you do not measure accurately or buy a size too big it can result in damage to the MHB due to the boot being trodden on by the other foot.

    Measuring Rules:

    i) Measure width carefully before bandaging, with or without shoe

    ii) Choose size per guide (don’t go to next size up)

    iii) No need to add extra for dressings Fitting The Woof Wear Medical Hoof boot has been designed to fit closely around the hoof and be a stretch fit around the pastern. If this is achieved, the boot will not fall off and is less likely to be trodden on with the other foot.

    Use the size guide (click 'Sizing' on the tabs above) to ensure you have the closest fit for your horse or pony.

    Note - If your horse has specialist or remedial shoes, or large shoes such as Eggbars or Heartbars, you may need to go up a size to accommodate these. We recommend working with your farrier to ensure you get the most applicable size for your horse. If it is your intention to use on both front, or hind feet, and your horse is particularly ‘active’ or a bit close in his action, the risk of standing on the boot with the opposite foot is higher due to the decreased distance between the two feet. In this case you can use an overreach boot over the top of the Medical Hoof Boot to protect it.

    1. If your horse requires a poultice, put it on the affected area in the normal way and secure it in place with some adhesive bandage. You will not need to use additional materials to keep it in the place as the hoof boot will do this.

    2. Undo the zip fully and open the boot up as much as possible.

    3. Lift up the horse’s foot and pull the boot up and over the front of the hoof. Use the ‘V’ shaped indent (in the moulded part of the boot at the front) as a guide to where the middle of the boot is.

    4. Once you have pulled the boot onto the foot, let the horse put his foot down as this will help push the foot further into the boot.

    5. Ensure the boot is fitted centrally on the foot – you may find it easier to pick the foot back up and check that the moulded sole is straight and not crooked. If it appears crooked undo the zip, pick up the foot and gently swivel the boot around the foot until you are satisfied it is straight. The ‘V’ indent will help guide you with this.

    6. Check that the edge of the foot reaches the side of the boot and the bulbs of the heels are also encased within the moulded area, and not overhanging it.

    7. When happy with the fit, pull the zip up ensuring it is covered by the neoprene zip cover

    8. The stretch neoprene upper should fit snugly around the pastern area to ensure no bedding or mud etc can get inside the boot. If the upper is too tight, it is unlikely you will be able to do the zip up fully and this will be an indication that you have the incorrect size.

    9. If turning the horse out, ensure he is happy with the feel of the boot first. In the unlikely event the horse is nervous of the boot, walk him gently around his stable so that he can get used to it. They will soon realise it is comfortable and will not impede movement.


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  2. Shires Poultice Boot

    RRP £26.99

    From: £23.39

    The Shires Poultice Boot is a tough, waterproof poultice boot designed for use when horses need continual soaking of the hoof to help draw out infection. This poultice boot is also ideal to keep hoof dressings dry and in the correct place. The textured sole of this boot helps to improve grip and foot stability.

    The neck of this hoof poultice boot is drawn shut with a buckle and is secured with a touch close strap.

    Available in Small, Medium, Large or X Large - please see the size guide for more information.

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  3. Robinson Animalintex Hoof Poultice

    RRP £59.99

    From: £6.50

    Online for Equine offer the Robinson Animalintex Hoof Poultice.

    Impregnated, multi layered hoof poultice and wound dressing for the treatment of equine wounds or abcesses.

    Cut to shape for economy and ease of use.

    Available in packs containing 3 dressings or Boxes of 12 (each containing 3 dressings.

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  4. Robinson Veterinary Care Cotton Wool

    Online for Equine offer the Robinson Veterinary Care Cotton Wool.

    Specially blended for softness and absorbancy. Drawstring top pack to help keep the roll clean.

    Use in stables, home or veterinary surgery.

    Available in 350g.

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  5. NAF NaturalintX Cotton Wool

    The NAF NaturalintX Cotton Wool Roll is a compulsory item for every first aid kit. Made from 100% natural cotton fibres for maximum absorbancy, this NAF Cotton Wool is super soft. Use as part of your routine animal care.

    Available in 350g roll

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  6. NAF NaturalintX Hoof Poultice

    RRP £71.99

    From: £7.50

    A first aid kit essential, NAF NaturalintX Hoof Poultice has been designed to comfortably fit your horse's hoof, reducing preparation time and enabling ease of application. The Hoof Poultice may be applied in three different ways depending on the wound to be dressed: either apply as a hot, cold or dry hoof poultice and hold in place with a NAF NaturalintX Cohesive Wrap.

    Available individually or in a box of 10

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  7. Robinson Animalintex Poultice

    RRP £64.94

    From: £58.45

    Online for Equine offer the Robinson Animalintex.

    Impregnated, multi layered poultice and wound dressing for the treatment of equine and canine wounds.

    Available Individually or in Boxes of 10.

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  8. Robinson Skintact
    From: £0.34

    Online for Equine offer the Robinson Skintact.

    Low adherent perforated film dressing for low to medium exudating wounds. Double sided for ease of use. Sterile.

    Available in 10x10cm or 10x20cm Individually, in packs of 20 or boxes of 100.

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  9. NAF NaturalintX Dressing

    The softly cushioned NaturalintX Dressing protects and insulates the leg to support the management of minor wounds. The highly absorbent cotton padding is encased in a tubular, non-woven casing to provide a low adherent protective dressing.

    A must have item for your first aid kit.

    Available in 500g.

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  10. Robinson Veterinary Gamgee Tissue

    RRP £13.48

    From: £12.15

    Online for Equine offer the Robinson Veterinary Gamgee Tissue.

    Provides a low adherent wound interfac. Use as a primary wound dressing or apply over a dressing for added protection, insulation and absorption and to prevent pressure points.

    Available in 30cm or 45cm.

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  11. NAF NaturalintX Cohesive Wrap
    From: £1.99

    The NAF NaturalintX Cohesive Wrap is an elasticated support bandage, purpose designed to hold wound dressings carefully in place. When applied correctly at approximately 50% stretch, the NaturalintX Wrap will effectively secure the dressing neatly and comfortably over the wound. Efficient and easy to use, these cohesive wraps are first aid kit essentials.

    Available individually or in boxes of 12

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  12. Lincoln 7" Bandage Scissors

    Lincoln Stainless steel bandage scissors with blue plastic handle. A must for your first aid kit.

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  13. Equiwrap Cohesive Bandage

    Online for Equine offer the Equiwrap Cohesive Bandage from Robinsons Animal Healthcare.

    Equiwrap Bandages are an ideal way to hold dressings securely in place and to provide support and protection. This is a high quality cohesive stretch bandage and a must to keep in your horsesfirst aid kit.

    The Equiwrap bandages are 10cm x 4.5m long and are available in a variety of colours.

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  14. Robinson Kool Pack

    Online for Equine offer the Robinson Kool Pack.

    Fast, effective cold therapy on tendon injuries, inflammation, knocks, strains, bruises and swellings.

    No need for refrigeration.

    Available Individually or in Packs of 5.

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  15. NAF NaturalintX Poultice
    From: £6.50

    The NAF NaturalintX Poultice is a highly absorbant, multi layered dressing impregnated with natural poulticing agent Tragacanth and Boric Acid a mild, natural antiseptic. Tragacanth becomes active when wet, drawing any dirt and debris from the wound, whilst helping maintain a moist, clean environment to support the natural healing of skin and tissue. The antiseptic qualities of Boric Acid keeps the area clean and free from unwanted germs.

    A must have item for your first aid kit.

    Available individually or in boxes of 10.

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  16. Shires Tubbease Hoof Sock

    RRP £25.99

    From: £20.27

    The Tubbease Hoof Sock is a great multi-purpose hoof aid. The thick EVA sole pad relieves pain for the horse while extending the life of the hoof sock. The sock itself "breathes", stopping the damaged hoof from softening during treatment. The Tubbease Hoof Sock is ideal for various ailments such as an abscess, thrush, seedy toe, thin soles, injuries, cracks and general deterioration - remedies and treatments can be used under the sock.

    The Tubbease Hoof Sock should always be secured with the velcro strap supplied. For enhanced protection, a Tubbease Sole Insert is sold seperately - shop here.

    SIze Guide

    The dimension is maximum width of the hoof that will fit into the Tubbease cup:

    Small (Pink) - 110mm 

    Medium (Red) - 140mm

    Large (Blue) - 155mm

    X Large (Orange) - 165mm

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  17. Shires Tubbease Sole Inserts

    RRP £13.50

    From: £11.69

    For use with the Tubbease Hoof Sock, the Tubbease Sole Inserts offer the boot further stretch and reinforcement.

    Sold in pairs.

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  18. Cottage Craft Leg Pad (Individual)
    Perfect for use beneath travel or exercise bandages. Online for Equine offer the Cottage Craft Leg Pad (Individual). Ideal for use under stable bandages to keep legs protected. Available in Sizes 18'' x 12'' or 20'' x 20'', in White. Learn More
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Online for Equine offer a wide range of Bandages, Dressings and Poultices to ensure that no matter what the injury or emergency you have all you need to deal with it until a vet can be called. Top brands include NAF, Cottage Craft, Polly Products, Robinson, Lincoln, Equi Life, Gold Label, Shires, Funnel and Woof Wear. Our range of bandages, dressings and poultices are an essential addition to any first aid kit allowing you to treat minor cuts, grazes, wounds or abscesses