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Equilibrium Simplyboost Electrolyte Tonic

Equilibrium Simplyboost Electrolyte Tonic

The Equilibrium Simplyboost Electrolyte Tonic is designed to replenish your horses essential salts and vitamins at times of increased fatigue or strain.
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The brand new Equilibrium Simplyboost Electrolyte Tonic provides a targeted boost of essential salts and minerals to support the maintaining of hydration, support optimal muscle function and prevent fatigue making it ideal to replenish energy levels after competition or for horses and ponies that sweat a lot during summer months, in moderate to hard work.

Simply add to feed to replace lost salts or when horses sweat:

All year round, when your horse has worked hard

Before and/or after competition

Before or during moderate to intense work, such as camps

Before, during and after travelling

If your horse is on a restricted or low forage diet

How do Electrolytes work?

Electrolytes aid in replenishing the salts and minerals a horse loses through it's sweat. This means that during the summer months especially, or when a horse has worked harder than it is used to, it can lose some of these. Electrolytes ensure that a horse is never without these essential vitamins and salts.

With natural mint flavour, Equilibrium Simplyboost Electrolyte Tonic can be added to normal feed, a handful of Simply Irresistible feed topper or a munch block. Feed for at least 5 days or until bottle is finished, repeat as required.

Can be used alongside the rest of the Simplyboost tonic range from Equilibrium to provide a tailored vitamin support for your horse or pony.

Size: 500 ml (10 day serving for horse, 20 day serving for pony). Use as required.


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