Toggi Sport SS23

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Sustainability is a core commitment for Toggi

As outdoor enthusiasts, we care for and appreciate the environment around us. Toggi have taken proactive steps to minimalise their impact on the environment and by choosing to wear Toggi you are supporting this.

Toggi are working to use more sustainable fabric where they can, such as recycled polyesters, as well as natural and sustainable fibres such as bamboo and cotton. Clothing with down fill is fully traceable and ethically sourced. Their clothing reaches you in bio-degradable poly bags (with instructions on their safe disposal) and the items are no longer supplied with hangers. All clothing tags are made from recycled and recyclable card and attached with waxed cotton - no more kimbles or plastic connectors. Toggi have also removed their woven care and size labels from their clothing - these are now printed inside the garment, which is more comfortable for you too!

Quality - Sustainability - Technical - Comfortable - Designed for riders