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  1. Tredstep Summer Cool Glove
  2. Tredstep Show Hunter Glove
  3. Tredstep Dressage Pro Glove
  4. Tredstep Winter Silk Glove
  5. Tredstep Polar H20 Glove
  6. Tredstep Eventer Glove
  7. Tredstep Jumper Pro Glove
  8. Tredstep Symphony Futura Competition Shirt
  9. Tredstep Symphony Futura Sport Top
  10. Tredstep Solo Air Short Sleeved Shirt
  11. Tredstep Performance Polo Shirt
  12. Tredstep Symphony Society Women's Competition Shirt
  13. Tredstep Donatello Plus / Wide Field Boot
  14. Tredstep Michelangelo Field Boot
  15. Tredstep Michelangelo Dress Boot
  16. Tredstep Donatello Junior Field Boot
  17. Tredstep Giotto II Lace Paddock Boot
  18. Tredstep Medici Double Zip Paddock Boot
  19. Tredstep Medici Field Boot
  20. Tredstep Medici Dress Boot
  21. Tredstep Medici Short Boot Front/Rear Zip
  22. Tredstep Giotto II Front Zip Paddock Boot
  23. Tredstep Pure Air Cool Socks
  24. Tredstep Sheer Cool Socks
  25. Tredstep Pure Ultra Cool Socks
  26. Tredstep Solo Pro Socks
  27. Tredstep Solo Pro Show Coat
  28. Tredstep Solo Pro Show Collar
  29. Tredstep Winter Merino Knee High Socks
  30. Tredstep Curved Belt
Grid List

Items 1-30 of 56

Set Descending Direction


Tredstep offer riding clothing to suit the needs of a variety of riders. Tredstep breeches and Tredstep boots are manufactured from innovative designs using superior quality materials to meet the demands of the modern rider. Tredstep’s long leather riding boots offer superior comfort and performance; the Tredstep Donatello boots are tailored long leather competition boots, made from high quality leather that is flexible and durable. The Tredstep Donatello boots are available in a variety of calf widths and boot heights to suit all statures. Tredstep boots are manufactured to an incredible standard using the best technology to protect you whilst you ride. Tredstep boots are considered some of the most popular boots in the UK with glowing customer reviews and high ratings.

Tredstep breeches and competition shirts are available in a variety of designs to create a sleek, stylish look whilst offering superb comfort and performance in the saddle. Tredstep Breeches are available in full seat or knee patch options to suit the needs of all equestrian disciplines. Tredstep have incorporated Nano Sphere self-cleaning technology into the breeches, such as the Tredstep Solo Full Seat Breeches to keep your competition breeches looking and performing at their best. Tredstep’s denim breech range still remains to be one of the most popular choices with riders all over the UK, with their high quality manufacturing and wide to choose from.

Tredstep breeches and Tredstep boots are perfect for all riding disciplines for competition as well as everyday schooling.