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Digby & Fox | Dog Accessories | Online For Equine

Digby & Fox offer a beautiful collection of accessories for your four-legged friend, including coats, bedding, collars and leads. Their high-quality products are designed to offer your dog optimum comfort while being stylish, practical and easy to care for. Whether your taste is classic country styles in tweed and leather or bright, colourful leads and collars there is plenty of choice for all types and sizes of dog. Their range of dog bedding is fashionable and practical, made from waterproof material which is easy to clean and care for whether it's for your house or your car.

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  1. Digby & Fox Plain Waterproof Dog Bed
  2. Digby & Fox Waterproof Dog Cushion
  3. Digby & Fox Waterproof Dog Bed
  4. Digby & Fox Dog Towel Coat
  5. Digby & Fox Dog Towel
  6. Digby & Fox Dog Towel Bag
  7. Digby & Fox Reflective Dog Lead
  8. Digby & Fox Reflective Slip Dog Lead
  9. Digby & Fox Reflective Training Lead
  10. Digby & Fox Reflective Dog Collar
  11. Digby & Fox Rope Slip Dog Lead
  12. Digby & Fox Webbing Dog Lead
  13. Digby & Fox Webbing Dog Collar
  14. Digby & Fox Webbing Dog Harness
  15. Digby & Fox Quilted Dog Coat
  16. Digby & Fox Padded Leather Dog Lead
  17. Digby & Fox Padded Leather Dog Collar
  18. Digby & Fox Rolled Leather Training Lead
  19. Digby & Fox Rolled Leather Slip Lead
  20. Digby & Fox Rolled Leather Dog Lead
Grid List

Items 1-20 of 31

Set Descending Direction