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  1. Acavallo Gel Curb Guard
  2. Acavallo Gel In Seat Saver
  3. Acavallo Gel Out Cushion Ride Seat Saver
  4. Acavallo Shaped Gel Pad
    Acavallo Shaped Gel Pad
    From Special Price £41.85 RRP Regular Price £46.50
  5. Acavallo Air Release Gel Pad
  6. Acavallo Gel Rear Riser
  7. Acavallo Gel Front Riser
  8. Acavallo Shaped Gel Pad & Rear Riser
  9. Acavallo Just Gel Lambskin Half Pads
  10. Acavallo GP Jumping Twin Sided Numnahs
  11. Acavallo Dressage Twin Sided Square
  12. Acavallo GP Twin Sided Square
  13. Acavallo Gel Elastic Bandages
  14. Acavallo Gel Fleece Bandages
  15. Acavallo Gel Leg Wraps
  16. Acavallo Opera Front Tendon Boots
  17. Acavallo Gel Hoof Boots
  18. Acavallo Gel Out Seat Saver
  19. Acavallo Thin Skin Light Weight Gel Pad
  20. Acavallo Dri-Lex Gel Lambskin Half Pad
  21. Acavallo Gel Bit Guards
  22. Acavallo Shaped Gel Pad & Front Riser
  23. Acavallo Arena Alupro Safety Stirrup
    Acavallo Arena Alupro Safety Stirrup
    From Special Price £107.96 RRP Regular Price £119.95
Grid List

23 Items

Set Descending Direction


Having been founded in 2003, Acavallo has quickly become one of the leading brands in the equestrian industry and are widely known and loved for their innovative, quality products. The Acavallo gel pads on offer are one of the more popular items amongst a great many riders, having been designed to aid your horse’s comfort as well as your own when riding. What makes this high-performance product so widely used and loved? There are a number of features that Acavallo have included when crafting this quality pad. The gel allows for a unique shock-absorbing quality that is unmatched by alternatives, also it will not cause any issues for your horse as the gel is non-toxic and will not react to the skin of your horse. As the pad allows for even pressure and the distribution of weight under the saddle, they are specifically able to cater to the needs of your horse. There are many benefits when you invest in an Acavallo gel pad. Every single horse is unique, Acavallo have used this understanding to create a pad that can mould for a fit on any and every horse and will compliment any saddle, making it a must-have for riders. Because each horse is different, you can actually give them the set-up that they require by means of adjustable pads. Due to the additional stability provided when riding, as well as the general nature of the Acavallo gel pad, it is ideal for rehabilitation work. There are other useful products that Acavallo offer that are extremely popular within the riding community, including an Acavallo non-slip gel pad (a non-slip variation of the regular pad), the Acavallo seat saver allows for a more stable seat whilst riding. You are even able to get an Acavallo gel out seat saver which will give you a much firmer and more secure seat when riding, jumping or hacking (gel in variations are also available). If you would like to know more about the Acavallo seat savers, gel pads or any other of the Acavallo products we have in stock, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team.