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NAF Performance Range

Offering your competition horse the correct nutritional support can make a remarkable difference to your horse’s health and performance. NAF’s Performance range helps to improve the competition horse’s performance and energy levels, replace lost body salts, promote recovery and generally support the equine athlete in hard work.

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BETA Safety Equipment Standards - 2019

BETA Safety Week 2019 (27th April - 5th May) aims to raise awareness for the correct use of protective safety equipment when working with and riding horses. By wearing protective equipment that is up-to-standard, in good condition and well-fitting, you are ensuring you have the best possible protection. Read on for advise on the most up-to-date safety standards.

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WeatherBeeta Fly Rug Shopping Guide

With many different types of fly rug on the market, choosing the best rug to suit your horse can be a minefield! WeatherBeeta's durable and breathable fly rugs offer your horse relief from flies and biting insects while also providing a high level of UV protection and further design features for complete comfort. We've put together a shopping guide to help you to choose the best fly rugs from WeatherBeeta's collection...

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The Best Euro-Star Competition Breeches

Euro-Star’s new 2019 collection of breeches combine an essential selection of classic, basic, winter and summer models, encompassing innovative premium breeches to suit training and competition in all seasons. We've picked out our favourite styles for competing this season!

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How Do I Find The Right Stirrups?

Shopping for the right stirrups can be a minefield - with the sheer volume of choice on the market, and all claiming to be the best possible choice, how can you decide? We have teamed up with SPRENGER to offer you the best tips and advice for what to consider when making your next purchase - read them here!

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The Ultimate in Fly Protection - Horseware Ireland Evolution Vamoose Rug

The new Amigo Evolution Vamoose Fly Rug from Horseware Ireland has been designed to offer the ultimate in fly protection. Combining the latest research and technology, the Evolution Vamoose tackles insect control from all angles...

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The Fonte Verde Footwear Collection

“Fonte Verde” is the brand new, exclusive collection of beautiful footwear from trusted British brand Woof Wear, each one perfectly tailored to combine the beauty of a traditional boot with Woof Wear’s latest technology while having environmental considerations at its heart - creating the ultimate, high-quality and practical equestrian footwear.

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Greenguard Grazing Muzzle - Fitting Guide

Greenguard grazing muzzles offer a simple solution to reducing grass intake, helping to ensure effective weight management. Read the Greenguard fitting guide to ensure best use of this unique grazing muzzle...

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