WeatherBeeta Airflow Combo Review

Ideal for: rug friendly horses; horses sensitive to fly bites

Protection: 9 / 10

Features: 8/10

Fit: 7/10

Value for money: 8/10

Overall score: 8/10

The WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Airflow fly rug is a great rug for horses which are sensitive to insect bites. It offers full protection from ears to tail and is a generous fit to suit chunkier horses or those with a deeper barrel. I really liked how well designed this rug is for offering freedom of movement – it has large side gussets at the shoulders which give full flexibility and an elastic panel at the wither to prevent restriction when grazing. This elastic panel also helps to ensure there’s ample material covering the neck so as the horse remains protected when his head’s down.

I did find on my horse that the neck was overly generous and tended to slide around, but for a horse with a chunkier neck this wouldn’t be a problem. My horse also doesn’t wear a headcollar in the field so I couldn’t attach the loop to anything to secure the neck. I did like that the neck secured with 3 Velcro tabs, with one right under the jaw – I found this helped to keep insects from getting underneath the rug.

The belly flap is very generous on this rug, as well as being elasticated for comfort. I did find that it was slightly too big for my horse, even when adjusted to its tightest, so it would suit horses with a deeper girth or those that are wider framed. However, despite the large fit, the belly flap is still very protective, and my horse did appear far less irritated compared to his previous fly rug which didn’t have any belly coverage. The wrap-around tail flap is a great feature. It covers the horse’s hind end well to fully protect from fly bites.

I used the WeatherBeeta ComfiTec Airflow fly rug during the heatwave in July and found that it really helped to reflect heat and keep my horse cool. Though my horse was kept out of the midday heat, I found it still prevented him from getting hot and sweating when he had this rug on.

Overall I was pleased with the performance of this rug and felt as though it protected my horse well from insects and from the sun while keeping him comfortable when grazing, lying down and rolling.

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