Myler Level Three Mouthpiece

The Myler level three mouthpiece is designed for well-established horses who are working well within their discipline and not presenting any tongue or behavioural evasions.  Level three mouthpieces are also ideal for horses who are showing resistance to tongue pressure in level two-three mouthpieces (after a period of training comfortably).

The Myler level three mouthpiece offers a wider port than other level mouthpieces for maximum tongue relief.  The pressure applied with a level three mouthpiece acts primarily on the bars, poll and curb, and virtually no pressure is applied to the tongue.  Level three mouthpieces offer an improved version of traditional curb mouthpieces, with independent side movement for more concise rein aid application.

Level three mouthpieces are the most comfortable of the Myler range and offer maximum tongue relief in comparison to other mouthpieces.  It is important to note that not all horses can progress to a level three mouthpiece; some may not have the correct disposition to work effectively with such great tongue relief.

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