Myler Level One Mouthpiece

Most horses are well suited to starting work in a level two mouthpiece; however, if you have a young horse who is unruly or fairly strong in his when ridden, a level one mouthpiece may be the most suitable choice.

Level one Myler mouthpieces have been designed for horse which are young or inexperienced, or those commencing their training and ridden work; this mouthpiece is most suitable for the strong-willed horse who needs educating.

Level one bits apply the greatest amount of tongue pressure in comparison to other Myler mouthpieces; they are designed to teach a young horse to work effectively and correctly in order to remove tongue pressure.  Simply, the horse is kept under strict tongue pressure until he accepts the bit, thus improving his understanding of tongue pressure and how that pressure is removed once he works correctly.  The level one mouthpiece is designed for training and most horses can progress to a level two fairly quickly.

The Myler level one mouthpiece is an improved version of traditional jointed mouthpieces, such as the single jointed snaffle, French links and Dr Bristol mouthpieces.

The level one Myler bit collapses slightly in the middle, rotating directly onto the tongue to create pressure.  It features a central rotating cylinder on the mouthpiece which prevents the bit from collapsing into a V shape; instead the cylinder allows the bit to sit in more of a U shape which protects the bars and the lips from being pinched.  This cylinder also allows for independent side bar movement for more accurate pressure application. The distinctive curvature to the mouthpiece ensures sufficient tongue room protecting the bars and lips from unintentional pressure and pinching.

When determining which mouthpiece to select, it is important to assess your horse’s temperament and attitude towards being ridden.  If he appears easily trainable, calm and fairly accepting even though he is young and inexperienced, you will be better off starting him with a level two bit. 

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