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Protexin Gut Balancer Review

Protexin Gut Balancer is designed to encourage and promote normal digestive function and efficiency, re-establishing the disrupted gut at times of stress. Read the review here and see if it could help your horse...

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NAF Performance Range

Offering your competition horse the correct nutritional support can make a remarkable difference to your horse’s health and performance. NAF’s Performance range helps to improve the competition horse’s performance and energy levels, replace lost body salts, promote recovery and generally support the equine athlete in hard work.

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Protexin Acid Ease

Acid Ease is a unique, concentrated and highly-palatable combination of calcium and magnesium carbonate, high-quality fibres, kaolin, amino acids and Protexin pro- and prebiotics. The ingredients in Acid Ease act together to buffer any excess stomach acid and soothe the gut lining. Find out if your horse is showing symptoms of excess stomach acid and whether Acid Ease could help.

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NAF in the Pink Powder/Pink Senior

Feed NAF in the Pink Powder or Pink Senior to make sure your horse is having the best nutritional support, helping him to maintain the best possible condition. Here's how Pink Powder can help your horse...

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Monthly Product Features with NAF

This year we have teamed up with NAF to bring you a great product feature every month. Throughout 2019 we will be providing you with great advice and information, helping you to offer your horse the best possible care through the seasons.

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*November 2018 New Formula* NAF Five Star Magic Calmer

This November NAF have re-launched their highly successful Five Star Magic Calmer, with a new and improved formula. We’ve taken a look into why this calmer has been at the top of the market for so long, and whether it’s suitable for your horse.

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