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Tag: shopping guide

  1. How Do I Find The Right Stirrups?

    Shopping for the right stirrups can be a minefield - with the sheer volume of choice on the market, and all claiming to be the best possible choice, how can you decide? We have teamed up with SPRENGER to offer you the best tips and advice for what to consider when making your next purchase - read them here... Read more...
  2. Shopping Guide: Turnout Boots & Mud Fever Chaps

    For horses that treat their field like a playground, it’s important to offer the correct leg protection to help avoid injuries that occur during turnout. Protecting the legs is also important if your horse is prone to mud fever - as with most things, prevention is better than cure! When deciding whether your horse requires leg protection it’s ... Read more...
  3. Choosing an Exercise Sheet

    Through the winter months, some horses may need additional protection from the elements, especially when it’s wet, very cold or they are fully clipped. While they are in the stable and field horses wear rugs for protection, but what about during exercise?    What is an exercise sheet?  An exercise sheet (also known as a quarter ... Read more...
  4. Shopping Guide: Equestrian Base Layer

    A base layer is useful as an all-round sports top for any season, designed to be worn against the skin to regulate the body’s temperature by wicking away any moisture to keep you dry. By absorbing sweat and moisture, a base layer will effectively keep you either warm or cool, depending on the conditions. With both long and short sleeve options ... Read more...

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