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Tag: NAF

  1. NAF Magic Calmer - for cool concentration

    Cool, calm and collected With the competition season now in full swing, it's important for our horses to feel confident and calm to be able to perform at their best. Buzzy competition venues, rider anxiety and travelling all contribute to a horse showing excitable behaviour and it can be exacerbated after the winter, especially if your horse has ... Read more...
  2. The 3 C’s of Horses’ Droppings

    The 3 C’s of Horses’ Droppings In partnership with NAFNot the most pleasant of subjects, but a necessary one. Your horse’s digestive tract is very closely linked to its general overall health. Their droppings are a direct reflection of how that digestive tract is doing, so knowing what to look for can help you to keep an eye on what’s happening on the inside. To keep it ... Read more...
  3. Caring For Your Horse's Airways This Winter

    For many of us, winter management of our horses involves stabling them for some period of the day. While the weather gets colder and wetter stabling our horses has many practical benefits such as helping to prolong grazing, keep them out of the harsher conditions and help to prevent certain health issues such as mud fever. However, stabling horses ... Read more...
  4. NAF Five Star Laminaze

    NAF Five Star Laminaze has been formulated to give additional support to horses and ponies which are on restricted grass intake, helping them to remain fit and healthy. Help your horse to keep a spring in his step with the correct nutritional support... Read more...
  5. NAF Performance Range

    Offering your competition horse the correct nutritional support can make a remarkable difference to your horse’s health and performance. NAF’s Performance range helps to improve the competition horse’s performance and energy levels, replace lost body salts, promote recovery and generally support the equine athlete in hard work... Read more...
  6. NAF Mud Gard Supplement & Barrier Cream

    Be prepared early this winter with NAF “Love The Skin He’s In” Mud Gard mud fever prevention products, Mud Gard Supplement and Mud Gard Barrier Cream. For horses prone to mud fever, prevention is better than cure. When we repeatedly and consistently expose our horses to wet and muddy conditions, some horses can be affected by certain types ... Read more...

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