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Tag: myler bits

  1. The Myler Bitting System - Level Three Mouthpiece

    The Myler level three mouthpiece is designed for well-established horses who are working well within their discipline and not presenting any tongue or behavioural evasions. Read about the Myler Level Three Mouthpiece here... Read more...
  2. The Myler Bitting System - Level Two-Three Mouthpiece

    The next level up of Myler bit is level two-three, designed for horses needing greater tongue relief but still cannot be given the freedom of tongue pressure provided by a level three mouthpiece. Read about the Myler Level Two-Three Mouthpiece here... Read more...
  3. The Myler Bitting System - Level Two Mouthpiece

    The level two mouthpiece is the ideal Myler bit for starting off most horses, or for most horses moving into Myler bits. They offer greater tongue relief than a level one mouthpiece and are useful for horses that show resistance to tongue pressure. Read about the Myler Level Two mouthpiece here... Read more...
  4. The Myler Bitting System - Level One Mouthpiece

    Most horses are well suited to starting work in a Myler Level Two mouthpiece; however, if you have a young horse who is unruly or fairly strong in his when ridden, a level one mouthpiece may be the most suitable choice. Read our blog to find out more... Read more...
  5. Myler Bits - Mouthpiece Types Explained

    “Bits can only do two things… create evasion or create relaxation. Everything else is up to the rider.” Myler offer four different mouthpiece types which have been designed to assist the horse through his training and learning process, aiding the rider and enabling more effective control. Read our blog explaining the individual mouthpieces... Read more...

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