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Tag: mud fever

  1. Shopping Guide: Turnout Boots & Mud Fever Chaps

    For horses that treat their field like a playground, it’s important to offer the correct leg protection to help avoid injuries that occur during turnout. Protecting the legs is also important if your horse is prone to mud fever - as with most things, prevention is better than cure! When deciding whether your horse requires leg protection it’s ... Read more...
  2. NAF Mud Gard Supplement & Barrier Cream

    Be prepared early this winter with NAF “Love The Skin He’s In” Mud Gard mud fever prevention products, Mud Gard Supplement and Mud Gard Barrier Cream. For horses prone to mud fever, prevention is better than cure. When we repeatedly and consistently expose our horses to wet and muddy conditions, some horses can be affected by certain types ... Read more...
  3. Treating and Preventing Mud Fever

    All of the recent wet weather leaves our horses more at risk of seasonal conditions such as mud fever. Some horses will be more prone than others, but it’s important to keep vigilant through the autumn, winter and early spring seasons. Mud fever is caused by continual wetting of the skin, resulting in a breakdown of the protective barrier of the ... Read more...
  4. "New Product Feature* Equilibrium Close Contact Equi-Chaps

    New for Autumn 2018, the Equilibrium Close Contact Equi-Chaps have been carefully developed specifically for horses who are prone to mud fever. These chaps have been designed to be worn during turnout to keep the horse’s lower legs dry and free of mud... Read more...

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