What to look for when buying equestrian waterproof trousers

When so much time is spent outdoors while riding and caring for horses, buying the right clothing to keep you warm and dry through the winter months is essential. Most people have a selection of durable, breathable waterproof jackets to choose from. But do you think of keeping your legs protected?

We offer a selection of waterproof over trousers for both working on the yard as well as for in the saddle, with options to comfortably suit men and women. For those that really feel the cold, or for days where the temperatures refuse to budge above freezing, we offer fleece lined winter trousers to give that extra protection from the elements.

If trousers prove uncomfortable and restrictive for riding, we also offer full chaps, with both waterproof and fleece lined options. Look out for chaps with full-length zips down the legs – these are really practical and useful in a hurry as you’re able to pull these over the top of boots.


What should you look for when buying waterproof trousers?

1)  Buy from a reputable brand to ensure the product is reliable with a long life span

2)  Consider how much you will be using them and in which conditions as to whether you choose a lightweight waterproof trouser or a thicker, more durable winter trouser

3)  Be careful of the fit, especially if you intend to ride in the trousers – you don’t want them to be tight and restrictive, but at the same time they shouldn’t be too baggy – we all know how spooky horses can be with materials flapping, and there is a danger of the trousers snagging on tack or while working around the yard

4)  If your primary use of waterproof trousers will be for riding, look for full chaps as an alternative – they offer more flexibility in the saddle and leave the breeches exposed for grip and security

5)  Look for trousers with an elasticated waist which will allow them to be worn comfortably over layers of clothing through the winter

6)  Trousers and chaps with a breathable fabric will help you to keep dry underneath in milder conditions or while working on the yard/riding

7)  Side zips on the legs of trousers/full chaps make them more efficient for riding and yard work; it’s easier to pull on trousers/chaps over the top of boots once unzipped and they can be put on easily when the weather turns

8)  Additional features such as reflective strips are a useful addition for safety, particularly if the trousers/chaps will be used for riding


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