Base layers are great sports tops, designed to be worn against the skin to regulate the body’s temperature by wicking away moisture to keep you dry. By absorbing sweat and moisture, an effective base layer will keep you either cool or warm depending on conditions. With both short and long-sleeved options available they are ideal for wear year-round, not just for layering in the winter. 

Base layers are made from technical fabrics with wicking, odour-control and quick-drying properties. Different base layers will suit different people, but generally all base layers will do the same job. 

The most important factors to consider when choosing base layers are the following: 

  • Wicking – does the fabric wick away moisture effectively? 

  • Fit – does the base layer fit comfortably next to your skin? 

  • Seams – does it have a seamless structure to avoid the garment from rubbing? 

  • Odour control – does the fabric have natural or man-made anti-bacterial properties that will either absorb or eliminate odours? 

  • Durability – is the fabric durable enough for purpose? 

Our equestrian base layers are all designed to be worn both for riding and around the yard. We offer a variety of brands, styles and designs to suit any rider.  

Summer base layers are made from a thinner material, with zip necks for ventilation and lower collars. The Shires Aubrion ladies base layers have shorter sleeves, and are ideal to wear as a sports top on their own in the summer, but are also great for layering in the winter. 

The winter base layers are typically slightly thicker for additional warmth, have higher collars and full sleeves. They should also be long enough through the body to keep your torso warm. Some designs have thumb holes in the sleeves as additional features to cover your hands. 

We offer base layers from the following brands: 

  • Le Mieux 

  • Woof Wear 

  • Airowear 

  • Shires 

  • Pikeur 

  • Mark Todd 

  • Horsewear 

  • Just Togs 

  • Stierna 


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