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Rug Fitting Guide

When purchasing a rug for your horse, the fit is of paramount importance. No matter how good, expensive or even pretty the rug is, if the fit isn’t right then the welfare of your horse is at stake.

UK/USA/Australian measurements are taken from the centre of the chest to the buttocks, where you would expect the rug to finish whereas European sizes are measured from the withers to the tail.

See rug size chart below for measurements: please note that size in hands will give an approximate size, measurements should be taken to ensure correct fit.

Rug Size
Feet & Inches
in Inches:
in Cms:
EU Back Seam
in Cms (approx)
Fits Approximately
3’0’’ 36’’ 91cm 60cm Under 10hh/Foal
3’3’’ 39’’ 99cm 65cm Under 10hh/Foal
3’6’’ 42’’ 107cm 70cm Under 10hh/Foal
3’9’’ 45’’ 114cm 75cm Under 10hh/Foal
4’0’’ 48’’ 122cm 80cm 10.0hh - 10.2hh
4’3’’ 51’’ 130cm 85cm 10.2hh - 11.0hh
4’6’’ 54’’ 137cm 90cm 11.0hh - 11.2hh
4’9’’ 57’’ 145cm 95cm 11.2hh - 12.2hh
5’0’’ 60’’ 152cm 105cm 12.2hh - 13.2hh
5’3’’ 63’’ 160cm 110cm 13.2hh - 14.0hh
5’6’’ 66’’ 168cm 115cm 14.0hh - 14.2hh
5’9’’ 69’’ 175cm 125cm 14.2hh - 15.2hh
6’0’’ 72’’ 183cm 135cm 15.2hh - 16.0hh
6’3’’ 75’’ 191cm 140cm 16.0hh - 16.2hh
6’6’’ 78’’ 198cm 145cm 16.2hh - 16.3hh
6’9’’ 81’’ 206cm 155cm 16.3hh - 17.0hh
7’0’’ 84’’ 213cm 160cm 17.0hh - 17.2hh
7’3’’ 87’’ 221cm 165cm 17.2hh - 18.0hh
7’6’’ 90’’ 229cm 175cm 18.0hh plus

A badly fitting rug will cause discomfort and even injury as the chances of it slipping will increase therefore it is important to try the rug on over a clean summer sheet or fleece which will allow you to return the rug in the event that it does not fit correctly (please see returns policy for more details

The rug should allow the horse to freely move his shoulders without slipping back with the chest straps done up tight enough to keep it in place without distorting the shape of the rug.

Cross surcingles should be fitted so there is a hands width between the horse body and the surcingles to prevent legs becoming caught whilst the horse lies down or rolls.

If the rug is fitted with leg straps there should be approximately 4-5’’ between each leg strap and the horses leg. The left hand strap should be looped around the leg and fastened to the left hand ring with the right hand strap being looped around the leg, through the left hand loop and back to the right ring.

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