Humphrey is a 6 year old Welsh x Arab who is sensitive to life's changes! Protexin Gut Balancer was trialled to see if it could encourage normal digestive function and restore balance in the digestive tract.

"My horse has regularly experienced periods of digestive upset which usually corresponds with any stress, routine changes or flushes of grass. It occurs most commonly through the spring and summer, and results in loose droppings which take a long time to go back to normal naturally.

In the past I’ve tried many different supplements designed to settle his stomach with varied success – they have either taken a long time to work, aren’t as effective as I’d like, or I struggle to encourage him to eat them due to strong flavours/smells.

I chose to give Protexin Gut Balancer a try when we had some of the sample boxes in store. Initially I liked that I only had to feed 10g per day – other supplements could be as much as 4 scoops per day which I struggle to disguise when he doesn’t need a lot of feed! I was also keen to see that Protexin Gut Balancer only has 3 ingredients and isn’t bulked out with any flavouring or unnecessary ingredients – it is alfalfa meal to make it palatable, Preplex® prebiotic (Fructo-oligosaccharide) and Brewers' yeast. That’s all!

The sample box contained a 7-day course, so I was hoping to have seen results by the end of the week. However, by day 3 my horse was already passing firmer droppings, had less wind and seemed far more comfortable - without any other diet or lifestyle changes! I am incredibly impressed with Protexin Gut Balancer and will be keeping this as part of my horse’s daily diet.”

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