Protexin Acid Ease - could it help your horse?

Protexin Acid Ease calms excess stomach acid and has been designed to be fed to all horses, including weaned foals. The calming of any excess stomach acid will help the horse to become more comfortable, ease any digestive discomfort and help to manage or reduce the risk of gastric ulcers. Unlike us, horse’s stomachs produce acid 24hrs a day rather than only if there’s food in the stomach to break down. If your horse is stood without food for any length of time excess acid could build up and cause stomach ulcers.

Acid Ease is a unique, concentrated and highly-palatable combination of calcium and magnesium carbonate, high-quality fibres, kaolin, amino acids and Protexin pro- and prebiotics. The ingredients in Acid Ease act together to buffer any excess stomach acid and soothe the gut lining.

Acid Ease is now presented as a palatable, delicious dandelion flavoured powder rather than in pellet form as it was previously – this has been proven to be preferred by even the fussiest of feeders and the powder can be easily mixed into the horse’s normal feed ration. Acid Ease is also now 5 times more concentrated than the original formula which cuts down the amount needing to be fed to 100g per day at the loading rate and then only 50g per day for maintenance – making your tub last much longer!

The feedback on Protexin Acid Ease is highly positive, with results being seen within a few days of feeding. Acid Ease noticeably improves the digestive comfort of horses, helping to promote better behaviour, eating rates and the consistency of droppings. For horses that are sensitive in their girth area, seem to generally be uncomfortable/in a bad mood/aggressive, show vices (cribbing, wind sucking,etc), have loose droppings or lack appetite, Acid Ease could really help to make your horse more comfortable.

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